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Rogue One Coins: From the big screen to your collection

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Silver Empire & Rebellion coins just in time for opening weekend!

The latest releases in the Star Wars coin collection have arrived at MCM! Before seeing this mega-release in theaters this weekend, make sure your collection is ready! Rogue One coins are now available in their original Mint packaging or certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). MCM’s exclusive Star Wars label and optional Black Core holder make these coins the perfect addition for any coin or collection!

2017 Niue $2 Silver Star Wars Rogue One Rebellion NGC PF70 FR (Black) 

2017 Niue $2 Silver Star Wars Rogue One Rebellion NGC PF70 FR 

Rogue One, the latest movie in the Star Wars saga, has been one of the most anticipated film releases of 2016. However, this isn’t a typical Star Wars film. According to critic reviews, the new film pushes the boundaries and, “throws out the Star Wars rule book.” The storyline of Rogue One compliments the Star Wars saga that we all know and love and gives fans a whole new perspective.

2017 Niue Silver Star Wars Rogue One Empire NGC PF70 FR (Black)

2017 Niue $2 1 oz Silver Star Wars Rogue One Empire NGC PF70 FR

With today being the official release date, fans can make sure they participate in this monumental chapter in the popular franchise by adding these superior Star Wars coins to their collection. See Star Wars like never before by ordering your Rebellion and Empire coins from ModernCoinMart today!

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Be a Proud Owner of Batman’s 75th Anniversary Commemorative Gold and Silver Coins

Collectors of commemorative coins now have the rare opportunity to own two limited mintage Batman coins, one gold and one silver. These coins were struck to mark Batman’s 75th anniversary and celebrate over 7 decades of an outstanding crime-fighting career. The island nation of Niue is offering collectors a 1/4 ounce gold $25 proof coin, and a 2-ounce silver $2 coin, to commemorate this event. All lovers of Batman, particularly those who have been ardent readers of the DC Comics series for several decades, can now take advantage of this unique offer. After reading this brief history of Batman and the unique benefits of owning these coins, you can proceed to ModernCoinMart (MCM) to get them at competitive prices, including free domestic shipping here in the States.

2014 Niue 1-4 Oz Gold Batman - 75th Anniversary $25 Proof

2014 Niue 1/4 Oz Gold Batman – 75th Anniversary $25 Proof

2014 Niue 2 Oz Silver Batman - 75th Anniversary $5 Proof 1

2014 Niue 2 Oz Silver Batman – 75th Anniversary $5 Proof

Batman’s Eventful History

Batman has a very interesting history. His 75 years of successfully fighting crime are full of interesting landmarks and historical turning points. Here are some highlights from Batman’s remarkable life which reveal how he became one of the world’s most popular fictional detective icons.


Early in 1939, the owners of National Comics, which later became DC Comics, were searching for another superhero that will be as successful as Superman. Vin Sullivan, the Editor of Detective Comics, asked the quiet cartoonist Bob Kane to create a new superhero. Kane designed the original Batman. The script of the very first Batman story, which came out in Detective Comics # 27, was produced by Bill Finger and drawn Bob Kane. It was titled: The Case of the Chemical Syndicate and released on March 30, 1939. However, May 1939 was written on the cover. 

Detective Comics # 27

Detective Comics # 27 – Source of Image: Wikipedia

In the first Batman story, he was introduced as Bruce Wayne, a bored socialite who wore a cape and fought crime ruthlessly. In the Detective Comics # 29, Batman unveiled his well-known Utility Belt and used it to remove a single gas pellet containing deadly gas. In Sept. 1939, the Batarang and Batplane made their initial appearances in Detective Comics # 31. But the popular tragic origin story of Batman which revealed how his parents were killed by a mugger as they returned home from a movie was released in November 1939.


In April 1940, Batman’s loyal assistant, Robin (also known as the Boy Wonder) was introduced to the world. Dick Grayson’s (Robin) parents were murdered by a gangster and Batman teamed up with him to fight crime. This led to the evolution of Batman. He was transformed from a solitary detective, who constantly spoke to himself, to a father-figure who shared jokes with his younger partner.


