Pawn Stars: 1915 Panama Pacific Octagonal Gold Coin | History | New Coin Releases

Pawn Stars: 1915 Panama Pacific Octagonal Gold Coin | History

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Pawn Stars: 1915 Panama Pacific Octagonal Gold Coin | History

Rick heads to Orlando to seek out an octagonal 1915 Pan Pacific gold coin for a customer in this collection of scenes from “Party On, Pawn.”


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Pawn Stars
Season 12
Episode 2
Party On, Pawn

“Pawn Stars” follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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20 Responses to Pawn Stars: 1915 Panama Pacific Octagonal Gold Coin | History

  1. Zepix PVP says:

    Lol my kitten disliked the video

  2. Despeado Long says:

    Table turns on Rick

  3. DragonUltraMaster says:

    Now Rick should know what it feels like getting a negative response tr when he suggests another price.

  4. Mark Henman says:

    What’s with the $48,000 one?

  5. Edelweiss Tomner says:

    found one on amazon for $12

  6. Jonathan Bohn says:

    Let me call a buddy of mine. He’s an expert in 1915 Panama coins.

  7. Mike Fu says:

    Let me call in my friend Eddie Van Halen, he wrote the song "Panama".

  8. Montezuma Tlaloc says:

    is the seller mike dunigan?

  9. geo dude says:

    rick laughs like a hyena.

  10. David Evans says:

    I’m taking all the risk here, I gotta dig up the phone number of the buyer, he might put me on hold, it will take up space in the shop, my flannel shirt is too small, I gotta frame the coin, water it, read it bedtime stories, it won’t fit in any Coke machines…

  11. Kaustubh Datta says:

    Hehe how is it being on other side

  12. Frank Castle says:

    except he doesn’t have a friend that’s buying it for 70k because it’s all fake.

  13. Jason D says:

    Will you take 65 thousand? Ummm no. Freaking boss!

  14. Deeson Jame says:

    Rick’s customer actually offered $90k, I bet.

  15. Oliverpaz Paz says:

    hello sir i have Morgan dollar here one is 1878 and 1895

  16. Hidden Numismatist says:

    That’s great Rick how you treated the President of the American Numismatic Association. The gentleman’s name at 1:33 is Jeff Garrett. Your really need to know who you are buying from if you are such a big shot pawn shop.

  17. MrDeluxe865 says:

    Let me call a friend of mine headass

  18. Dakota M says:

    Small price to pay to keep a loyal, rich, customer happy.

  19. Ryan Wehr says:

    it was cool to see rick on the other side of the "coin".

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