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How to tell if your Canadian coin is silver?

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How to tell if your Canadian coin is silver?

Some Canadian coins made in 1968 are 50% silver, some are 99.9% nickel.

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20 Responses to How to tell if your Canadian coin is silver?

  1. Dirty Coins says:

    Nice vid, just found a 68 Canadian quarter today, used this to confirm its legit. 

  2. Numismatic King says:

    Great video found two 1968 quarters that I will need to do this magnet test on thanks for sharing! : )

  3. Alvin Felix says:

    I just love to drop them on my store counter. The magnetic ones make a "dead" sound, while the silver makes a nice "ping" sound. Have 1 1968 silver quarter so far and about 4 dimes. I keep searching rolled coins that are brought to my store. In the past year, 9 quarters and 20 dimes. Not to shabby.

  4. N. W.O says:

    I want to start collecting, can you give me a list of what to look for for any value content, be it silver, nickel, or copper… For instance I think 25cent pieces are silver between 1920 and 1967? what about the rest? please and thank you./// Nice video

  5. Eddie Knox says:

    so Canadian coins are made from steel?i have a 79 and a 96 that stick to my magnet

  6. Kyle Burroughs says:

    I was checking out some Canadian coins and I had a 1968 qtr but damn thing was magnetic. All of my .25, .10, and .05 cent coins were magnetic EXCEPT 1) 1986 .05 cent This is my newest coin of all the coins though so I figure at some point Canada got away from using 99.9 nickel and changed the recipe. SCHOOL ME.

  7. Louann Desmoulin says:

    Why do I have some 1980’s nickels that do not stick to a magnet?

  8. Eric Pacitti says:

    Nevermind lol

  9. lkdchjqioaWUEGQCOgyf says:

    Thank you very helpfull.

  10. beachbum111111 says:

    I thought the silver quarter had a jaguar on it?

  11. antetony says:

    All Canadian Confederation Centennial 10 cents and 25 cents (km67 and km68) are silver but have two versions: 80% Silver and 50% Silver. Is there any way to say the difference. How to distinguish them?

  12. Eric Pacitti says:

    My 1968 canadian quarter is silver. Non magnetic, does this mean its rare?

  13. Eddie Knox says:


  14. Pyro Enterprise says:

    Do the canadian 2 dollar coins have silver?

  15. TheFinalBoss89 says:

    Shit I’ve been going through rolls of dimes and reading the dates…. I feel like an idiot… I’m just going to spread them out on the table and separate them with a magnet… God I’ve wasted so much time!! :'( Thank you so much for this video.

  16. ricochetVendetta says:

    uk has no silver coins for decades. In the seventies, we had 30% inflation and lost most of our worth. Any specials are long gone or very highly valued like our old 1 pound sells for 255 now

  17. Ulti737fs says:

    I remember back in elementary school, when our teacher was demonstrating magnets, they used some coins as examples for things that were attracted to magnets, but one of their coins wasn’t affected. After a while, the educational assistant and the teacher concluded that they must’ve just used a "different metal" back then and left it at that.

  18. BladeAddict8 says:

    I have a 67 quarter that i cant tell if it is 50 or 80 Silver.

  19. Ed Mattson says:

    There is a fairly obvious visible difference between the coins as well. The silver ones are whiter with a slightly duller sheen. I can sort my silvers from nickel based coins by sight alone, confirm with a magnet and am right nearly 100% of the time (depending on coin condition). You can see this plainly in the video as well.

  20. Lee Ralph says:

    Thank You!!!!! As a wanna be stacker and a metal detectorist I have always wondered about this. Again Thank You!!

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