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PNG Creates Special 1-Ounce .999 Silver Rounds

(Temecula, California) November 6, 2017 – The Professional Numismatist Guild’s Accredited Precious Metals Dealers program ( has created special one-ounce .999 fine silver bullion rounds.  Participating PNG-APMD dealers will be selling the rounds to collectors and investors at competitive prices lower than some other one-ounce silver bullion products on the market.

PNG APMD Silver Round – Obverse

PNG AMPD Silver Round – Reverse

“These handsome rounds with a proof-like luster are slightly larger than U.S. Morgan and Peace silver dollars.  They were professionally created as a way for the public to advantageously invest in a premium precious metals product guaranteed for weight and silver fineness purity, and to emphasize the importance of doing business with knowledgeable, reputable dealers.  PNG-APMD members must follow a strict Code of Ethics ( in the buying and selling of numismatic precious metals objects, such as bullion coins and ingots, as well as rare coins and other numismatic items,” explained PNG President Barry Stuppler.

“The rounds will be available from participating Platinum Level APMD members (  They will be sold in groups of 20 rounds protectively packaged in sturdy, inert plastic tubes with a tamper-evident PNG-APMD seal on the lids,” said PNG Executive Director Robert Brueggeman.  “They will be offered to the public at prices that are only a small fraction over their intrinsic silver value.”

The rounds measure 39 millimeters in diameter.  They were custom made by the Highland Mint of Melbourne, Florida with an “HM” mintmark.

The obverse depicts a spread-wings eagle on a rock with the legends, “APMD” near the top and “ONE TROY OUNCE .999 FINE SILVER” near the bottom.  The reverse legend around the design reads “ACCREDITED PRECIOUS METALS DEALERS/KNOWLEDGE INTEGRITY RESPONSIBILITY.”  The center design is the APMD logo depicting an image of Aequitas, the Roman goddess of honest merchants and fair trade, a cornucopia and the words “GUARANTEED BY APMD ACCREDITED PRECIOUS METALS DEALERS/PNG SINCE 1955.”

For additional information about the PNG-APMD silver rounds and participating dealers, contact the Temecula, California-based Professional Numismatists Guild at 951-587-8300 or at

Uncover Morgan’s lost design with 1 oz and 10g silver Proofs!

George T. Morgan’s First Dollar

Restrikes brought to life in proof silver!

Former U.S. Mint Chief Engraver, Designer Extraordinaire

Numismatists will immediately recognize one of the most famous U.S. coin designs in history, the Morgan Silver Dollar. Named after its designer, George T. Morgan, this dollar circulated across the nation, from the Wild West to the busy streets of New York. This coin was the workhorse of the American economy from 1878-1921. While many collectors seek out Morgan Dollars, few know that this was not Morgan’s first dollar.

(2017) Smithsonian – Morgans First Silver Dollar 1 oz. Silver Proof NGC PF70 UC (Smithsonian Institution Label)

Making Numismatic History 

After resting in storage of the Smithsonian for 40 years, a treasure was found in a sketchbook that belonged to George Morgan! On page 31, Morgan had drafted a design for a U.S. Silver Trade Dollar that never made it into circulation. This design was never seen by researchers or collectors…until now!

(2017) Smithsonian – Morgans First Silver Dollar 1 oz. Silver Proof NGC PF70 UC (Black Core Holder – Smithsonian Institution Label)

Exclusive Restrikes from MCM 

The Smithsonian Institution has officially authorized re-strikes from both 1 oz. and 10 grams of .999 fine silver to be in Proof condition. Each Proof has been certified by NGC with MCM’s exclusive Smithsonian label. Right now, you can add this long-lost design to your collection.

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Bring home the Smithsonian legacy in a new silver proof set!

Bring home the Smithsonian legacy in a new silver proof set!

The Smithsonian Institution is one of the greatest establishments in the United States. But where did this colossus of cultural collections come from? And how did it come to be?

The tale is as fascinating as it is revealing. And it began nearly 190 years ago, when James Smithson, a wealthy British chemist and mineralist, passed away in 1829.

He left his sizable estate to his nephew, Henry James Dickinson. But when Dickinson died several years later without an heir, a stipulation in Smithson’s will went into effect.

Set of 2 – 1838 Smithsonian Founders Silver Proofs NGC PF70 UC (Smithsonian Founders Labels)

All of his assets would go “to the United States of America, to found at Washington, under the name of the Smithsonian Institution, an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge…”

Smithson’s final wish was graciously accepted by the U.S. Congress, which requested that the monies sent would be newly struck Gold Sovereigns — bearing the profile of the recently-crowned Queen Victoria.

The Royal Mint went to work, and soon 104,960 1838 British Gold Sovereigns were loaded on a ship bound for America.

