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Silver Coin Demand Continues to Surge

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Silver has been on virtually everyone’s thoughts. Because July, the U.S. Mint has been placing quotas on silver coins—like the American Silver Eagle. This increase in investor curiosity continues nowadays and the influx is not just affecting the U.S. Mint. The Royal Canadian Mint and Australia’s Perth Mint have also had to consider measures to account for expanding silver demands.

All this led us to wonder: What’s driving silver demand in 2015?

Minimal Silver Prices

The value of silver has continued to fall since 2011. July 2015 noticed a 5½-yr minimal, August noticed a six-yr low, and the only query now is just how far will silver drop. With these costs it’s straightforward to see silver as the go-to metal for investors. Simply because of its low expense and prospective for appreciation, investors of all backgrounds are interested in staking their claim. Silver versatility—both in the market and in a valuable metals portfolio—certainly plays a role in the increasing demand for the gray metal.

Rate Hike Rumors

With the U.S. economy strengthening, the Federal Reserve has begun contemplating an improve in the federal money charge. If a rate hike takes place, traders may flip their eyes from treasured metals and begin to invest back in stocks. Nevertheless, just final quarter the Federal Reserve manufactured the decision to maintain the fee as is. This was excellent information for the treasured metals market place, as individuals continued flooding the marketplace to purchase gold and silver.

Silver’s the Much better Alternative

The third purpose relates to the gold-to-silver ratio. With numbers in the 70s, silver is the favored metal proper now. Traders may possibly see the possibility to develop upon silver they presently have in their valuable metals portfolio. The hope currently being to later on use their silver assets to get gold when the ratio settles back down to reduce numbers.

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