Batman and Robin – Source of Image: Wikipedia

Batman was given his self-titled comic in 1940 although his stories were still published in Detective Comics. Batman # 1 introduced his two most prominent lifelong enemies, Catwoman and the Joker. Several other enduring aspects of Batman’s world came to be in the 1940s including his home, Gotham City, the Batcave and the Batmobile. In 1948, Batman developed a love relationship with Vicki Vale, the photo journalist.


In the 1950s, Batman took on the role of a science-fiction star. An new Bat-family of characters were added including the Batwoman, Bat-girl, Bat-mite and a crime-fighting dog called Bat-hound. However, due to concerns about the link between juvenile delinquency and comic books, Catwoman was dropped in 1954 did not return till 1966. Also, Batman and Superman, who were both members of DC’s Justice Society of America joined forces unofficially to fight crime in 1952.


To stop the downward slide in sales of Detective Comics and Batman, they were assigned to Julie Schwartz who made significant changes to revive their fortunes. The yellow oval around the bat on Batman’s chest was introduced along with the new Batmobile and he acquired a hotline to the police headquarters. Bat-mite and Batwoman were retired. The focus of the comic series returned from science fiction to detective stories.

1966 Batman Movie Poster

1966 Batman Movie Poster – Source of Image:

The Batman TV series starring Burt Ward and Adam West started in January 1966. Many tie-in toys and different types of clothing and merchandise were created because of the TV series. The sales of the comics increased rapidly.

1970s and 1980s

During this period, an all-knowing villain called Ra’s al Ghul was introduced by Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams. This personality was developed into a global threat. In 1971, Batman came back on TV with the Adventures of Batman – an animated series that was aired under various names till early 1981.

In the mid-80s, a 4-issue series titled Batman the Dark Knight, by Klaus Janson and Frank Miller repositioned Batman is a more mature crime fighter coming out of his retirement to rescue Gotham City from criminals. During the same period, an updated story of Batman’s origin known as Batman: Year One was released and it became a bestseller.


Batman grew in popularity through another movie: Batman Returns starring Michael Keaton as Batman with Michelle Pfeiffer and Danny DeVito as Catwoman and Penguin. The Animated Series was also shown on TV throughout the decade. In 1993, DC Comics published a storyline called the Knight Fall in which Batman’s back was broken by a ruthless villain, then Azrael, an anti-hero took over the role of Batman.


Writer Jeph Loeb created a 12-part series called Hush. It was drawn by Jim Lee and it attracted a fresh audience to the Batman comics. The story featured many of Batman’s worst enemies including Hush, a villain from the Dark Knight’s childhood. Two Batman movies: Batman Begins starring Christian Bale and the Oscar-winning movie, The Dark Knight, released in 2008, were all-time hits. In 2009, Batman’s Arkham Asylum console video game became one of the record-breaking video consoles of all time. DC Comics re-launched the Batman series starting with all over from #1 in 2011. And in 2012, a copy of the original comic, that unveiled Bruce Wayne as Batman to the world in 1939, was sold for a whopping $1.07 million.

The Island of Niue

After reading that eventful journey of 75 years, you should also know some useful facts about the Island nation of Niue – the country releasing the commemorative coins. This South Pacific island is helping to spread the joy of all Batman lovers and fans all over the world. Niue is one of the smallest islands on earth with a land mass of 269 square kilometres. The island is about 2,400 kilometres northeast of New Zealand. More popular islands close to Niue include the Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga. The 1,600 inhabitants of Niue are mainly Polynesian and they commonly call their island the “the Rock of Polynesia”. Although the island is self-governing, it is an associated state of New Zealand. So Niue is known as the Zealand Territory of Niue with its capital at Alofi and their currency is the New Zealand Dollar. 