Once Smithson’s treasure arrived, that coinage was shipped to the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia, where it was melted down and turned into 1838-dated $10 U.S. “Liberty” Gold Eagles — equaling more than $11 million in today’s money!

Now you can own .999 pure silver versions of the 1838 British Sovereign and U.S. Liberty Eagle — two gold coins that built the original Smithsonian Institution!

Add a piece of this incredible true story to your collection — with two dual-dated .999 pure silver proofs struck by the Commonwealth Mint, each modeled after the coins that made the founding of the Smithsonian Institution possible.

Officially evaluated by the Queen’s Assay office and approved by the Smithsonian Institution, this historic Silver Founder’s Two-Proof Set comes in a beautiful black lacquered wooden box, featuring a pewter engraving of the original Smithsonian Castle.

The coins enclosed will be graded as either Gem Proofs or perfect Proof 70 Ultra Cameo (PF70UC) coins by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation — each sonically sealed in individual acrylic cases with distinctive “Founder’s Set” labels, specially-designed for this occasion!

Order yours today! Only a very limited number of these sets will be minted and released. So don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to bring this 190-year-old story home!

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New! Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

White Horse of Conquest – Available Through July 1

Provident is pleased to announce the unveiling of their own spin on the biblical and pop culture references to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

White Horse of Conquest

The rider of the white horse is described as holding a bow and wearing a crown, with his mind set on conquest. The coin series shares a common reverse that features a crest with the privy marks of each horsemen.

White Horse of Conquest 1 oz Silver Round Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Obverse

White Horse of Conquest 1 oz Silver Round Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Reverse

To see an official release schedule and to learn more about each design read their blog post, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Gallop to Provident.

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Trump Presidential Inauguration: 2017 Limited Edition .999 1 Troy Ounce Proof-like Silver Commemorative Medallion

Today will see the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump. To mark this unprecedented and historical event, the Revolutionary Mint has created a high quality, limited edition proof-like .999 1 Troy Ounce Silver Trump Presidential Inauguration Commemorative Medallion.

Donald J. Trump – 45th President of the United States of America

Source of Image: The Libertarian Republic

Revolutionary Mint

The Revolutionary Mint was established to commemorate Trump’s historical election campaign and victory with extremely limited mintage presidential election medallions of the highest quality, including the 2017 Series II Proof-like .999 1 Toz. Silver Trump Presidential Inauguration Ltd Edition Commemorative Medallion.

Obverse – 2017 President Trump Inaugural Commemorative

This 2017 President Trump Inaugural Commemorative, the second in a series, features a 3D bust of President Trump (see below) as sculpted by world renowned Italian-American master sculptor, Luigi Badia.

2017 President Trump Inaugural Commemorative – Obverse

President Trump is depicted wearing a Tuxedo in front of the Stars and Stripes. This impressive bust can be found on the obverse along with the following text: “PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES” ~ “DONALD J. TRUMP” ~”A NEW ERA BEGINS”.

Reverse – Trump Presidential Inauguration Silver Commemorative

The reverse features a detailed 3D “SEAL OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES” with the following text: “HISTORY IS MADE” and “UNITED STATES COMMANDER IN CHIEF”.

Trump Presidential Inauguration Silver Commemorative – Reverse

Spared no Expense

It is safe to say that the mint spared no expense in creating this 2017 President Trump inaugural commemorative. The highly polished premium quality with proof-like finishes is testament to this.

Extremely Limited Mintage

The Revolutionary Mint has created only 1,500 of these commemorative pieces.

Individually Numbered Medallions and CoAs

Each of these .999 fine pure silver medallions come individually numbered (engraved into the edge of each piece) – “JAN 20th, 2017 ~ LTD EDITION OF 1,500 ~ ONE TROY OZ .999 FINE SILVER” + the coin serial # 0001 – 1500.

Each medallion comes with two individually numbered high quality card-stock Certificates of Authenticity (CoAs). The first goes inside each box (or with each stand) and the second with the medallion itself. The CoA numbers correspond with the edge-marked serial number of each medallion.

2017 President Trump Inaugural Commemorative CoA

2017 President Trump Inaugural Commemorative – Protective Envelope

US Made

Each medallion created by the Revolutionary Mint is 100% designed and minted by U.S. designers and craftsmen.


Each medallion comes packaged in attractive presentation boxes or stands.

More Information

Be sure to pay a visit to the website of the Revolutionary Mint for more information or to buy this 2017 President Trump Inaugural Commemorative. They also have a few listed at eBay.

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Nordic Creatures – 3rd Release: Sleipnir

Third Nordic Creatures Release! 

