Completing the set. 1/10 Oz Lunar Series 1 gold coins | New Coin Releases

Completing the set. 1/10 Oz Lunar Series 1 gold coins

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Completing the set. 1/10 Oz Lunar Series 1 gold coins

Corns trying to finish his one tenth ounce gold Lunar Series 1 coin collection

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GoldUSD 1,326.60   per Ounce
SilverUSD 16.61   per Ounce
PlatinumUSD 991.80   per Ounce

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36 Responses to Completing the set. 1/10 Oz Lunar Series 1 gold coins

  1. Silver Back Stacker says:

    Very nice collection you’re working on there.

  2. 1973 Pro street c10 says:

    Beautiful set buddy…. be patient, I’m sure your get it completed
    Check out my vids when you get a chance….
    Liked and subbed

  3. SilverStrike says:

    That’s an impressive collection. Best of luck completing it.

  4. christine criswell-joy says:

    Thanks for the video corn!!! Nice pretty sparklies !!!! Shoutout to your friend as well!

  5. jakeizlove says:

    Nice collection!

  6. D Wing's World says:

    Really great set if guys buddy! Great set and knowing how you are you will finish this. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Silver Bean Counter says:

    Nice job with the set Corn. It will be great when you get it done.

  8. Silver Wolverine says:

    Highway men, Lol that an Exclusive group.. Lunar 1 gold.. damn nice!!

  9. funktatd Forcelle says:

    Wow Nice Collection Of Graded Lunars

  10. Tip Up Silver says:

    Hay Corn I’m a new subscriber. Look forward to seeing the rest of your videos. I’ll do a little binge watching.

  11. Steven Garrett says:

    Nice shout out. Cool coins. Great video. Love your channel. Keep up the great work.

  12. DOC Silver Stacker says:

    Looks like Corn might have to buy some raw ones and send to NGC and hope for a ms70. Good luck on completing your set.

  13. Slacker Stacker says:

    That is an awesome collection! I only wish I could afford gold in the quantities you have. Collections can be hard to build and very costly. I can appreciate the time, effort and trouble you have encountered in achieving what you have so far. I hope you will find the missing three and bring the collection to its entirety. Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Ag D says:

    Hey buddy I’m subbed to all them guys and they are subbed to me as well and now you have a new sub here silver wolverine set me your way look forward to your vids bud

  15. Ray Knapp says:

    Very nice slabbed set Corn, very nice! Thanks for sharing!!

  16. SilverHustlin13 says:

    So honored to be one of the "Highway" men!! Keep Hustlin & Stacking Brotha! You will get there its a Marathon NOT a Sprint Damn gorgeous collection

  17. el cazador calabria says:

    Ermosas monedas salusos de argentina

  18. Silver cat says:

    man that will be awesome to finish I think you will get it done I will keep a eye out I’m going to write the info down on them and if I find one you don’t have to give me anything buddy

  19. Mark Conner says:

    Theres a 2006 Dog PF70 on ebay right now. or are you just after MS?

  20. David Argento says:

    0-65 in 1.2 lol thats good. Nice set Corn.

  21. SalivateMetal says:

    I’m glad you showed these coins again. It will be a challenge putting the set together. Those are some tough coins to get. But, I’m with you. It’ll be great to have the set complete and uniform. Thanks so much for the shoutout. Glad to see you making videos my friend.

  22. RavenHawk Coins says:

    Sal is a really cool dude. He is very supportive and the others you mention all very solid people.

  23. Mark Conner says:

    All the people on YouTube into coins are truly awesome. This is one amazing set of gold coins. Good luck on finding the other ones you need. Ill keep an eye out on those for you.
    If I see one come up I’ll let you know.

  24. Crafty Carter says:

    That’s an amazing collection Corn! I just sent you a PM

  25. ~cOiN*cOllEcTiNg*fUn~ says:

    Those are BEAUTIFUL!!

  26. mikegpo says:

    Wow awesome accomplishment !!!!

  27. Silver Diva says:

    Very impressive set.

  28. 1Grizzman says:

    That’s a VERY NICE set there Corn. Hopefully you can complete it and I will keep my eyes open for your missing pieces. I just got my first year of the dog 1/10 oz gold coin but It is series 2. Those lunar golds are pretty nice.

  29. Will Hornbuckle says:

    Silver Wolverine sent me… Not a slab guy but those are nice!

  30. RavenHawk Coins says:

    very nice!! thanks for the share Corn!

  31. MrMonkeySwag96 says:

    Salivate Metal was one of the first guys to comment when I posted my first video in 2014. SH13, Shadow Stack, and Silver Cat are also great channels. That Lunar 1 gold set is impressive. The 1996 Rat is the key date of 1/10 oz Lunars. I’m a Rat because I was born in 1996. I’m looking to buy myself a 1/10 oz Rat someday. I consider myself a "gold person." When I was in high school, all I collected was gold. Many of my early videos from 2014-2015 feature gold coins.

  32. Ronaldo Avelino says:

    Amazing collection ! I will keep an eye on the missing coins…

  33. April Gabriel says:

    Beautiful collection. I really hope you find the other three you need. I doubt if I’ll come across them but if I do, I’ll let you know. Thanks for another great video. Those fellows you mentioned before are great guys. I’m still new to this community but learning quick.

  34. tibby 2stacks says:

    Liked and subed 🙂 love ur voice man haha

  35. oaksie 88 says:

    they are some really low population numbers bet they have a nice premium attached but definitely sound like there worth it will keep my eyes peeled for the remaining 3 bud. allways find when collecting sets one is normally insanely priced good luck mate

  36. Shadow Stack says:

    Your channel growth is well deserved Corn, keep that good content coming. I doubt i could find those coins in ngc 70 slabs, but raw so you could submit them is a likely option.

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