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Perth Mint asked to restrict Poseidon to one-per-customer

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The Perth Mint is reversing its previously stated position and will now restrict the quantity of Poseidon 2014 2oz Silver High Relief Coins to 1 per existing retail consumer.

In current days it has grow to be increasingly clear that this coin, which has a maximum mintage of just 1,500, will be very sought-following.

Unauthorised publication of a Poseidon coin image at the weekend elevated enquiries at the Mint today with collectors expressing concern they could miss out if purchases remained unrestricted.

Beneath the a single-per-buyer policy, we are confident that a lot more collectors will now get the opportunity to buy the coin at situation price from the Mint.

The Poseidon 2014 2oz Silver Higher Relief Coin will be obtainable on The Perth Mint site from 12.01am three June 2014 (AWST).


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