Farming Simulator 15 – How to find all the Gold Coins!! (Walkthrough) | New Coin Releases

Farming Simulator 15 – How to find all the Gold Coins!! (Walkthrough)

Farming Simulator 15 – How to find all the Gold Coins!! (Walkthrough)

Hey All!

In this guide, I show you how to quickly find all of the gold coins in Farming Simulator 15 quickly, and how to turn them in for a great reward! Watch and learn how you can benefit from this Easter Egg!

From the publisher, Giants Software:

“Welcome to the new generation of Farming Simulator!

With a brand new graphics and physics engine, Farming Simulator 15 offers an immense open world, filled with details and visual effects transporting the Farming Simulator franchise to a new era.

Manage your own farm: from harvesting to animal husbandry, and from the sales of fresh products to woodcutting, the benefits of your exploitation will allow you to develop, and invest in new and more powerful vehicles or tools.

Across hundreds of acres of land offered by the new Nordic environment, and a renovated North American environment, use and drive over 140 authentic vehicles and farming tools, from over 40 most famous manufacturers (including 20 new brands): New Holland, Ponsse, Case IH, Deutz-Fahr…

This new equipment includes a selection of vehicles and tools entirely dedicated to a new activity in Farming Simulator: woodcutting!

In multiplayer, invite up to 15 friends to help you develop your farm. Thanks to an active and passionate community, benefit from limitless new content: new vehicles, tools, and even environments!”

Purchase yours today at or on Steam at

GoldUSD 1,255.10   per Ounce
SilverUSD 16.06   per Ounce
PlatinumUSD 888.40   per Ounce

SD Bullion

The Lowest Cost. Period.

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48 Responses to Farming Simulator 15 – How to find all the Gold Coins!! (Walkthrough)

  1. Kennen Jensen says:

    is there gold coins in West bridge hills

  2. clintlanders111111 says:

    Hey great video! Is there any gold coins in the other map the Westridge Hills or whatever it’s called

  3. Anthony Hansel says:

    Like the video, loving your let’s play so far. Really enjoying FS15 myself. I’ve thrown about 20 hours into it already.

  4. Leonard Smith says:

    Your video is horrible!

  5. pyefella says:

    You are a waste of my time

  6. KKlippert says:

    Way to much talking and driving around the map! You don’t seem like you know where they’re located.. You should’ve just showed us a map instead of a very looong and booring video..

  7. Hawk DA Bear says:

    Sounds like your just spamming animals sounds from a soundboard at the beginning.

  8. Jack Luker says:

    Found all the coins and I get a message telling me that there is no reward basically. Is this just some massive Farming Sim troll?

  9. K Taylor1984 says:

    Thank you for sharing this video. helped me so much with finding the coins

  10. TylerCool 13 says:

    I fond all 100 gold coins and I do not know how to sell them

  11. Seth Phifer says:

    Thank you

  12. Dgteetje says:

    Make a video of find the coins on westbridge hills

  13. BMX max says:

    thank you. ive been searching for them for a week. i managed to find the rest because of you.

  14. xXDr_PlasmaXx says:

    Thanks for the help BradM73. I do this often on different maps and I always come to this one. I have recommended this video to all my friends and as far as I know they all subscribed. Thanks again.

  15. Bass Assassins says:

    I found all the coins and they are worthless

  16. mattlg11 gaming says:

    the man

  17. RedNeck 1991 says:

    what’s up with the video of Farming Simulator 15 need to update to Farming Simulator 17

  18. Mgp Scoot4ever says:

    Nice video

  19. draknoz8_ says:

    i just can find them. i did go to almost every place but i dont see any gold coins laying on the ground

  20. James Maple says:

    Hows that tractor doing 43? It only does 26 for me! Also, how do you shwo the coins on the map?

  21. Kevin Longley says:

    Brad, are there gold coins on the Westbridge Hills map? I haven’t found any on that map.

  22. Tyler Polaris says:

    Spend 3/4 of the time driving around not knowing where or what you are doing

  23. MY OB says:

    if you go to the waterfall next to the shop you go to the lake then you’ll find it

  24. kenny nutshot says:

    i did not know about the gold coins. thanks for the help

  25. Pauric Mcguirk says:

    Thank u brad it made it so easy to find the rest of them after this vis

  26. TheGamingCountryboy says:

    The last gold coin isn’t on my mini map. So i have no way of finding it

  27. josh kirkegaard says:

    Thanks man muchlee needed

  28. Pokemon Master says:

    Thanks for helping me, I’ll subscribe

  29. Martin FEZZ says:

    Thanks for this … It really helps

  30. Ajdin Arifagic says:

    Your best thank you so much love your videos dont stop i love watching brad

  31. pacifichero45 says:

    thanks for the help brad!

  32. Hate campagne says:

    This is a very complicated way to find all the gold coins open your save game. xml and scroll to the right there you see a long line of zero’s change them to a one then change the number of coins found from zero to a100 and save it now open your game and you have found all the gold coins

  33. stonedharry says:

    thank you very helpful

  34. kenny nutshot says:

    thanks bradm73 you just helped me with the problem of making some good money. thanks alot

  35. Chance Downie says:

    hey i have found 98 gold coins am on an xbox 360 i cant find the other two can any one help plz

  36. Expertise Gaming says:

    Thanks alot. This video was REALLY!! helpful 🙂

  37. PepperandSalt4 says:

    I only found 99 coins and there are no more coins my map. Help?

  38. Ninja Jones says:

    This.. video… LMFAO… goddamn….

  39. Bradley Lawton says:

    ya it is easy to git the coins after 10

  40. Pamela Obratil says:

    you can get a nice and clean coin in the strem on the water fal.

  41. John Sweeney says:

    the best video that I looked at to find the cold coins other people just edit the video and don’t show they only the reward

  42. Dgteetje says:

    Make a video of find the coins on westbridge hills

  43. Gustav n says:

    hi BradM73 have u find any goldcoins in sosnovka map?

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