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VIDEO: Coin Bridge

Time for some mindless levity. While looking for numismatic-related stories around the interwebs, I came across this video. With 200 coins that appears to be the size of a quarter, the presenter builds a bridge of coins that loops off the edge of the table. It’s Tuesday and there is a long week ahead!

A $2 Love Story

Did you know that someone made a movie about the $2 bill? I was looking for information about early $2 notes and an Internet search discovered the page for The Two Dollar Bill Documentary. Basically, it is a 1 hour 43 minute documentary about the $2 bill. Written and directed by John Bennardo, who has […]

Stolen Ancient Coins and Art helps fund ISIS

If counterfeit Canadian currency or badly made British pound errors were not enough, the focus is now being placed on antiquities stolen by ISIS from captured areas in Syria and Iraq. The proceeds have been used to fund their activities. A Wall Street Journal report said that Swiss authorities have been investigating Ali and Hicham […]