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Awesome beauty of Supermassive Black Holes are featured on Melbourne Mints latest silver coin

Awesome beauty of Supermassive Black Holes are featured on Melbourne Mints latest silver coin One of the most popular themes in modern numismatics, astronomy has given us some terrific coin designs over the last few years from such luminaries as the Mint of Poland, the Royal Canadian […]

Melbourne, Monkeys, and a Monarch!



Earlier this month, the ANDA Coin Show extravaganza came to Melbourne. One of the highlights was the availability of a special Mob of ‘Roos $1 coin, counterstamped with a special ‘M’ – for Melbourne. Created by the RAM exclusively for ANDA to sell at the show, these coins are no longer available at Issue Price. Order now – as our allocation is tiny!

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On September 9th, Queen Elizabeth II became the Longest Reigning Commonwealth Monarch ever. Since then, the RAM’s official tribute to this event has become perhaps the most popular coin of the year – maybe only the Royal Baby (Click Here!) range rivals this coin’s demand thus far.

Outstanding value at just $10, this official, Aussie 50c coin is a wonderful addition to any collection.

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For those who follow us on Facebook (Like Us here!), you’ll know that yesterday, our stock of The Perth Mint’s 3-coin Silver Monkey Proof Set was under siege. Expectations were of a sell-out by close of business today – and, with only two sets left, that may still be the case!

Limited to just 1,000 sets and an annual sell out since the first in the series, there is no doubt that our stock will not make it through the night. Act now.

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2015 Ned Kelly Silver Proof Coin by Melbourne Mint

The newly released 2015 Ned Kelly Silver Proof Coin, or more formally, the 2015 10c Ned Kelly 1/10oz Silver Proof Coin, is the first coin issued under the Melbourne Mint name in almost half a century (47 years!).

2015 Ned Kelly Silver Proof Coin Reverse

2015 Ned Kelly Silver Proof Coin – Reverse

2015 Ned Kelly Silver Proof Coin Obverse

2015 Ned Kelly Silver Proof Coin – Obverse

The mintage of the three nines fine (99.9% pure silver) 2015 Ned Kelly Silver Proof Coin is limited to 5000 coins worldwide. In addition, the famous ‘bulletproof” helmet of controversial Australian Folk Hero, Ned Kelly, is featured on the reverse of the coin along with part of what seems like the Old Melbourne Gaol prison, which is a museum today. This should make this silver commemorative coin highly sought after, especially by Australian citizens and folks interested in Australian history. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is featured on the obverse of the coin.

Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly, or officially known as Edward “Ned” Kelly, was an Australian bushranger of Irish descent who lived from December 1854 to November 1880.

Ned Kelly age 15

Police mugshot of Kelly, aged 15 – Source of Image: Wikipedia

He was born at Beveridge, Victoria, Australia and died at age 25 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia where he was executed at the Old Melbourne Gaol in 1880 after he was convicted of murder and sentenced to death by hanging. Whether he was a victim of Police Harassment or simply a brutal cold-blooded murderer; the story of Ned Kelly and his capture following a gunfight in Glenrowan will continue to be a huge part of Australia’s folklore. He was convicted of murder after the fatal shooting of at least three policemen by the Kelly Gang, which was involved in numerous armed robberies. During his arrest he was dressed in homemade plate metal armour and a helmet (the very same helmet featured on the reverse of the 2015 Ned Kelly Silver Proof Coin).

It seems that Ned Kelly’s run-in with the law could have been fueled by the fact that his dad, John “Red” Kelly, died after 6 months in prison for unlawful possession of a bullock hide. Ned Kelly denounced in a dictated letter “the British Empire and accused Irish-Australian Catholics who wore Army or Police uniforms of treason against their people and religion” and “set down his own account of the events leading up to his outlawry” (Wikipedia).

Ned Kelly Green Sash

Ned Kelly Green Sash – Source of Image: Wikipedia

Interesting enough Ned Kelly, at age 11, saved a young boy from drowning in a creek and was awarded a green sash (see above) in recognition of his bravery. Kelly wore the sash under his armour during his last stand at Glenrowan. It is still stained with his blood. It can today be found in the Benalla Costume and Kelly Museum, which is located in 14 Mair Street, Benalla, Australia.

