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Endangered Species: Black Rhinoceros 1oz Silver Coin (2014)

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The New Zealand Mint very recently released the second coin in the Endangered Species Coin Series, namely the limited edition Black Rhinoceros 1oz Silver coin of which only 2,000 will be minted.

The Endangered Species: Black Rhinoceros 1oz Silver coin has so far been well received in the market place. More than one collector has welcomed the fact that this second coin in the Endangered Species Series is not colorized. The first coin in the series, the Venerable Collared Lizard 1oz Silver coin, was released in 2013 as a colorized coin, and while more than one collector shunned it on that account, it still sold out at the mint. The latest release, which features a Black Rhinoceros dipping its head to drink water from a water hole with “a delightful vista of the African grasslands” on the reverse, a scene which is mirrored in the water, is also expected to sell out at the mint soon. This while the obverse features an effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as done by Ian Rank-Broadley.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Black Rhinoceros or known by its scientific name as Diceros bicornis, it is a Rhino species that was at a certain time the most plentiful Rhino species across the African continent. Today the Black Rhino is an endangered species as a result of organised poaching, driven by black market demand for their horns. Their numbers were reduced with an estimated 95% within the time span of 22 years (1970-1992), to the point where only an estimated 2,300 survived in the wild in 1993. Good news is that intensive anti-poaching efforts over recent years are yielding encouraging results, although the increase numbers is very slow. The IUCN estimated in 2013 that more or less 5,055 Black Rhinoceros live in Eastern and Central Africa.

Coin specs…

Metal: 999 Fine Silver

Finish: Proof

Diameter: 40.7 mm

Edge: Milled

Denomination: $2

Year of Issue: 2014

Mintage: 2,000

Weight: 1 Troy oz

Each coin comes in “a crate-shaped inner coin case, which sits inside a rhino-skin textured outer packaging” (New Zealand Mint Website).There was at the time of writing only about 60 coins left for sale at the mint.

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