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CIT’s gold and silver Sea Turtles are unlike anything you own!

The Great Canadian Outdoors Series continues with Canoeing!

Woodland Caribou 1.7 oz. silver coins begin a new and important series!

Make a difference with the first of a new series

1.7 oz. of fine silver + limited mintage of just 5,500 coins!

According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) some scientists estimate that between 200 and 2,000 species go extinct every year.

In effort to combat these troubling numbers, collectors can raise awareness to the many wonderful species of animals that are fighting to survive by welcoming a new series into their collection.

2017 Canada Endangered Animal Cutout – Woodland Caribou Silver Proof $30 GEM Proof (Original Government Packaging)

The Royal Canadian Mint is proud to introduce their Endangered Animal Cutout series. Beginning with the Woodland Caribou, this new series hopes to shed light on some of their at-risk indigenous species. This is also the first-ever Canadian coin to feature a cutout!

ModernCoinMart (MCM) is proud to carry both raw and certified variations of this socially responsible coin. Collectors and lovers of Canadian wildlife can select GEM Proof coins with their original Mint packaging in addition to PF69 UC or PF70 UC coins that have been graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and given the Early Releases designation.

2017 Canada Endangered Animal Cutout – Woodland Caribou Silver Proof $30 NGC PF70 UC ER (Exclusive Canada Label)

State-of-the-art minting technology was used to carve out the smooth silhouette of the Woodland Caribou on each 1.7 oz. silver coin. A heavily symbolic design, each coin represents the possible extinction of the Woodland Caribou.

With a limited mintage of just 5,500 coins, these pure silver coins have an impressive diameter of 54mm and bare exquisite detail in addition to the creative cutout.

Raise awareness about the threatened Woodland Caribou by adding this first-ever coin to your collection today!

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Great Migrations – Humpback Whale

Magnificent Humpback whales feature on the new coin in the Great Migrations collection

The Great Migrations – Humpback Whale 1 oz Silver Coin features in this exciting collection which celebrates one of nature’s most impressive wonders, when populations of animals start their great annual migration, covering vast distances in search for food, mating partners or shelter. 

Great Migrations – Humpback Whale 1 oz Silver Coin – Reverse

Great Migrations – Humpback Whale 1 oz Silver Coin – Obverse

Humpback whales arguably make the longest documented migration of any mammal. They spend their summer months feeding in polar waters, but with the onset of winter, food becomes scarce and the water becomes too cold. So, they migrate an average of 2,500km to tropical waters to breed and give birth, then make the same journey back. With almost no rest along the way, they can cover over 1,600km per month.

Great Migrations – Humpback Whale 1 oz Silver Coin – Packaging

The coin reverse shows an engraved illustration of a pod of Humpback whales, gliding gracefully through the ocean. A few whales have been highlighted in colour, bringing further interest.

This stunning coin comes in a compact printed rectangular coin case, which incorporates an impressive, printed scene of this great migration. The uniquely numbered Certificate of Authenticity is printed on the inner cover.

With a worldwide limited mintage of only 3,000 coins, start your Great Migrations coin collection today!

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Shop the Legacy: 2017 Gold and Silver Panda Coins

2017 China Silver and Gold Pandas

Available certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation!

ModernCoinMart (MCM) is proud to announce the arrival of 2017 China Silver and Gold Pandas! As the latest coins in a legacy that started back in 1982, these China Pandas represent one of the longest running, most successful modern bullion coin series in the world. With annually changing designs, .999 fine silver and gold, and legal tender status in esteemed China Yuan, a coin series doesn’t get much better than this.

2017 China 500 Yuan 30g Gold Panda NGC MS70 ER (Excl Great Wall Label)

The design of 2017 boasts a panda seated in the foreground, with a forest of bamboo in the background. It holds a leafy bamboo stalk, munching on the leaves — a panda’s favorite meal!

You can add these world-class bullion coins with their stunning new design to your collection right now! MCM currently carries a broad selection of these 2017 Silver and Gold Pandas, in nearly every size. Whether you are looking for raw coins, sealed from the moment they were struck at the China Mint, or certified coins, graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) as MS69 and 70, they have just what you need.

2017 China 10 Yuan 30g Silver Panda NGC MS70 ER Panda Label Black Core

Their NGC graded coins come with special options such as the exclusive Great Wall and Panda labels that are only available at ModernCoinMart. They were also able to secure grading with the unique black core holders, allowing you to set apart this year’s issue with style!

Don’t wait a moment longer — check out their selection of 2017 China Pandas right now, and secure your coins while designations like ”Early Releases” are still available!

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Sold out at the Mint but available exclusively at MCM – Shop Archie the Dingo coins now!

MCM Exclusive: 2017 Archie the Dingo Coins

Celebrate one of the Australia Zoo’s most-loved animals!

The Royal Australian Mint has already issued a number of coins showing the famous crocodiles that reside in Steve Irwin’s famous ”Australia Zoo.” To continue this creative series, they’ve issued a 2017-dated coin commemorating a very special resident of the Australia Zoo — Archie the Alpine Dingo!

Archie was recently born at the zoo along with his two sisters, Jira and Eve. Unlike his siblings, Archie was born with impressive and very rare white fur! He quickly became one of the most popular attractions of the Australia Zoo, and gets plenty of attention from zookeepers and visitors.

