Metal Detecting Tiny Silver Coins and Relics | Winter Therapy | New Coin Releases

Metal Detecting Tiny Silver Coins and Relics | Winter Therapy

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Metal Detecting Tiny Silver Coins and Relics | Winter Therapy

#10 Bucket Lister!! A few tips for detecting in the snow covered winter. After being stuck inside for a few weeks I finally had to get outside for some “Therapy.” I was rewarded with a Bucket Lister!!

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49 Responses to Metal Detecting Tiny Silver Coins and Relics | Winter Therapy

  1. Jim Jackson says:

    TRIME!!! I remember this video. That was awesome bro!!!

  2. Ned Randall says:

    what about Bob where was Bob in the beginning of the episode is he still detecting with you guys? ?

  3. Outdoors and Outabounds says:

    AS we head into winter this was an appropriate video..farewell warm weather….

  4. James Lee says:

    Congrats on that Trime Kurt. Amazing! Silver King.

  5. Ground Hog says:

    Nice saw tooth button. Nice Trime. Great vid Kurt.

  6. History Digger says:

    Congrats big time on the Fishscale, and that golfer, hahahaha maybe Hari Kari is in order.

  7. Forrest Stinnett says:

    Congrats on your bucket list find to cool. Forrest GL & HH

  8. Gregory martin says:

    what really really stuck out was the picture over your left shoulder. Man oh Man what a picture!!!!!!!!! What I love about the picture is the green grass. LOL LOL LOL
    HH GL & God bless

  9. Carey Williams says:

    Cool. I envy you guys. My oldest coin is a 1916 Wheatie. Very nicely done video

  10. PoppaBear says:

    Great channel! Found you guys and instantly subb’d. You often talk about the Stealth diggers.. but your channel is a ton better in my opinion.
    Wonder on rings and such, that you’ve found buried, especially close to river banks, if they were there because they washed off a body floating down stream. Possibly uncovering part of a murder from long ago. Damn, I must watch too much CSI.

  11. Patrick M says:

    Really cool find bro!

  12. Darcy May says:

    Make hay while the sun shines mate! Well Done on the trime.

  13. W Wally says:

    Trime for the win.  Nice find you lucky dog.

  14. Robert Bennett says:

    Good grief buddy, looks a bit colder than Florida….   what state or area do you live????   Wow!!    Great job making it happen no matter what!!!

  15. Dirigo Diggah's says:

    man thats great! you put in the hard work and dedication and it paid off with that Trime! grats buddy!

  16. James Nauert says:

    Just got my new machine last month been out in the snow finding good stuff.

  17. Hillbilly fromWV says:

    Dude, that aluminum Chinese ring is epic…nah lol.  Seriously, congrats on the trime, I’ve seen the episode after this one when you found the shiv sifting and had to come back and see this one…I think I’m almost caught up on all episodes.  I actually scored my new oldest silver this past weekend; 1892 Columbian Exposition commemorative half, I was pretty stoked.  HH and keep checking them off the list.  – Greg

  18. Axxwound says:

    Digging is my happy place too.

  19. Brick Au says:

    That was such a cool find, and they way you found it.Awesome!

  20. Ned Randall says:

    Oh I’m dumb that was an old episode the trime ep. 10 now i no why Bob wasn’t there. I was sad for a min. lol

  21. The Silverslingers says:

    Nice trime and liked the history lesson!

  22. Mark Narducci says:

    Huge find!

  23. SouthGAJester says:

    Nice Trime!!! you should come to southwest Georgia during the winter, it never snows here!!! Lol

  24. Adam McSkinney says:

    I’ve searched through a lot of your comments and found some here and there talking about the nel coils. Is there any chance you could do a review on them? Answer things like,
    how long did it take to get it?
    Between the storm and attack which do you like better?
    I’m a water hunter, have you tried them in the water?
    Do a table top distance experiment.
    Show how they react to a fine gold chain!

    I’ll even barter with you. I will make you a silver half dollar coin ring in your size for this video. Ask jaymo about my coin rings. He’s seen one of my very 1st ones!

