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The Barber Bullion Mintage Released – Zombucks™

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For three months, the Barber shuffled amongst the hordes of undead with scissors driven through her eye. She wreaked havoc in the course of her time chasing the uninfected, but her reign came to an finish following containment of the 1 oz silver and copper bullion rounds on July 1.

Following her capture, The Barber bullion mintage numbers have been tallied for the public:

Silver &#8211 39,847
Copper &#8211 88,392

Survivors can often hold record by discovering these numbers on The Barber silver and copper product pages. All mintage numbers of preceding and future Zombucks rounds can be situated on their respective goods pages as well.

The Barber was the fourth release in the Currency of the Apocalypse™ series, and it paid homage to Charles E. Barber’s iconic portrayal of Lady Liberty.

The fifth release in the Zombucks series is Murk Diem. She marks the halfway point in the undead series. A total of 10 rounds will be released by way of 2015.

All bullion Murk Diem rounds will be available till October 1, 2014.


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