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Family Guy – Dive Into Gold Coins [HD]

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Family Guy – Dive Into Gold Coins [HD]

Family Guy clip from episode “Lottery Fever”

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46 Responses to Family Guy – Dive Into Gold Coins [HD]

  1. Nathaniel Levesque says:

    I’m pretty sure that if you dove head first into a pool of gold coins, it
    would either knock you out cold or outright kill you.

  2. Jordan Payne says:

    Funnily enough, if he dived onto a room full of twenties it’d probably hurt
    just as much.

  3. Stephen Amundsen says:

    Anybody come here after watching Angry Joe (if you know which of his videos
    I’m talking about)?

  4. Jacob Narzissenfeld (DudeAsylum75) says:

    😉 0:15

  5. Itchy Itchiford says:

    Damn, that’s was freaking painful, I wouldn’t do that if I were very
    smart rich!

  6. BlueJWay999 says:

    they stole this from college humor

  7. NoxStrife says:

    Poor Peter, that just looks so fucking painful. Just imagine some jack ass
    doing that shit in real life. If he or she quotes this line, I’d probably
    die laughing.

    Funny how Peter always sounds like an incredibly intelligent man whenever
    he’s in severe amounts of pain. Poor bastard.

  8. JoobJaibot says:

    This video made perfect cents…

  9. Matthew Thompson says:

    Rich people are stupid if they did that.

  10. Iman says:

    collegehumor did this years ago. concidence huh

  11. Aaron Brennan says:

    Lol One of the best moments ever on this show!!!

  12. Giorgi Gogolashvili says:

    Well Peter, were it liquid you’d have been a dead man

  13. Emtobed .EMTOBED says:

    lmao. i wonder if Family Guy is going to do a Darkwing Duck reference.

  14. Adrian Nightshade says:

    Scrooge can do it because he’s a duck, everything rolls of him

  15. Grayson Perigo says:

    Starlight express

  16. NbAlIvEr100 says:

    Came from James and Mike Mondays. Had to relive this hilarious scene.

  17. GEDION FIKRU says:

    Peter said it’s not a liquid

  18. Adrian2599 Ortiz says:

    Wow gay

  19. Flavio Silva says:


  20. Ben Hislop says:

    Doesn’t Peter know that only works if the coins are made of chocolate?

  21. KalasPuffar says:

    This man is a disaster…

  22. Ahmmed Al-aibi says:

    have you guys realise that family guy jokes are true

  23. Nicholas Heyward says:


  24. Darth Vitiate says:

    "It’s not a liquid"
    Really Peter what was your first clue

  25. TheTrainGame says:

    0:17 He be like "This is the best thing in my life"
    0:18 He be like "Why the hell did I do this"

  26. brianna serrano says:

    that’s matter for ya

  27. TheMaan2008 says:


  28. Nelson Kim says:

    probably the smartest thing he’s ever said

  29. Justin Dy says:

    millionaires be like

  30. Justin Lozada says:

    ah I love seeing this noncaring evil retarded dumbass in pain

  31. Trolliard Gaming says:

    See, this is why it should be… ahem… LIQUIDATED.

    Thank you, thank you.

  32. LJ1010 says:

    Hey millionaires got problems to…

  33. Ricardo Frias says:

    This is in contrast to Bilbo Baggin’s experience in The Desolation of

  34. Sionn5 says:

    That cracked me up! lol

  35. King Pietro says:

    you can swim in it you just don’t jump in to it.

  36. Sam Land says:

    What does the earlier floor mirror joke mean?

  37. Trashed says:

    The Desolation of Smaug re-brought me here.

  38. Jake English says:


  39. M4Mario says:

    Or like ur mum

  40. Anonymous Guy says:

    Pause at 0:18 , That Moment That Peter Knew He Was Fucked

  41. grkpektis says:

    It only works if you’re a duck

  42. zombiesnyder13 says:

    This is how Scrooge McDuck died

  43. SilverlonewolfX says:

    Michael Morhaime when Legion launches.

  44. Scott Murray says:

    Duck tales

  45. John Harper Jr. says:

    LOL Can’t believe I just accepted him swimming in gold coins like that when
    I was a kid.

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