2017 Australia $1 1 oz. Specimen Silver Australia Zoo – Archie the Alpine Dingo NGC MS70 Early Releases (Exclusive Australia Label)

Now, Archie has made his way into numismatics in the form of a 1 oz. .999 fine silver coin! A release that immediately sold-out from the Mint, this heart-warming coin has Archie’s name inscribed at the bottom, while he is shown resting on his haunches on the reverse. Although not a proof, this uncirculated coin is struck with very fine detail and a beautiful satin finish, displaying the white of Archie’s fur as frosted silver.

To create this coin, a beautiful partnership was created between the Royal Australian Mint and the Australia Zoo. A long-time supporter of the well-known zoo, the late Steve Irwin’s family is promoting Archie the Dingo Silver Coins. Steve, previously known as the ”Crocodile Hunter,” dedicated his life to the conservation and wellbeing of Australian wildlife. Survived by his wife, Terri, and two children, Bindi and Robert, Steve’s family has continued to pour their hearts into the success of the Australia Zoo and the care of its inhabitants — like Archie!

2017 Australia $1 1 oz. Specimen Silver Australia Zoo – Archie the Alpine Dingo GEM Specimen (Original Mint Packaging)

You can add this exclusive MCM release to your collection in its original sealed RAM card and capsule, or graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) as MS69 and MS70 Early Releases. Because this coin is exclusive to MCM, certified Archie the Dingo silver coins have been paired with our popular Australia Label. Whatever option you choose, your coin will be part of a tiny mintage of just 3,000. You should act quickly if you want to add the adorable Archie the Dingo 1 oz. Silver Coin to your collection!

Add Archie the Dingo to your collection NOW!

The sold-out 2017 Rwanda African Wildlife release has surfaced!


2017 Rwanda Silver Hippo Coins Now Available

The feared beast of Africa now engraved in silver!

2017 marks the 10th year of production for the African Wildlife Series. Since its 2008 inaugural release, the Gorilla, the African Wildlife Series has sold-out from the Mint each year. Because of the impressive success that this series has experienced, earlier issues now command increased premiums. Like previous releases, the Proof Hippo coin has already sold-out at the Mint!


2017 Rwanda 50 Francs 1 oz. Proof Silver African Wildlife Series – Hippopotamus NGC PF70 UC Early Releases

Both the Proof and Mint State finishes are now available at MCM. Collectors are able to purchase GEM BU releases in addition to certified options that have been graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) in MS69, MS70, PF69, and PF70 condition with Early Releases designations.


2017 Rwanda 50 Francs 1 oz. Silver African Wildlife Series – Hippopotamus GEM BU

Named “River Horse” by the Greeks, the hippopotamus is a majestic, yet deadly, creature that roams the waters of Africa. While their diet consists entirely of plants, these animals put their sharp, strong teeth to the test by defending themselves against the strongest of opponents, including crocodiles!

Don’t delay – This popular series is expected to sell out quickly. Experience the Hippopotamus like never before with these silver coins that traveled all the way from Africa to be added to your collection.

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Just Released: These 2017 African Lion coins are the fiercest yet!


The latest in MCM’s African Lion series is here!

MCM’s exclusive series brings Africa to your doorstep with the release of the Chad Lion

In 2015, ModernCoinMart partnered with Burundi to produce the first-ever African Lion coin. This series became an instant hit with collectors and stackers around the world. 2016 releases were issued in partnership with the Republic of Congo and MCM’s supply expanded to include a variety of sizes and finishes, including 1 kilo silver and 1 oz. gold coins!


2017 Republic of Chad 5000 Francs 1 oz. Proof Silver African Lion GEM Proof (Wood Display Box)

Now, as they celebrate the third year of issue for this exclusive series, MCM has partnered with the Republic of Chad to produce the 2017 African Lion coins. Each year’s release has been in partnership with a different African country and showcases the diversity and culture represented in the many countries where the lions roam.


2017 Republic of Chad 5000 Francs 1 oz. Proof Silver African Lion NGC PF70 UC Early Releases (Exclusive Lion Label)

The 2017 African Lion coins are available in the original Mint packaging/capsule or certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). NGC-certified coins are available with MCM’s exclusive African Lion label! PCGS coins will be available soon.

Purchase the African Lion coins you need for your collection directly from the people who brought you the series! As your source for the latest in numismatics and bullion, you can count on MCM to provide low prices and fast, free domestic shipping on every order with no minimum purchase required.

Shop MCM’s African Lion Collection NOW!

2017 $100 Goanna 1 oz. Gold Proof

Worldwide mintage – only 150 coins!


Latest release in the Australia’s Remarkable Reptiles Series!

Unique, eye-catching and powerful, the 2017 $100 Goanna 1 oz. Gold Proof is also extremely exclusive. This is your chance to be one of just 150 people across the entire world to call this stunning Gold Proof your own! Do not miss this exclusive opportunity! Act now!

  • Struck to the finest Proof quality from one ounce of pure, prestigious 99.99% gold.
  • Exclusive! Tiny worldwide mintage restricted to a mere 150 coins!
  • Official Niue legal tender – spans 38.61mm in diameter.
  • Presented within a timber case, united with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Edge-numbered! Matches the Certificate of Authenticity!