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Storing your Silver? + Antique Coin Collection

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Storing your Silver? + Antique Coin Collection

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10 Responses to Storing your Silver? + Antique Coin Collection

  1. MrSting17 says:

    I can’t find Part 2 of your video ?
    Was the picture on that bill Saddam Hussein ?
    I have an old German Mark and a 1/2 Mark bill (it’s smaller) I need some sort of plastic sleeve or envelope for them though. Especially for some old Japanese money (It’s bigger). Like a 1000 Japanese Yen and a 500 Yen.

  2. London Stax says:

    I’ve got a few of those black ring cases but only for my kangaroos as I can’t find decent priced tight fits! I want to get some of those red top tubes though to put the coins in with capsules

  3. Danny Schwab says:

    Very nice I’ve started a binder again for my daughter her last had 600 coins big binder yea the notes very nice 5 years ago a old girl from sent my daughter some old cowboy money then notes were huge I miss looking at them. But I did find forien notes got quit a few countries some are figgen awesome and some look like play money and it took so so long to find out were most was from wish all notes had the country and we’re I understand. Lol. But thanks man it’s nice to see a channel with coins and bills like yours. Yea there’s others but most buy to sale to make money constantly trading up or down so yea different but it’s nice to see someone love what they got and want to learn and she there story. I’ll keep watching but got to go not filling good need to try and sleep got therpy tomorrow kinda hurt so don’t no. Plus my rides still down and my small rv don’t need to drive like it is. Can’t weight till the 3rd to try and fix it. But have a good night God bless

  4. MrSting17 says:

    Thank God from grandfathers that love their grand kids. They leave an unforgettable impact on their grand kids. It was my father that gave me a coin every so often that I cherished the special gift and the thoughtfulness.

  5. richcali21 says:

    your coins need to come out of non shot gun or non gun shell paper bank rolls and go into these air-tites or perfect fit cardboard 2X2’s and not the saflips 2×2’s in order to not tone but if they have been in the square tubes or round tubes the toning starts unless you filled them to the top and sealed them with something like the punch outs from the black foam from the air-tites. The cardboard 2×2’s work if you use the correct size but if your putting smaller coins in the larger 2×2’s the air will start it toning most of the time. Air is the enemy here and you want zero if at all possible. I used museum quality holders and still see toning for most of the coins. Pennies are extremely hard to keep brilliant uncirculated unless you leave them in the paper bank rolls but after 30 to 40 years or more they will start toning for the most part unless in the better paper coin wrappers like steel-strong. I will be doing a video on the damage to my collection from storing in these holders and the so called better albums. The Dansco’s seem to do the best job for the most part but even some of them have issues. I have over 20 of the Intercept Shield Museum Quality Albums but the penny album ruined my coins in less than a year, I think it’s because they use the silver saver liners in the copper albums which is a horrible idea and cost me a huge loss with some of my best coins some worth $3,000 each. Good Job I will subscribe to see more

  6. Mostly Outdoors says:

    those square rubes are expensive!

  7. McG silver says:

    I use the black ring capsules too. Nice collection. There are some cool world bank notes.

  8. Zach Silver Stacks says:

    Nice video man. I use only black gasket. Its just a personal thing I guess. I like to keep everything looking the same. But Onfireguy is the best priced and best quality.

  9. ThinkVesting says:

    I use the Airtites and Airtite tubes too… You may want to get some anti-tarnish strips or bags, specially if you are storing silver coins and other high premium items.

  10. MrSting17 says:

    I just got a coin from the Perth Mint that came in it’s own capsule. It "rattles". It sort of bothers me.

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