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The 50th Anniversary Kennedy Gold Coin Steals The Show At Chicago’s World’s Fair Of Money

This week has seen the ANA 2014 Chicago World’s Fair of Money at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill. where thousands of keen coin collectors and dealers have been lining up to buy rare items and get their collections appraised by experts. This year’s convention held 579 tables, showcased some new coin releases and unveiled the American Numismatic Association’s 123rd Anniversary Convention medal honoring the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago; however, the limited supply of 50th anniversary Kennedy gold coins was the clear star of the show, attracting enthusiasts from across the country who had been anticipating its release since the first announcement. This first-ever gold half dollar only has an initial inventory of 40,000 coins and went on sale for the first time at the convention on August 5 for $1,240. This limited release, combined with the half dollar’s purpose and beauty, has understandably created a lot of interest over the week from many different sources.

50th Anniversary Kennedy Gold Coin 1

2014-W 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coin – Display Case

There are many reasons why this 2014 Kennedy gold coin is so appealing to collectors but one of the most important has to be its design and its significance.

Collectors that are familiar with the original half dollar will not be overly surprised by the choice of design for each side of this commemorative gold coin because it retains the familiar profile portrait of the former president and alternative version of the presidential seal created by the US Mint’s Frank Gasparro back in 1964 – the heraldic eagle complete with shield, olive branch and 13 arrows. What makes this coin especially appealing in its design, however, is that not only does it have 50 stars in a ring around the design and a unique dual date of 1964-2014, it also reverts back to the portrait design from the 1960s. Over the years the hairline and facial features of the president have been altered as the coin was re-minted but this new version is true to the original. To make the piece even more attractive, it even comes in its own custom-made, mahogany presentation case with a removable coin well and a much sought-after certificate of authenticity.

50th Anniversary Kennedy Gold Coin Obverse

2014-W 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coin – Reverse

The aesthetics of the coin are enough on their own for many collectors to want to get hold of one but there are also the details to its creation and quality, such as the fact that each Kennedy gold coin contains a troy ounce of pure, 24-carat gold and was minted at West Point, New York, and the historical significance of the item to add to the wider appeal of such a unique and limited item.

50th Anniversary Kennedy Gold Coin Reverse

2014-W 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coin – Reverse

The Kennedy half dollar has great historical worth and these new 50th anniversary Kennedy coins are a wonderful symbol of this fact.

To say that President Kennedy was one of America’s most loved presidents is a little like stating the obvious; the nation was won over by his good work and shocked to the core by his assassination in 1964. Just five days after his death, a half dollar containing his likeness was approved as part of a memorial. There were plans for him to appear on the quarter instead but his widow, Jacqueline, did not like the idea of Washington being replaced. The half dollar coin became a symbol of the nation’s mourning and a collectable for history fans and coin collectors over the subsequent years, so much so that it vanished from circulation. This new gold version to mark the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s death and the birth of the coin is therefore doubly significant to American collectors. The US Mint was aware of the interest that this commemoration would have when the coin was officially announced but scenes at the ANA 2014 Chicago World’s Fair of Money went beyond most predictions.

The arrival of this new version of the Kennedy half dollar has created quite a buzz among the numismatic society but organizers have been surprised by size of the crowds and their motives.

John F Kennedy

 Black and white photograph of John F Kennedy (JFK, John Kennedy, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jack Kennedy) in 1961. 

Ever since the 2014 Kennedy gold coins were announced online by the US Mint, anticipation for their release has been building. Prior to the start of the convention, large numbers of enthusiasts queued without sleep in lines three blocks long for a chance to get their hands on their very own coin and the organizers had what they thought was a great scheme in place – 500 tickets per day, one per customer, to be exchanged for the chance to buy the coin. These restrictions proved to be problematic and sales were eventually halted as collectors were urged to go online to the US Mint’s website instead.

The high demand saw collectors from across the country turning up for a chance to purchase such a rare coin, which in many cases was valued more for its dual-date than its metal, but what was more interesting was the number of people paid to get to the front of the line by dealers and those selling their coins on for larger sums. The first person in line does not have his coin anymore but he is significantly richer after Silvertowne paid him $20,000 for it. Dealers seemed desperate to get hold of the first release of Kennedy gold coins, anticipating the desire for such rare items from collectors and history buffs online.

The ANA 2014 Chicago World’s Fair of Money will be concluding on August 9th and many dealers and numismatics that have missed out will be considering the future of the coin and their chances to by one.

As with many new coin releases, it is hard to tell what sort of value this issue will have for dealers and buyers in the coming months and the future; the initial appeal of the historical significance may wear off in time or there may be plenty of enthusiasts keen to get one of those first release coins that will pay a lot more than the current asking price of $1,240. At the moment, demand is still apparent on the US Mint’s website, with shipping dates for orders being pushed backwards and forwards to meet consumer needs, and it seems that it is not just those at the front of the line in Chicago that see the investment opportunities and true worth of this 2014 Kennedy gold coin.

NGC 50th Anniversary Kennedy Coin Details

NGC 50th Anniversary Kennedy Coin Details