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Megalania completes Australian Megafauna series

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Megalania was a giant Australian goanna or check lizard that lived during the Pleistocene epoch.

This incredible creature was the greatest of its genus to dwell in Australia and possibly the globe. It was the most significant carnivore to have existed here during the final two million years, and study has recommended that it is most likely to have possessed venom glands, possibly making it the largest venomous vertebrate ever to have existed.


Megalania and Genyornis – reconstruction illustration by Peter Trusler.

Megalania bones located on the Darling Downs in Queensland were first analysed in 1858 by Richard Owen, the brilliant naturalist who coined the phrase ‘dinosaur’. Owen recommended that the full animal would have had an overall length of twenty feet – a lot bigger than any lizard known at the time.

Megalania is believed to have died out all around 20 – thirty,000 years in the past as the Australian continent dried and its prey grew to become significantly less many. This tends to make it completely possible that the very first folks to arrive in Australia would have lived alongside – and been really wary of – this formidable lizard!

The Megalania 2014 1oz Silver Proof Coin is the fifth and ultimate release from our Australian Megafauna series featuring extraordinary images by the planet-renowned paleo-illustrator Peter Trusler.

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