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Add 50 years of the Krugerrand legacy to your collection while you can!

2017 Fractional Proof Gold Krugerrands available for first time ever!

2017 Proof Gold Krugerrands: The Legacy Continues

Now available in 3 affordable sizes!

First issued in 1967, the South African Gold Krugerrand was the world’s first modern gold bullion coin. Now, 50 years later, this powerhouse series continues to be one of the most celebrated gold bullion coins on the market.

2017 South Africa 1/50 oz. Gold Krugerrand Proof NGC PF70 UC (Black Core Holder – Exclusive South Africa Label)

Right now, you can add the rich history of the South African Krugerrand to your collection with 2017 Proof Gold releases that are not only available in the popular 1/10 oz. size but also 1/20 oz. and 1/50 oz. sizes for the first time ever. These new sizes issued by the South African Mint have made it even more affordable for many to obtain the revered gold standard.

2017 South Africa 1/20 oz. Gold Krugerrand Proof NGC PF70 UC (Exclusive South Africa Label)

Both ungraded and certified coins are available. Choose from GEM Proof coins that come complete with their original Government Packaging or graded releases that have each been expertly examined and certified to be PF70 UC by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.

To ensure a truly remarkable acquisition, ModernCoinMart (MCM) is proud to offer these certified coins in both black and white cores paired with our exclusive South Africa label.

Don’t wait another 50 years–add a piece of the South African Gold Krugerrand legacy to your collection today.

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The sold-out 2017 Re-Issue of the 1967 Gold Krugerrand is here!

The 1967 Gold Krugerrand Re-Issue

A Golden Masterpiece Celebrated 50 Years Later

For over 50 years, the Gold Krugerrand has remained one of the best-selling gold coins ever struck. With their easily-identifiable appearance and a long history within numismatics, South African Gold Krugerrands have created an impressive legacy in the precious metals market.

2017 South Africa 1 oz. Prooflike Gold Re-Issue of 1967 Vintage Krugerrand GEM Prooflike (Original Mint Packaging)

To celebrate the resilient popularity of their flagship coin, the South African Mint has issued an official high-quality re-issue using dies from the tooling for the original 1967 Gold Krugerrand. Each coin bears the 1967 date as issued and includes a small 2017-dated privy mark to authenticate the coin as legal tender. Half-a-century after the first Krugerrand, the 2017 1 oz. Gold 1967 Vintage Krugerrand Re-Issue is now available to customers in the original South African Mint packaging.

Collectors are sure to enjoy the contrast of the Krugerrand’s fine gold Proof finish against the black, felt-like interior of the coin’s lacquered wooden box. As a special touch — the South African Mint has issued a special mintage of only 1,967 coins to reflect the Krugerrand’s original release date. These 1,967 coins quickly sold out at the mint and prices have already risen in the secondary market!

Don’t miss the chance to commemorate the coin that started it all, add this beautiful 2017 re-issue of the 1967 Gold Krugerrand to your collection today.

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2017 Silver Krugerrands: The world’s first-ever Silver Krugerrand is coming. MCM is your source for info!


BREAKING NEWS: 2017 Silver Krugerrands

ModernCoinMart is your official North American distributor!

In 1967, the world’s first modern, gold bullion coin was issued, making it possible for many to own 1 oz. of gold for the first time in history. The South African Gold Krugerrand has since adhered to a standard of excellence, causing it to consistently be one of the most coveted gold coins on the market.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this flagship gold bullion coin, the South African Mint has struck the very first, legal tender Premium Uncirculated 1 oz. Silver Krugerrand! To bring collectors this industry-changing release, MCM has partnered with the South African Mint to be the official North American distributor of the 2017 Silver Krugerrands.

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First-Ever National Geographic Gold and Silver Cheetah Proofs!

Gold and Silver Cheetah Proofs

National Geographic and the South African Mint Proudly Present the Cheetah Coin Series

Majestic and powerful, populations of big cats in the wild are declining at an alarming rate! Now, for the first time ever, the South African Mint and National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative (BCI) are partnering to help save big cats in the wild!

2016 South Africa 2 Rand 1 oz. Proof Silver National Geographic Big Cats - Cheetah GEM Proof (Original Mint Capsule)

2016 South Africa 2 Rand 1 oz. Proof Silver National Geographic Big Cats – Cheetah GEM Proof (Original Mint Capsule)

2016 South Africa 2 Rand 1 oz. Proof Silver National Geographic Big Cats - Cheetah NGC PF70 UC

2016 South Africa 2 Rand 1 oz. Proof Silver National Geographic Big Cats – Cheetah NGC PF70 UC

ModernCoinMart (MCM) is proud to join them in their mission to save big cats by acting as an official distributor for the first-ever Cheetah Coin Series Gold and Silver Proofs–all are South African legal tender, authorized by National Geographic and struck by the award-winning South African Mint.

To learn more or order by phone, call 1-800-506-6468 and mention code MCMCATS. For more information, visit

2016 Cheetah Coins Officially Endorsed by National Geographic!

2016 Cheetah Coins

2016 Proof Silver Cheetah Coins

Officially endorsed by National Geographic!

These 2016 Cheetah coins were produced in part by National Geographic as a part of their Big Cats Initiative. Within the initiative, there over 60 projects geared toward protecting iconic big cat species in 27 countries around the globe. Many of these big cats species are walking the line of extinction as their populations continue to decrease in the wild. The initiative has three goals: assess the problem, protect local populations, and communicate conservation by spreading the word.

In an effort to help save big cats in the wild, National Geographic has officially authorized proof silver coins featuring the big cats they are working to protect. These are the first-ever National Geographic coins! ModernCoinMart (MCM) is proud to carry the first release of the series – the majestic Cheetah. Struck by the South African Mint, these coins are available in 1 oz. .925 fine silver with a limited worldwide mintage of only 7,700! These coins are available in their original Mint packaging, as well as certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC).

As a leader in the numismatic industry, MCM is an official distributor for the National Geographic Cheetah Coin Series Program.

Their supplies are limited, and selling quickly. Don’t hesitate and miss out on the first release of this new series! Order today and enjoy fast, free domestic shipping on all orders with no minimum.

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