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My 7 biggest Gold Coins

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My 7 biggest Gold Coins

The 7 biggest Gold Coins in my collection.

Mexico 50 Peso 1948, South Africa Krugerrand 1983, Canada Maple Leaf 2013, Austria 100 Corona 1915, USA 20 Dollar 1899, France 100 Franc 1866, Austria 100 Schilling 1931

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GoldUSD 1,327.10   per Ounce
SilverUSD 16.57   per Ounce
PlatinumUSD 991.90   per Ounce

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12 Responses to My 7 biggest Gold Coins

  1. xxmobbdeepxx says:

    hey does your 50 peso colour look different from other 900 fine gold coins?
    because my 50 peso looking slightly darker then my soverigns…. 6

  2. DARK STITCH 626 says:

    Beautiful stuff man. One ounce sizes are way out of my reach! I do want to start my fractional collection soon. Keep up the inspiring videos man!

  3. DogSoldier1973 says:

    Which one is your favourite?

  4. xxmobbdeepxx says:

    like my 50 peso looks like 22k rose gold or something compared to other 900 fine gold coins

  5. mcrfuse says:

    can you please make a whole collection video?

  6. AgAuBug says:

    Not that I have noticed. Besides the gold, the other 10 % consists of silver and/or copper. The amount of silver and copper makes the colors slightly different.

  7. Max Walker says:

    Love the French coin great video

  8. mcrfuse says:

    that french coin is just stunning

  9. lllSilver Hunterlll says:

    Great variety of gold coins! Thanks for sharing!

  10. AgAuBug says:

    Yes, I´m working on it 🙂

  11. Shhilver 101 says:

    Those are some really nice coins I want some too.

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