New Additions & The New 2013 $100 FINE SILVER COIN — BISON STAMPEDE | New Coin Releases

New Additions & The New 2013 $100 FINE SILVER COIN — BISON STAMPEDE

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Some new additions to my stack and a look at the upcoming 2013 0 FINE SILVER COIN — BISON STAMPEDE “Release Date June 26th” Just like the for thi…
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PlatinumUSD 993.20   per Ounce

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25 Responses to New Additions & The New 2013 $100 FINE SILVER COIN — BISON STAMPEDE

  1. Double66s says:

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Shaolin811's Stack says:

    Finally you post it!. It’s AWESOME ISN’T it?!?!

  3. Metal4Detecting says:

    Nice additions brother

  4. Double66s says:

    Yes it sure is, I now have 3 of them, Ii posted a vid while back on the
    first one I picked up just shortly after you 🙂 Hey I seen your new
    additions from your Grandmother is it? WOW what a stunning Commeortive set
    dude, I seen one sell last year for almost 8K, what ever you do hang on to
    that and never let it go unless you have no other choice, just AWSOME and
    the 1991 gold set from 1oz down to 1/20oz that is beautiful as well, very
    stunning, I was going to post a comment but I got distracted.

  5. Double66s says:

    I have no doubt it took you back and took your breath away, it would mine
    thats for sure, some very rare and almost Impossible to get items these
    days, you are bleesed and a very lucky man 🙂 Thanks for sharing them. 🙂

  6. Double66s says:

    Thanks you sir 🙂 Hope your having a good start to the long weekend 😉

  7. OntarioDiggers says:

    I wouldn’t say its entirely his fault but in the end he is responsible for
    managing those players. He made the decision to put in Schneider cold, with
    a lot of pressure and even I predicted what would happen. Luongo was
    playing amazing, whether or not he is the starter you put in the player
    that gives you the best chance to win, instead he plays favorites like
    normal and we lose. He has no imagination and cant juggle his lines for
    crap, hes an AHL coach at best.

  8. Double66s says:

    Thanks Greg, 🙂 what I think happens is you get someone that sells off to a
    dealer( for the life of me I can’t figure out why LOL ) some tubes of these
    and then you see them popping up for sale, great for me as I am working
    hard on finishing my collection of 1oz Kooks, I still need
    1994,1996,2001,2005 and 2008 to finish off the collection.
    Conspiracy….LOL everthings a conspiracy these days… LOL

  9. OntarioDiggers says:

    Nice pick ups. Those are some really nice kooks. The $100 Bison coin looks
    really cool, thanks for the heads up. I also liked that canucks round as a
    fellow longtime fan. Hopefully some good will come from the sweep and well
    come back stronger next year *cough* fire AV and get a real GM *cough*.
    Great vid as usual, thanks for sharing and keep stacking bro.

  10. Goldsilver Coins says:

    Great Collection!

  11. mode bazooka says:

    The quality of this video is amazing! May I know what kind of camera you
    are using?

  12. Double66s says:

    Thanks 🙂

  13. Double66s says:

    Thanks 🙂

  14. habano karlos says:

    Kook even

  15. Double66s says:

    Thanks man 🙂

  16. greg williams says:

    Very nice – I really like most of the older kooks, teh one i have an issue
    with is the 1993 lol…the fat head kook…they just dont look like that.
    The one on the fence is awesome. Something i find amazing, is that all
    these dates you show (except the one on the fence) are the dates also on my
    dealers website – BullionBourse(dot)com(dot)au – this happens quite a lot,
    someone will show dates they got, then all the other sites have the same
    date…maybe a conspiracy hahaha

  17. habano karlos says:

    Some designs iv not seen before so loved this video, thanks for sharing 🙂

  18. Double66s says:

    Thanks for the comment 🙂 I don’t feel so bad about the sweep after last
    nights game with Boston, that was bad!!

  19. Double66s says:

    Thanks for checking out the vid 🙂

  20. ThesharpNshiny says:

    Nice Kooks, and the 1/4oz Bear is awesome. Great video

  21. Silver Rado says:

    Not AV’s fault the Canucks can’t score in the play offs but it’s easier to
    fire 1 coach than 20 players.

  22. SalivateMetal says:

    Great info on the 100 for 100 program. I wonder how many coins will come
    out in it and I wonder how long the 20 for 20 series will last? Love that
    polar bear. Nice video.

  23. Double66s says:

    I have always said Luongo is NUmber 1 and should have remaind so, I think
    what they did and how they put him to the side over Schneider was the wrong
    thing to do. I think they should have Stuck with Lu and traded Schneider,
    that trade they could have made no problem and got something very good in
    return. To late now, the organization made there bed now they have to sleep
    in it.

  24. Double66s says:

    Thanks, ya I like the 2013 Polor bear gold piece too, going to pick up a
    few more before they sell out. Yes I have 30 of the $100 Bison Stampede, my
    RCM rep called me after sending me a email as soon as they were up for
    sale, the first few hours of sales they had no limit on the coin, then they
    put a 3 coin limit the following day and just today they put a 1 coin limit
    and phone sales only now, so they are close to sold out if not already I am
    keeping just 5 for myself the rest I am selling

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