Silver Soldiers 6 Figure Complete Collection | Hand Poured .999 Silver Army Men | New Coin Releases

Silver Soldiers 6 Figure Complete Collection | Hand Poured .999 Silver Army Men

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$ 329.95

SDBullion is proud to introduce this stunning 6 piece assortment of Hand-Poured Silver Army Males- the Ideal Addition to Your HEROES SD War Assortment!

Silver Soldiers six Piece Total Assortment | 1.25 oz .999 Hand Poured Fine Silver Army Men

Every single Silver Soldier piece consists of approximately 1.25 troy oz of Hand-Poured .999 Fine Silver.

Each 6 piece set consists of:

“Sarge”, “Rifleman”, “Gunner”, “Radio Man”, “Flame-Thrower”, and “Stovepipe”

“Sarge” depicts an infantry Sergeant top his unit although engaging in combat with an Axis company.
“Radio-Guy” is depicted bent in excess of, calling in the coordinates for an air strike on an enemy position.
“Rifleman” depicts an infantryman crouching, and hunting down the sights of his M-16 even though engaging in combat with an Axis unit.
“Flame-Thrower” is depicted holding his incendiary device at his hip, preparing to assault an enemy bunker.
“Gunner” is depicted kneeling with a live round in each and every hand, preparing to fire his mortar at an enemy place.
“Stovepipe” is depicted getting ready to fire his “Tank Buster” Bazooka at a Nazi Tiger or Panther.

Each stunning hand poured silver bar is meticulously crafted by an artist craftsman, and makes the best present for or in remembrance of your loved 1 who served in The Greatest Generation.

Secure all 6 pieces of Hand Poured Silver Army Males today from SDBullion!

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Value: $ 329.95
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Dimensions: three in × two in × two in

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