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Coins of the World: Asia

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Head towards the East for a lot more incredible investment coins from about the world.


Russia is so huge, it can be classified as either Europe or Asia, but it really stands on its personal. The 1 oz Palladium Ballerina is a special and beautiful investment that, like its country of origin, truly is in a group by itself.

The Palladium Ballerina is manufactured of .999 fine palladium, an uncommon option for precious metals investing. The coins were produced towards the finish of the Soviet Union, from 1989 to 1992, and had a worth of 25 Roubles.

The obverse of every single coin demonstrates a ballerina, which celebrates the globe-renowned Bolshoi Ballet based in Moscow. The ballet business was founded in 1776, making it 1 of the world’s oldest, and stays 1 of the foremost ballet firms in Russia.

The reverse shows the Soviet Union hammer and sickle and CCCP, an abbreviation for “Soviet Union” in Cyrillic.

Russian Highlights

  • Russia requires up more than one-eighth of Earth’s inhabited land spot, producing it the largest country in the globe. There are 9 time zones!
  • Russian palladium comes from Norilsk, the world’s northernmost city. Snow storms can last for up to 130 days of the year.
  • Drinking is element of Russian culture, but not with out side results: some scientific studies have found that a lot more than half of the deaths in Russian towns are attributable to alcohol abuse.
  • Kick back in a banya, a Russian hot steam bath in a communal region. You might want to take pleasure in some vodka with your borsch soup afterward.



One of the world’s most common bullion coins is China’s Gold Panda. The panda serves as China’s animal ambassador and is a prized creature in zoos close to the world. That reputation extends to treasured metal pandas as effectively.

The Gold Panda has been developed yearly given that 1982, with a new style each and every 12 months. Sizes range from 1/twenty oz to 1 troy ounce, and each coin is legal tender.

The obverse displays the Temple of Heaven, a building popular in China as a cultural and religious icon.

The reverse alterations each and every 12 months, but often demonstrates a panda, or often a pair.

Pandas are also accessible in silver with the exact same style.

Due to the fact of their popularity, Gold and Silver Pandas are targets for fraud, making it especially essential that you acquire your Pandas from a respected dealer.

China Highlights

  • Chinese is the world’s longest continuously employed written language.
  • The nation is the two the world’s greatest importer and exporter of goods.
  • Fossils present that early human ancestors inhabited China in between 250,000 and two.24 million many years in the past.
  • Whilst touring, get a second to fly a kite they had been invented in China to frighten enemies in battle. You may also consider up an curiosity in the No. one pastime, which is stamp collecting, or watch a cricket battle, in which the insects battle a single-on-1.


Do you gather Chinese Pandas or Russian Ballerinas? Why do you think they are so well-liked?

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