Perth Mint Silver Coins: The 3rd Best Silver Bullion Coin To Stack? | New Coin Releases

Perth Mint Silver Coins: The 3rd Best Silver Bullion Coin To Stack?

Perth Mint Silver Coins: The 3rd Best Silver Bullion Coin To Stack?

Are Australian Perth Mint silver bullion coins (such as my 2017 Silver Koalas) the third best silver bullion coins to stack (behind the American Silver Eagle and the Canadian Maple Leaf)? That’s my personal opinion. In the third video highlighting my favorite “core holding” silver bullion coins for stackers, learn about my experience buying five 2017 Silver Koalas from APMEX. I really love these coins because of their airtight capsules (direct from the mint), beautiful designs, flawless condition, sovereign backing by the Australian government, and more. However, I also have some constructive feedback on these coins as well. I invite you to enjoy today’s video and please share your personal opinions for the gold and silver bullion stacking community.

GoldUSD 1,256.10   per Ounce
SilverUSD 16.04   per Ounce
PlatinumUSD 891.60   per Ounce

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14 Responses to Perth Mint Silver Coins: The 3rd Best Silver Bullion Coin To Stack?

  1. David Fullard says:

    id rather have different Australian coins than all same boring old American rubbish!

  2. Silver Honda says:

    I agree the Silver American Eagle is my top pick. My second is the Perth Kooks. One downfall for the SAE is that it dont come in capsules. Have to pay extra for them if you order from Apmex and their like over $2.00 each.

  3. Nelson rodriguez says:

    you read my mind

  4. ThoseBackPages says:

    The ASE is great and all, but it’s the same year after year. If you want to "draw someone" into the silver game, the ASE is not going to do it. Newbie: Why would I pay you $XX for this 1997 ASE when the 2017 is $X less and they look the same? Snoozefest.

    IF you’re thing is stacking, then absolutely go with AS’s (hell, go with generics if youre all about the oz’s)

    For those that are all "Well, when the SHTF, silver is silver!" Sure, that may be true, but when the SHTF, there will be MANY more things to worry about then silver! lol

  5. Eli says:

    Good share. Liked and sub’d you

  6. imadvizinyounow says:

    Not really! They look nice, but you will never get your premium back. Sure they go up in price at Amex or JM as the years go by, but the buy back price is only a buck or two over spot. And forget Ebay, after 12.9% you are barely getting spot! Nice to have 1 or 2 perth coins, but I learned after trying to sell them, it isn’t worth it!!

  7. Italian G says:

    I’m terrified of milk spots on Canadian coins.  Even my Canadian Superman coin has a milk spot.  Not so super.
    I do like the Canadian frosted reverse proof variety.

  8. David says:

    I think Canada and Australia have got it right. Multiple varieties are great…I think the US Mint could learn a thing or two from them.

  9. MarvFIT says:

    Perth mint coins are my number one coins to stack. Eagles and maple leafs are so boring. Plus Perth mint coins come in air tites and designs change every year and adds value to the coins. Number two would be the Chinese panda for me

  10. Mr Stacker says:

    Perth mint produce the best quality coins available today .  ASE ‘s and Maples are nice but , who looks forward to any new release regarding those coins.   Kangaroo’s arecomparable to Eagles and Maples and they are 9999 purity .  Thanks for the vid goldwhy .

  11. Silver Beach says:

    I prefer the Koalas over the Kookaburras as well. They both come in airtites and flawless quality so it’s just a personal preference. Thanks so much for the detailed information! Very informative and useful! Cheers!

  12. Stumpjumper says:

    I’m a keep it simple type myself. In my opinion you are mistaken thinking most people would recognize an ASE . You could put that to the test .:) Australia has a population of 24 million and the koala has a mintage of 300,000 that says to me that there is not much demand even in Australia for the koala . Limited mintage many times is an indicator of limited demand. Take care !!

  13. JRW3 says:

    Perth Mint coins milk spot just like most modern bullion

  14. APMEX says:

    Thank you for the awesome video. Your viewers can visit APMEX’s Investor Collections sections for Kookaburra and Koalas coins, these pages provide information that helps easily identify premium appreciation trends for these Perth Mint coins.

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