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Discolored silver coins, how do you clean them?

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Discolored silver coins, how do you clean them?

How to clean Silver Jewelry and silver coins easy.
At first i was not sure if it would work, but the resultat is awesome.

Thank you for watching!

Mike´s CoinShow – https://www.youtube.com/user/Mcoinshow

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9 Responses to Discolored silver coins, how do you clean them?

  1. Silver Seto says:

    I like how you dipped jsut half the coin in first, that difference is amazing!

  2. RedTurboMr2 says:

    I had a somalian elephant that looked just like that.  The dealer who i purchased from, sent me some "e-Zest coin cleaner" and the coin looked brand new with a single dip.

  3. dee silver says:

    I’ve found this method also helps remove milk spots.

  4. Silver Slacker says:

    Very cool to see the color change in seconds! Amazing difference.

  5. DiggingNorway says:

    This is a problem with this coins because the company that has them produced (Emporium) use plastic tubes from China that react with silver. The bottom coins get "bronzed".  

  6. Silver Hub says:

    Very cool! That was fun to watch!

  7. 777demise says:

    I used that same method for some junk silver a couple years ago, it works great.  Just rub the gunk right off the coin

  8. Akeman says:

    Funny, for new coins we want it to be unstained.
    Then for older coins we want the nice old stained patina. There are many videos to fake that.
    So where is the braking point where the stain is better then no stain? Of course it depends might be the answer. 🙂
    Still, it is a interesting topic. Keep up the good work. (Bra jobbat).

  9. Goudhaantje says:

    Mmmmmm great Swedish magic recepy. Bakpoeder we call it here. Thanks! I subbed the coins show already before.

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