Since 1987, Niue has been producing commemorative coins. Coin collectors recently had a chance to buy coins with Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Dock, released by Niue. Now they have launched two attractive precious metal coins to commemorate 75 years of Batman.

The 75th Anniversary Batman Coins

You should celebrate the Dark Knight’s 75th anniversary with the extremely limited mintage Niue 1/4 oz. gold proof coin which is officially licensed by DC Comics. The obverse design has an image of the Caped Crusader in a crouched position. In the background, you have the Batman symbol and a line of text that reads: 75 years of Batman 2014. The reverse has the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Ian Rank-Broadley. This gold coin has a face value of 25 Dollars (NZD), and a purity level of 99.9 percent. Mintage of the gold coin is limited to 750 pieces.

2014 Niue 1-4 Oz Gold Batman - 75th Anniversary $25 Proof in Custom DC Comics Packaging

2014 Niue 1/4 Oz Gold Batman – 75th Anniversary $25 Proof in Custom DC Comics Packaging

The 2 oz. silver coin has the same obverse and reverse design as the gold coin. But its mintage is limited to 7,500 pieces. Each coin comes with a colorful 4-color collectible tin plus a 75th anniversary lapel pin, and a laser etched certificate of authenticity signed by Frank Miller. The limited mintages and the popularity of Batman make these coins a valuable treasure to own. But that’s not the only benefit of owning these Batman coins.

2014 Niue 2 Oz Silver Batman - 75th Anniversary $5 Proof in Custom DC Comics Packaging

2014 Niue 2 Oz Silver Batman – 75th Anniversary $5 Proof in Custom DC Comics Packaging

Advantages of Owning Batman Coins

  • Each coin comes with an augmented reality app from DC Comics. You can use this app on your mobile devices to see a 3-dimensional image of Batman and even snap a photo with him!
  • You are broadening your knowledge of geography, politics and history while you enhance your appreciation of precious metals. A summary of such valuable information can be found in the coin’s Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Owning a batman gold or silver coin associates you with an outstanding historical success.
  • You can demonstrate your commitment to fight crime and maintain justice and peace in your community by collecting these commemorative coins.
  • Buying the Batman commemorative coins provides a unique experience with the pride of ownership and personal achievement.
  • Collecting, studying and organizing commemorative coins helps to maintain high mental functioning for older adults. It helps you to continuously engage with life and it makes the latter years more rewarding.

Where to Purchase Your Batman Coins

You do not need to travel to the Island of Niue to be a proud owner of these exclusive Batman coins. Simply go to the ModernCoinMart website to buy one or more of these precious coins. The coins where originally slated for release in 2014 but the 2015 Batman coins are available for instant purchase and shipping. MCM, the leader in precious metals and modern coins, is selling these commemorative coins and other exclusive modern coins recently released by Niue at relatively low prices and all prices included free domestic shipping. MCM also offers discounts to those who decide to pay by bank wire or check. But due to the limited number of Batman coins produced, the stock of these coins is expected to run out quite fast. So you should act as fast as you can. 


Acquiring these exclusive batman coins is a very fulfilling way to diversify your coin collection. Due to the popularity of the Batman legacy, you can expect the release of more related coins that will help you to assemble a precious series of coins in the years to come. 

APMEX Exclusive: 75 Years of Batman

Batman the Caped Crusader, everyone’s favorite DC SUPER HERO,  is now legal tender currency! APMEX have available for a limited time the 1/4 oz Gold Coin and  2 oz Silver coin, featuring Batman in action, engraved against a polished background. This is to commemorate 75 years of Batman.

75 Years of Batman

Bonus features with every coin purchase include a collectible pin, gameboard, limited edition tin and etched metal Certificate of Authority (CoA), all enhanced by an app for mobile devices that launches an amazing 3D experience from the coin itself! Be sure to get more information here.

Fiji Double Taku – 1 oz Gold Gilded Silver Coin – New Zealand Mint

Fiji Double Taku – 1 oz Gold Gilded Silver Coin – New Zealand Mint.