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Elemental Line of Exotic Bullion Cubes

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Which weighs a lot more- a pound of cement or a pound of feathers?

You could have been fooled by this riddle, ahead of. The answer, of course, is they are equal in bodyweight &#8211 one particular pound. This riddle operates simply because it will take advantage of the dynamic relationship among mass and volume.  Because density is diverse amongst feathers and cement, the volume of feathers required to weigh a pound is far greater than that of cement.  The exclusive partnership between mass and volume is superbly illustrated by Provident Metals’ Elemental line of bullion cubes from Czar Metals.

The Elemental line characteristics bullion, cubed and stamped with the properties of the element from which it was designed. Elements now obtainable are copper, titanium, magnesium, and zirconium. These 4 cubes every measure one.25”x 1.25”x 1.25” nevertheless, the weighelemetal-10-oz-copper-cube-02t and density of every piece of bullion varies.

At 10 ounces, copper is by far the most dense of the 4 aspects. 

  • Density &#8211 four.54g/cc
  • Atomic mass &#8211 63.fifty five amu
  • Atomic amount &#8211 29
  • Melting point &#8211 1085º C

elemental-7-oz-zirconium-02Zirconium weighs 7 ounces and follows copper as the second most dense Elemental cube accessible for buy.

  • Density &#8211 six.52g/cc
  • Atomic mass &#8211 91.224 amu
  • Atomic amount &#8211 40
  • Melting stage &#8211 1855º C


Weighing just 5 ounces, titanium ranks as the third most dense cube in the Elemental assortment of bullion.

  • Density &#8211 4.54g/cc
  • Atomic mass &#8211 47.87 amu
  • Atomic quantity &#8211 22
  • Melting point &#8211 1600º C

The least dense component currently offered in this collection from Czar Metals is magnesium with the identical dimensions as copper, zirconium, and titanium, magnesium weighs just 2 ounces. 

  • elemental-2-oz-magnesium-cube-01 Density &#8211 1.74g/cc
  • Atomic mass &#8211 24.31 amu
  • Atomic amount &#8211 twelve
  • Melting point &#8211 649º C


The 3 Copper Cubes

In addition to the smaller, one.25&#8243 x one.25&#8243 x 1.25&#8243 cubes, two more substantial copper cubes are available in one pound and 5  pound sizes. Due to the fact copper is so dense, these cubes pack very a punch and are certain to impress followers of the periodic table. Regardless of whether you use the cubes as desk ornaments or show pieces in your bullion collection, the copper cubes make a huge statement.

The science lover in your daily life will really like the Elemental line it is a tangible representation of the fascinating nature of the elements. The identical measurements of each of the four special cubes leads 1 to presume the pieces will similarly share the very same bodyweight, but the bodily properties are very different. Increase your bullion collection with these conversation commencing pieces from Czar Metals by calling our buyer service representatives at 800-313-3315, or by visiting our Safe Web site.

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