Given the above, it should not come as much of a surprise that Ned Kelly is revered by some as a Robin Hood and by others as a villain, a cold-blooded murderer.

Melbourne Mint

The Melbourne Mint was a branch of the British Royal Mint. It was built some time during 1869-1872 and opened on 12 June 1872. The ground level of the Melbourne Mint building is today occupied by Melbourne Mint Pty Ltd, which is the issuer of the Tuvalu Legal tender 2015 Ned Kelly Silver Proof Coin.

Some 45 years since Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II ordered the cessation of all minting activity at the Melbourne branch of the Royal Mint, it is with honour that Melbourne Mint Pty Ltd operates today from the original Mint building – a building that has stood tall through 143 years. The Melbourne Mint went on to become the first Australian Mint to strike the nation’s official currency in 1916. In the ensuing years, the Mint struck and issued circulating Australian coins up until 1964 before then assisting in the preparation for Australia’s Decimal Currency changeover in 1966.

Melbourne Mint Pty Ltd belongs to a group of Australian precious metals companies, namely Australian Bullion Company (ABC), Gold Merchants International (GMI) and Universal Coin Co. This private company has no historical relationship to the original Royal Mint.

Today, the Melbourne Mint name has been restored to the field of numismatics and it is the honour of the Melbourne Mint Pty Ltd to bring this coin – the first issued under the Melbourne Mint name since 1968 – to your attention. A highly detailed, premium collectable, the 2015 Ned Kelly Silver Coin has been struck by The Perth Mint on behalf of Melbourne Mint in Proof quality – the highest of all minting qualities.

The Pert Mint has been chosen to strike the 2015 Ned Kelly Silver Coin, because of their location within Australia and their expertise in precious metal minting. In addition, the minting factory has long since been removed from the Old Melbourne Mint building and that operation was wrapped up in the early 1970’s.

Coin Presentation

Each 2015 Ned Kelly Silver Coin comes set into a detailed, numbered presentation card, confirming the specifications and the limited edition of this fascinating silver collectable.

2015 Ned Kelly Silver Proof Coin Presentation

2015 Ned Kelly Silver Proof Coin – Numbered Presentation Card

Even though the coin is a proof coin, Melbourne Mint opted for a presentation card to keep their manufacturing costs as low as possible. It is their first coin issued under this new company and they wanted it to be as accessible as possible. This makes sense, especially if one considers the recommended retail price of A$24.95.

Will the coin also be issued in gold?

According to Alan Marks of Melbourne Mint: “There are no current intentions to issue the Ned Kelly coin in gold. Not a bad idea though – I reckon it’d look great in gold!

What else can the public expect from The Melbourne Mint in the coming months?

Alan notes: “In the coming months we have a few of our own projects that we are working on. Time will tell what they bring. Plus, given the original Melbourne Mint’s origins we intend to offer Royal Mint product where we can, as well as the Australian brands – RAM and Perth Mint.

Why should you be interested in the 2015 Ned Kelly Silver Proof Coin?

  • First coin issued under the Melbourne Mint name in almost half a century (47 years!)
  • Features “bulletproof” helmet of controversial Australian Folk Hero – Ned Kelly.
  • Highly limited worldwide mintage (5,000 coins maximum).
  • Proof strike.
  • Three nines fine silver (99.9% pure silver).
  • Struck by The Perth Mint – Known for the striking and issuing of high quality coins
  • Orders over A$300 gets free shipping and all orders come with a Money Back Guarantee (when ordered directly from Melbourne Mint).


  • The coin seems to be only readily available to collectors in Australia, the UK, USA and Canada. However, be sure to email Melbourne Mint at info @ for any help when it comes to ordering the coin, even if you are outside the mentioned areas.
  • A presentation box would be nice, but the more cost-effective presentation card looks just as great.


2015 Ned Kelly Silver Proof Coin Specs

Be sure to order your 2015 Ned Kelly Silver Proof Coin directly from Melbourne Mint. It can be done here.