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How to Antique Silver Bullion Coins – Blackened Patina Finish!

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How to Antique Silver Bullion Coins – Blackened Patina Finish!

How to Antique Silver Bullion – Blackened Patina Finish!

Thanks for checking out my “how to” – it was my first attempt – I give it a thumbs up for success – though I could have gone a little further and a bit smoother on the eagle. Also, I plan to get some jewelers cloth to really make them stand out! Lighting 💡 was bad in my kitchen, I prefer to film under natural non direct light… perhaps amother view under optimum conditions is in order ☝!

Items used to create this amazing contrasting effect:
▪XL Gel – Liver of Sulfur $8 on Amazon:
▪Dremel 3000, $67 on Amazon:
▪Medical Nitrile Gloves, powder free, $7 on Amazon:

Songs: Humidity, Secrets Secrets Artist: Silent Partner

Favorite tools of the trade (how I create videos):
▪Foodsaver Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Bag/Roll $66 on Amazon:
▪Foodsaver 8” & 11” Rolls, BPA Multi-Pack on Amazon:
▪5 gram Silica Gel Desiccant (60) Packets (food grade) $8:
•CRKT Peck Knife:
I don’t leave home without my Mini tripod:
•Road Scenes – GoPro Hero 5 Session:
•Filmed with Samsung Note 4:
•Backup camera Canon T5i:
•Canon EFS 10-18mm Lens:
•Main tripod:

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23 Responses to How to Antique Silver Bullion Coins – Blackened Patina Finish!

  1. rox dude says:

    yeah is one of my older ones probably got low sound quality. i have a look for the link.

  2. MrSting17 says:

    I had (1) Queens Beast Lion & Griffin.

    When the Dragon came out, I decide to order (2).

    I decided to buy (1) more each of the Lion & Griffin, so i would have TWO of each. I checked the prices and actually bought them from different online stores. Some of them came in w/ scratches on the Queens face.

    I thought of antiquing them ? I watched that lady give a lesson on sulfur of liver.

    I asked Cull Silver for advice seeing that he makes the coin rings and treats them to to bring out the details. He told me to try the boiled egg treatment. He said to wrap the coin in a paper napkin, chop up a boiled egg and put into a ziploc bag. He said it would darken the coin.

    I thought it might be cool because of all the chain mail and intricate patterns.

  3. Jay , The Silver Tongued Devil says:

    Really interesting. Thanks for ‘ruining’ your coins so we don’t have to. But I actually love some of the results. I’ve always liked the contrast in older coins, from years of dirt and toning. Details look nicer to me with these drop-shadows. I prefer how your Liberty worked out, more than the Libertad. Though you could make some interesting cloudy sky variations of Libertads.
    Could do some Post-apocalyptic rounds.. get on The Walking Dead bandwagon and make a few bucks. 😛

    Is a gentler version of this how some people make fake rainbow toning? Some of that looks outlandish, but to each his own.

  4. rox dude says:

    good results definitely makes the detail pop..i toned some coins a while back as an experiment and i used different temps of water which gave cool results. hotter it is the quicker the reaction.

  5. The Silver Psyop says:

    couldn’t say it without giggling eh? lol awesome video i was wondering how this was done

  6. MrSting17 says:

    Doesn’t the Dremel wheel scratch the coin ?

    Or does the small amount of carnuba wax act as a lubricant to prevent that ?

    Does the carnuba wax put a thin layer to prevent further tarnishing ?

    Could you use Turtle Wax ? [ I put about 6 layers of Turtle Wax on a stone cutting board for the kitchen counter. It’s more like a "hot plate" or another surface to work on so I don’t damage the Formica. I notice water beads and anything that might stain like a cherry or purple grape juice tends to bead up ]

  7. upgrader99 says:

    And this is how 2 oz of silver, with Greek gods on them, suddenly turn into 250 dollars coins. And the sad part is I bet those are still being sold for WAY over what they were bought for. Bullion is king… Coins are for collectors

  8. MrSting17 says:

    Hey, knock off the crystal meth or coke. 😉 Can’t see the Eagle-Libertad. Nose runs. 😀

  9. A.S.A says:

    Excellent work, they turned out great.

  10. High Five says:

    looking great my friend but I think you should try the, Ultra-polish Pads, 20 Pack     , from amazon they work very nice on the antiqued silver and you don’t have to hit it with your dremmel !!!! great job my friend !!!

  11. Ben Locker says:

    it came out amazing, what kind of tip did you use on the dremel?

  12. JRW3 says:

    I just did the same thing,but I used bleach on a 1964 Kennedy and buffed with 0000 steel wool. I tried it on copper/nickel coins,no effect.

  13. Big Bomber Stacker says:

    awesome! now I want to try this lol

  14. silversurfer49 says:

    Lookin’ good Lanceoa. I like it. It’s different and kind of like cooking a steak, a little or as much time and color as you like. I’m just thinking about the prep and how some spots didn’t take the liver of sulphur as well. Like any good ending results usually start with good preparation. Did you consider a chemical cleaner like E-Zest or semi-chrome to etch the surfaces a little ?

  15. Tomoko's Enterprize says:

    Really interesting. I just got some Liver of Sulphur and am twiching to give it a try.Well done. No failure there bud !

  16. 101platayoro says:

    Do the coins smell of sulfur after a bit or does it stick?

  17. Goudhaantje says:

    Ag2SO4 turns dark under influence of light.

  18. lanceoa says:

    0:48 raw coins, 2:45 color change, 5:40 black philharm, 9:00 all midnight black/neutralize, 10:45 polishing time!, 12:45 libertad polish!, 15:10 wow libertad, 15:21 time lapse polishing, 17:45 Reviewing the Results!

  19. 101platayoro says:

    Get yourself a plastic bucket, kids toy will do, or a large plastic container about 8 to 10 inches in diameter, and buff the coin inside it to catch the spray of compound…works good with Mothers brand aluminum wheel cleaner to do the same job….

  20. Billy Gagne says:

    you supposed to use steel wool, and go hard on the high spots but kind of easy though it’s hard to explain. just give it to pit bullion the coin will come out perfect .. I know what your talking about. You You know I know what you’re doing it’s just something to do how can I grab some of that – liver of sulfur ?? my friend …

  21. 101platayoro says:

    Love not only your diverse vids but your responsiveness despite your large comment following…some guys seem to ignore their group once they reach those subscriber heights. Thanks for all the effort.

  22. MrSting17 says:

    This is the lady I watched first: 1: Liver of Sulfur Patinas on Silver, Brass, Bronze and Copper with Cool Tools Patina Gel….There’s a Part 2 also.

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