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Silver Manipulation Now Exposed…But Not All Manipulation is Illegal

Yes, they rig the price of silver. They’ve rigged it in the past and they are rigging it today. The proof is now 100% out in the open…
Deutsche Bank’s Smoking Gun Evidence to Expand US Silver Rigging Case
So now you know that what GATA and I have been screaming about for over 15 years is 100% True. VINDICATION!
But does it even matter?
Although the price rigging of silver is MOSTLY illegal, it is not ALL illegal. It is illegal for the bullion banks to rig the silver market without approval from the US Treasury but it is NOT illegal to rig the silver market when you are instructed to by the US Government.
The US Treasury has the right and the DUTY to rig the silver market under the power of the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 which legalized the Exchange Stabilization Fund which is used to “influence markets.” This fund is controlled by the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets which answers directly to the President. The Working Group consists of the Head of the Treasury, the Head of the Fed, the Head of the SEC and the Head of the CFTC…oops.
So don’t ask WHY the CFTC is not opening up a new silver market rigging investigation after seeing all this proof of the rigging. They have already closed 3 separate silver inquiries and found NOTHING.
Of course they found nothing…they are part of the rigging mechanism!
Yes, it’s all a CON but it is also ENDING as the Bad Guys are being removed from power.
If the current price of silver has got you frustrated and you KNOW that they have been suppressing the price for decades if not centuries… ask yourself what the price of silver will have to do to become “freely traded” once again?
If you are thinking $1,000’s of dollar per ounce you are most likely correct…at least while as the price unwinds decades of manipulation.
So take heart all you frustrated Silver Bugs…our day in the sun will come very soon.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir
PS – Yes, the take down of the Bad Guys as displayed on the Economist Magazine cover is a very, very, very good sign for freeing silver from manipulation in 2017…if not sooner:)