Release number 3 in the 5-coin Nordic Creatures Series is now available in 1 and 5 oz Proof, 1 and 5 oz Antiqued, and 1 oz Copper! 
Sleipnir 1 oz Silver Proof Round
Source of Images: Provident Metals

Frost Giant Proof Silver Rounds | Nordic Creatures

Add the magic of Norse mythology to your precious metals collection with second release in the Nordic Creatures collection from Provident Metals- the Silver Proof Frost Giants. These .999 fine silver rounds, produced by Anonymous Mint, featuring artwork by Howard David Johnson, offers investors a brilliant proof finish on creatively designed silver bullion.

A serene reverse is featured in stark contrast to the obverse; Yggdrasil, the World Tree, is lush and full of life, drawing creatures from the Nine Worlds to its branches. A stag, one of the 4 mentioned in the Poetic Edda, nibbles the foliage, while an observant raven looks on. A serpent makes its way along the base of the trunk, cloaked in vibrant fern leaves.

2017 The Hunter 10 Oz Silver Round Product Video

Nidhoggr Proof Silver Rounds

Add the Nidhoggr Silver Proof Round to your silver collection today!

Product Details

  • Each round is composed of .999 Fine Silver
  • Proof Finish
  • Designed by Anonymous Mint
  • Edge numbered and shipped with numbered COA
  • Limited mintage of 2000

Enter the Nordic world of mysticism and fantasy with the first release in the Nordic Creatures series from Provident Metals- the Níðhöggr Silver Proof Round. This .999 fine silver round is designed by Howard David Johnson and presented by Julie Lindquist of Anonymous Mint and is one of five brilliantly designed silver bullion pieces.



Nidhoggr 5 oz Silver Proof Round

According to Norse mythology, Níðhöggr is a dragon who gnaws at the roots of the world tree, Yggdrasil. The obverse features the fearsome beast, dwelling in a cavernous abyss amidst the oversized roots of Yggdrasil. Níðhöggr looks ready to battle, bearing teeth and crouched to strike.

The reverse is shared by all 5 designs in the series and features Yggdrasil, the World Tree. The enormous ash tree is an important symbol in Norse mythology. Yggdrasil holds the Nine Worlds and aids in Odin’s transportation from one land to the next. Wildlife is drawn to Yggdrasil; a stag stands alongside the tree, nibbling at the branches. A serpent slithers at the roots, while a curious raven sits perched upon a limb. “1 OZ .999 FINE SILVER” is inscribed along the bottom border of the round, indicating the purity of this striking bullion.

Each round is edge numbered and ships in an airtight capsule, placed inside a velour lined coin box for protection.

Add magic and beauty to your silver bullion portfolio with the first release in the Nordic Creatures series- Níðhöggr. Order online, or call 800-313-3315.

Source of Video, Images and other Content: Provident Metals

Nidhoggr Antiqued Silver Rounds

Add the Nidhoggr Silver Antiqued Round to your Nordic Creatures collection.

Product Details

  • Each round is composed of 1 oz, .999 Fine Silver
  • Antiqued Finish
  • Designed by Anonymous Mint
  • Edge numbered and shipped with numbered COA
  • Limited mintage of 2000

Provident Metals is proud to offer bullion buyers the chance to own a piece of Norse mythology by purchasing the new Níðhöggr Silver Antique Round, produced by Anonymous Mint and designed by Howard David Johnson. The .999 fine silver is the first release in a 5 round series, entitled, “Nordic Creatures.” This stunning silver bullion coin is IRA eligible and makes a brilliant display piece.



Nidhoggr 1 oz Silver Antique Round

A beautiful, yet frightful, obverse features Níðhöggr, the “malice striker” of Norse mythos. This dragon plagues the Yggdrasil, the World Tree. Níðhöggr resides in the roots of the tree, continually causing damage to the home of the Nine Worlds. Scales and spikes cover the creature, creating quite the menacing appearance.

The legendary Yggdrasil is featured on the reverse, growing from the Well of Urd. The wealth of legends surrounding the great ash tree make it the perfect theme to feature on the commonly shared reverse for the Norse Creatures series. The alphabet of runes was said to have been carved on the trunk of Yggdrasil for Odin to find and deliver to the inhabitants of the Nine Worlds. According to the mythos, the World Tree is continually experiencing trauma. Níðhöggr attacks the roots, while 4 stags nibble the branches and mold rots the trunk. The reverse captures a stag, along with a serpent and a raven, drawn to the tree.

Each round is edge numbered and ships in an air tite capsule, placed inside a velour lined coin box for protection.

Mintage is limited to 2,000, so do not delay! Add the first release in the Norse Creatures series, Níðhöggr, to your silver bullion collection today. Order online, or call 800-313-3315.

Source of Video, Images and other Content: Provident Metals