    I really want to buy a NEL this spring and just need all and any info you can give. Oh and how do you reset the settings to make the coil work?! if you want to email me!

  25. Russell Frank says:

    Congrats Kurt! Mine is still out there hiding.

  26. Ed N Deb Outdoors says:

    Now that was a true die hard hunt that paid off big time, "Congrats" Now if i can get the muffin man song out of my head that’s been there going on 2 days now. From a few videos ago lol Too Cool

  27. Ned Randall says:

    it’s 30 degrees here right now and I’m gonna do some detecting right now while my kiddies ride there new skate boards boo yaaaaa

  28. Digging 606 says:

    The Trime is the coin that’s at the top of my bucket list.

  29. Wolftooth says:

    Hello Kurt, so you drive around looking for a spot, dont you need permission to dig, here in Denmark you need Permission to all ground, even state Forrest you need Permission.

  30. Relic Rescue Crew says:

    Woohoo! Really enjoyed the video Kurt! And congrats on that sweet little 3er! I’m happy for you buddy! Kev.

  31. rcochran46 says:

    Just subbed your channel. Kurt you should feel great, as you had an awesome day, envy you! Congrads! Doesn’t look like I will be doing much detecting for a month, three ft of snow here to melt. HH!!

  32. Andrew Richter says:

    Glad you found you first Three Cent Silver , congrats on that Kurt , also nice to see some dirt turning over ! Oh and nice tunes in the back ground !

  33. J.Imswiler says:

    Lol I was getting just as Giddie as you seeing you find that trime! I want one! Happy to see your snow hunt paid off. Can’t wait to see any grass here so I can get out. Still 2+ feet on the ground here

  34. Urban Treasure Hunting says:


  35. flatlandersfilms says:

    Awesome Kurt congrats. on the bucket lister.

  36. Parker Anderson says:

    what a great coin!!!!

  37. gdvlman says:

    WOW BRO!!!! freakin sweeet trime congrats love the finds thanks for shoutout lol glad u liked the sticks just got another order in an they did it again lmao sent me an extra pack so ill send ya some more soon that trime is in great shape sorry it broke looks better than mine though lmao mine was squished but tracker tearing up an old side walk sucks !!!! but oh well howd u like the lil coil???? good luck out there next time sifting for that piece take care ttysoon!!!!!! late…

  38. Kyle Vincent says:

    I know you I’m WAY late but congrats on the trime Kurt! I’m going threw and watching every episode =) HH

  39. Rob Hilt says:

    AWESOME congrats buddy.

  40. Greengrass Detecting UK says:

    memorie lane

  41. Robert Jones says:

    Man… no guts, no glory. Way to go!

  42. Trooper Bri says:

    Congrats ya’ lucky bastard! Best therapy possible. That’ll float you along for a week until it thaws.
    Such a weird looking coin too. Sheriffs badge on one side, carnival token on the other.
    With such a small hole on a small coin, I’m guessing an earring maybe?

    Go get you some ice fishing bibs bud. You can kneel in that snow all day, no problem.

    Awesome vid Kurt, and a bit of therapy for us too! 30 minutes closer to spring. After Saturday, it looks like the thaw begins for us.

  43. TheSilversniffer says:

    What a cool find….. persistence pays off. Even the persistence of finding the other piece. I know cuz I watched it. Then ya go and bust that piece…. doh!! Oh well still way bitchin!!

  44. Everything Chris says:

    Congrats on that Trime Kurt. That is on my bucket list also

  45. Guess It Was Fate says:


  46. Charles Deshler says:

    Love finding the early thaws

  47. Quarter Hoarder says:

    That’s crazy you found that trime in just that little patch of snow cleared grass. You seemed giddy as a school girl. lol. Congrats on a great coin.

  48. Guess It Was Fate says:

    Great video. .subbed. I have the At Pro too and love it. I was thinking about getting the 13×14 NEL Storm coil also. I know you haven’t had it long but was wondering how you like it and would you only use it on low trashy areas? Thanks John

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