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2015 China Moon Festival Panda Now Available at MCM!

2015 China Moon Festival Panda

China Mint promises collectors the moon…and DELIVERS!

The Moon Festival is one of China’s most important holidays. Like our own Thanksgiving holiday tradition, the Moon Festival celebrates family, blessings, and giving thanks. It’s such an important event that China has chosen to honor the Moon Festival with the single largest commemorative Panda Proof ever. It’s 2.2 POUNDS of 99.9% pure silver–a full 100 mm across.

But that’s just the START of this spectacular story!

In order to represent the moon for the first time ever on any Panda issue, China selected the absolute scarcest gold in the world–gold that has actually been in outer space! That’s right, the gold used to create this remarkable, first-ever proof actually orbited the earth outside of the International Space Station for over five years. During its years in orbit, the gold traveled 625 million miles (at a speed of five miles per second!) Now, a tenth-ounce of this ultra-scarce “space gold” has been struck onto each 2015 Moon Festival Panda 2.2 Pound Silver & Gold Proof. Only 2,000 have been issued for the entire world, and each is certified and graded by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.

The NASA space gold was never intended to become part of a historic collectible issue like this–and there is no more! This is your chance to give your collection the ultimate bragging rights of owning gold that’s truly out of this world.

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