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Prince’s investiture medallion reflects magical day in Wales

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1 of the beauties of coins and medallions is their capacity to protect fascinating moments in background forever and this one held in the Perth Mint’s historical assortment is a prime illustration. It celebrates the investiture of 17 yr-old Edward as Prince of Wales on 13 July 1911.

Considering that 1301, when King Edward I of England imposed his infant son on the Welsh as their new prince, the title ‘Prince of Wales’ has been provided to the eldest son of the British monarch. The spot for the investiture of the 19th Prince of Wales in 1911 was Caernarfon Castle, one of Edward I’s ‘iron ring’ of fortresses created to secure his annexation of Welsh territory 600 many years earlier.

The investiture ceremony itself (view British Pathé footage right here) was without precedent. The younger Prince was the first to address the Welsh men and women in their native tongue and amongst people to spend their respects that day was a group of Druids.

As we know, Edward was never crowned King. His reign lasted only 325 days. But the &#8220wild enthusiasm&#8221 of the large crowd that gathered outdoors the castle walls on that best summer’s day offered no portents of the later on crisis.

For the medallion, prolific Welsh sculptor Sir William Goscombe John portrayed the Prince three-quarters left in his investiture robes with a coronet. The bust is surrounded by the inscription ‘Investiture of Edward Prince of Wales’.

The words are repeated in Welsh on the other side close to a rugged depiction of the castle walls. Reflecting the warm conditions, robust beams of sunlight are witnessed in the background. Other style information incorporate the Prince’s plumes and the Welsh dragon.

Significantly less than 5,500 of these historically crucial medallions were manufactured in London from silver and a extremely unusual 129 gold versions are also reported to have been created.


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