CSR Racing Gold Coins Hack for Windows 8/8.1 | New Coin Releases

CSR Racing Gold Coins Hack for Windows 8/8.1

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CSR Racing Gold Coins Hack for Windows 8/8.1


Guys today I’ll teach you how to hack Gold Coins in CSR Racing for Windows 8/8.1

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GoldUSD 1,328.20   per Ounce
SilverUSD 16.50   per Ounce
PlatinumUSD 992.80   per Ounce

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46 Responses to CSR Racing Gold Coins Hack for Windows 8/8.1

  1. TheBeefy 1 says:

    does it work online i mean can you use the cars you bought after you hack it?

  2. gamerbros grow says:

    where is the link?????

  3. Alex Karlsson says:

    you cant buy with it

  4. anri beltadze says:

    where can i download csr rasing for(on) PC?

  5. TBG x Samm says:

    workz for me

  6. rafael fuentes says:

    as podistes delete the figure that appeared dimelo please

  7. kees Hendrik says:

    when i do it the gold keeps go away when i buy something

  8. Muffin Burger says:

    that’s not how . its easy open your game (csr racing) then go to profile now look at total gold now in put that number into cheat engine where it says value, and value type has to be 4 byte now press first scan if you get more then one play until u receive at least one more gold coin once you have that go back to profile look at total  gold and put that number in and press next scan you should see at least 2 choices ( I did) now highlight those values and change to 999999999 and that’s how its done you can do the same with cash hope that help if not send me a message

  9. Aarti Bhanot says:

    but if level 5 to how to hack gold cions

  10. Pacific Dig says:

    USE THIS–> http://csr-racing-resources.tumblr.com/?pidid=afefe413-225b-4064-8a56-841db33b62cc IT IS THE WORKING CSR Racing Hack TOOL THAT WORKS! ENJOY! CSR Racing Gold Coins Hack for Windows 8/8.1

  11. Ilumination says:

    it didnt worked for me i done this step for step but didnt worked ….

  12. Lance Benson says:

    now I gotta remember how to do this, i need Euro Truck simulator 2 this way lol

  13. nicholas byers says:

    how come i did it and it said my gold was 99 but when i used it it said i had 2?

  14. Muffin Burger says:

    that wont work .

  15. Monochrome says:

    Where can i download CSR racing?

  16. simon chowdhury says:

    its not working on my pc my pc runs on win 10

  17. Angela Whitehead says:

    This vid show you only fake things.If you want a true hack tool for this game simply search *" Allhack4u "* in google.

  18. Md Sohel Rana says:

    USE THIS–> https://twitter.com/ea01d014968090f84/status/719560248646836225?guid=96eb08fd-ea46-4a48-8b77-ed0891217355 IT IS THE WORKING CSR Racing Hack TOOL THAT WORKS! ENJOY! CSR Racing Gold Coins Hack for Windows 8/8.1

  19. paul hals says:

    *I found the latest method for cash & golds in CSR racing 2 … Its simple to use*
    *First go to*: https://twitter.com/CRgems_hacker/status/750674320020561921
    _I took 99999 from there myself.. Like if it worked, comment for help if I have time_..

  20. Sankur Singh says:

    hey bro asif plz help me out i want to hack gold coins but there is a problem i was change the value but it will show old value and then i earn from increasing level then it will decreasing from that value i type in CheatEngine.. nw tell me what i can do…??

  21. StalkerVEVO says:

    *Thank you very much I don’t really need a video for money because its the same thing*

  22. Tarmidzi Fiqih says:

    gimana itu bro? aku tetep gak bisa

  23. Donevin Petzer says:

    not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Lyan Dave C. Dindin says:

    thank you a lot!! It works on my windows 10 pro 64 bit!!! thanks for the tutorial vid. by the way what is the title of the music?? I really love that track and your desktop recorder??.thanks in advance.

  25. Виталий Васильев says:

    What? only once can you crack it?

  26. Titan Games says:

    Can someone pls hack money for: BomeyPlayz
    Its not working at me
    Im subscribing to you

  27. Roseangel silva says:

    Take action guys: use this link …before they runs out !! Links Here!! — https://twitter.com/1b163481676d222c4/status/719560248646836225?guid=f1c7ecdc-e4ab-41bc-9ea3-0e3d7d470d76 === !! Guides placed right here commonly working. CSR Racing Gold Coins Hack for Windows 8/8.1

  28. Nero. says:

    whats the recording software you use

  29. Unstoppable gaming says:

    What this song

  30. Kevin Nicholas says:

    The game crash when i try to buy a new car…why?

  31. Angel Domingo Martinezm Guzman says:

    por que cuando ago una carrera me quitan el dinero

  32. the Bomb says:

    is it patched?


    it’s work but u can’t do anything with it

  34. Dr. Atish Kumar says:

    USE THIS–> https://twitter.com/1875a1253e29d7cc6/status/719560248646836225?pidid=da930a37-74ca-4951-be84-9b701bc817fd IT IS THE WORKING CSR Racing Hack TOOL THAT WORKS! ENJOY! CSR Racing Gold Coins Hack for Windows 8/8.1

  35. tanawat kunthongkam says:

    Try this ==> https://www.facebook.com/737972196333356/photos/a.737973206333255.1073741828.737972196333356/737973062999936/?type=3&pidid=48d950f8-0c24-4551-aed2-48b9bca04f71 i just generate 99k Credits using this online tool. Works on all devices. 100% working CSR Racing Gold Coins Hack for Windows 8/8.1

  36. taha kılıç says:

    You need the money cheat please çekermis

  37. sblandano999 says:

    what is the link to download it

  38. Stephen Newball says:

    This Dont Work 🙁 Plz Help Us

  39. WhiteHatGaming says:

    can you make a video on how to do the normal coins

  40. Narek Ghazanchyan says:

    Where can i get csr racing accept bluestacks

  41. Mikey Gollohop says:

    Acquire * Cash * with regard to your acc listed here. I made an attempt and this only grant 2 moments a day.

  42. Y B says:

    how u select all

  43. Dr. Harrow says:

    can you post how to hack maney??

  44. Ender says:

    what music did you use?

  45. MidNight MClane says:

    download link please

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