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Exclusive Offer: Add the 2015 Gold Eagle Narrow Reed Variety to Your Precious Coin Collection

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Recently, the coin graders at the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) discovered two unique reeded edge varieties of the 2015 Gold Eagle 5 dollars 1/10 ounce coin. The two varieties of the American Gold Eagle coin are known as the “Wide Reeds” and the “Narrow Reeds”. The edge of the “Wide Reeds” has the standard edge seen on the 1/10 ounce Gold Eagles released in previous years. But the “Narrow Reeds” variety has finer and smaller reeds with much closer spacing.

2015 $5 One Tenth Ounce Gold Eagle Varieties

The closely spaced reed is coming out on the American Gold Eagle coin for the very first time. It is therefore a unique opportunity for you to add this narrow spaced reeded variety to your collection. ModernCoinMart (MCM) is providing these “Narrow Reeds” exclusively to you. Currently, as far as I could establish, there’s no other major precious metals dealer offering these coins online. With the limited quantity of these coins available, you will be one of the few people to have these unique 2015 Gold Eagles in your possession. Here are some other important facts about reeded coins in general.

Why Coins Have Reeded Edges

Ridged or reeded edges have been applied to precious metal coins such as silver and gold to prevent theft. In the days when gold and silver coins were used for regular transactions, some dishonest people resorted to edge filing and clipping of coins. They shaved off small amounts of these coins which had plain edges. Thereafter, they sold the shaved coins, which had a lighter weight at the same price as the original. To easily detect shaved coins, the government mints started added ridges to the edges of the coins. This helped to curb the negative practice because shaving was easily detected on reeded coins.

In addition to the original intention for reeding, there are some other important benefits offered by this feature. One of them is to prevent counterfeiting of coins. With a reeded design, a counterfeiter will have to implement three separate designs on: the observe, the reverse and the edge. The work involved in this process will cost so much time and resources that the person would be better of pursuing a legitimate business. Another vital benefit of reeded edges is the improvement in appearance. Reeding adorns the creativity and artistry involved in producing a coin. It makes the coin look more “complete”. The third benefit is easy identification by the visually impaired. By feeling the reeded edges, the visually impaired can easily differentiate between one coin and another.

Brief History of Reeded Edge Coins

The first sets of coins, with reeded edges, were minted in the U.S. in the 1790s. Quarters, dimes and half dimes struck in 89% silver as well as $2.50 quarter gold eagles, $5 half gold eagles, and $10 gold eagles were struck in 89% gold with reeded edges. All these coins were struck with the intention of eliminating counterfeiting. Today, reeded edges are also found on all U.S. commemorative coins and all gold eagle varieties including the 2015 gold eagle $5 dollar coin.

Benefits of Collecting the Gold Eagle Narrow Reeds Variety

Rare reeded coins are precious. When coins are struck with variation in the reeding, it always creates special interest. The variety with a low volume attracts a lot of attention from coin collectors. Consequently, it makes it a very precious coin to own. For instance, in 1921, one variety of the Morgan dollars coin featured a wide edge of 157 reeds instead of the common 189 reeds. By 2014, this coin was sold for a very high undisclosed amount. 

It is estimated that a very limited quantity of these coins have been released. The major reason for the narrow spaced reeds on the 2015 gold eagles has not been ascertained. But currently, ModernCoinMart (MCM) is the only major coin dealer offering them for sale online. This means that this variety is relatively rare, especially considering the low NGC population at this stage, although the exact number of Narrow Reeds have not been established yet. Hence, it might be in your best interest as a coin collector to take advantage of this opportunity to be one of the owners of this rare gold eagle variety.

Coin Description

The design of these American Gold Eagle coins is a beautifully remodeled version of Saint Gaudens double eagle coin which was first released in 1907. Two of the coins have narrow reeds with NGC Mint State 69 (MS69) and 70 (MS70) while the one with a wide reed is an early release in NGC Mint State 70 (MS70). Each one is made from 22 karat gold with 0.9167 purity level. 

Certain technical specifications are shared by each of the three 2015 5$ Gold Eagle coins. These include: mint state finish, one tenth troy ounce weight, and milled edge treatment. The observe design of each coin shows Lady Liberty holding a torch in one hand and an olive branch in the other. In the background sun rays extend over the Capitol building. On the reverse, an eagle is in flight as it returns to its nest containing some young eagles.

The NGC labels used to describe the coins are as follows: 

1) 2015 $5 One Tenth Ounce Gold Eagle Narrow Reeds Variety NGC Mint State 70 (MS70)

2015 $5 One Tenth Ounce Gold Eagle Narrow Reeds Variety NGC MS70

2) 2015 $5 One Tenth Ounce Gold Eagle Narrow Reeds Variety NGC Mint State 69 (MS69)

2015 $5 One Tenth Gold Eagle Narrow Reeds Variety NGC MS69

3) 2015 $5 One Tenth Ounce Gold Eagle Wide Reeds Variety NGC Mint State 70 ER (MS70 Early Releases)

2015 $5 One Tenth Ounce Gold Eagle Wide Reeds Variety NGC MS69 ER

How to Buy

ModernCoinMart (MCM) is the best place to buy your 2015 $5 Gold Eagle narrow reeds variety coins. You can get them now at relatively low prices. Once the stock runs low, the prices will rise due to the forces of demand and supply. Remember that currently, ModernCoinMart (MCM) is the only major online coin dealer that is offering the narrow reed variety of the 2015 gold eagles for sale.


The American Gold Eagle coins are one the most attractive gold coins ever made. They are always a delight to add to your coin collection due to their durability and beauty. Gold eagle varieties have precise gold value. In addition to the joy of collecting one of the world’s most valued gold coins, these coins can also be used as a good means of storing your wealth and passing it onto the next generation.

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