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Volcano Mount Vesuvius Coin – Second Coin in Volcanoes Coin Series

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The Mint of Poland has just released the 2015 2 oz. Volcano Mount Vesuvius high relief silver coin. This antique finish, convex, dome silver coin is the second coin in the Volcanoes coin series. This exciting series kicked off with the launch of the Volcano Erta Ale Coin last year. All coins in the series come with real lava inlays from the volcanoes featured – making it a great addition to any collection. 

Mount Vesuvius Coin 1

Mount Vesuvius Coin 2

Mount Vesuvius Coin 3

Mount Vesuvius – Most Active Volcano on European Mainland

The second coin in the Volcanoes coin series features stratovolcano, Mount Vesuvius, located in the Gulf of Naples, Italy. This volcano is well-known for its destruction of the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in AD 79. Interestingly enough, Mount Vesuvius erupted and released a 1000 times the thermal energy that was released during the Hiroshima bombing, destroying the two mentioned cities along with several other Roman settlements – an example of the immense power nature can muster!

Mount Vesuvius

Source of Image: Bing Wallpaper

Volcano Mount Vesuvius is believed to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, especially considering its tendency towards violent, explosive eruptions. It is the only volcano that erupted within the last 100 years on the European mainland. This happened on March 18, 1944 and lasted for 2 weeks. The Allies stationed nearby during WWII had to evacuate on March 22. When they returned on March 30, they discovered that all 88 aircraft stationed there were destroyed!

Mount Vesuvius Bodies

Source of Image: LiveScience

Despite the above, an estimated 3 million people live near Mount Vesuvius today. The risk of an interruption of the size that destroyed those Roman cities in AD 79 is just as real today as it was in the past. This makes Mount Vesuvius both fascinating and dangerous at the same time – the Volcano Mount Vesuvius coin listed here is an excellent opportunity to own a piece of Mount Vesuvius and its rich history.

Mount Vesuvius Coin 4

Mount Vesuvius Coin 5

Why should you be interested in this coin?

  • Extremely limited worldwide mintage (688 coins maximum).
  • Second coin in Volcanoes coin series.
  • Three nines fine silver (99.9% pure silver).
  • Unique Dome & Convex shaped design – Ultra High Relief 8mm, Antique finish.
  • Real lave inlay from Pompeii, Italy.
  • Luxury gift box.
  • Ideal gift, business and otherwise.

Mount Vesuvius Coin 6

Source of Coin Images: First Coin Company

Niue Island VOLCANO VESUVIUS POMPEII Silver coin $2 Ultra High Relief 2015 Concave Convex 2 oz

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