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WARNING: Quality of Tokelau Tuna Coins

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The CEO of ModernCoinMart (MCM), John Maben, has given folks a heads up in terms of the quality of the Tokelau tuna coins, or to be more specific, the 2014 Tokelau 1 oz. $5 Silver Kakahi – Yellowfin Tuna coins.


John has noted via the MCM community board, dubbed MCF accessible from their website or via the ModernCoins.com domain, that the Tokelau tuna coin “…is a bullion coin not intended to have numismatic value. As such the quality is not as much of an issue as it would be on a collector item. Usually, bullion coins average MS69 which is still considered top quality. These coins average MS65 still acceptable for a bullion coin but not as high grade as many others. It’s a great design at a great price, and they have a proof-like appearance, but if you only buy highest appearance quality bullion, these are not for you” (Important Note on Quality of Tokelau Tuna Coins, MCF, John Maben). Be sure to read John’s note in full here. This is surely welcomed in terms of fair disclosure to customers. It certainly forms part of the reason why an increasing number of folks seem to choose to buy their bullion and modern coins from MCM. To give you an idea:

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ModernCoinMart (MCM), unlike some other companies out there that choose to grow their businesses via fake bullion dealer reviews, is clearly in the business of confidence, trust and reliability.

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