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Collect British Postmarks Catalogue

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Gather British Postmarks is a extremely comprehensive and specialized catalogue. It has been compiled by a quantity of top experts in the field and their guidance and knowledge has been sought during the compiling of the catalogue. It has been totally re-set, with the introduction of colour made to make the catalogue visually more interesting.

This Stanley Gibbons catalogue has been up to date and fully re-priced all through to reflect present marketplace circumstances.

Here is a comprehensive checklist of the locations covered within the catalogue:
1.The General Submit to 1839
1A. Free Franks
2.London Nearby Posts to 1839
3.Marks of the Provincial Post to 1839 (England and Wales)
4.Early Scottish Marks to 1839
5.Early Irish Marks
6. The Excellent Post Office Reforms, 1839–44
6A. Scots Regional Cancellations
7.Numeral, Spoon and Duplex Postmarks
eight.Squared Circle Postmarks
9.Later Circular Handstamps
10.Machine Cancellations
eleven.Slogan Postmarks
12.Unique Occasion Postmarks
13A. Colliery Postmarks
13.Railway Postmarks
14.Maritime Markings
15.Military and Camp Postmarks
18.Charge, Instructional and Explanatory Marks
19.Newspaper, Parcel, Registered, Express and Triangular Postmarks
twenty.Posted in Advance for Christmas Postmarks
23.British Submit Offices Abroad
24.Tourist Cachets
25.Meter Marks
26.Printed Postage Impressions
27.Postal Mechanisation
28.Submit Workplace Names
thirty.Postal Prices

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