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New Arrivals at MCM: Special Peanuts Coin, Blue Ridge ATBs and Wedge Tailed Eagles in OGP!

Charlie Brown

Good Grief, Charlie Brown

It’s been 65 years since the Peanuts were created!

The beloved comic series of the 50s is coming back in an all-new way. It’s not a new Christmas special or Broadway play — it’s on a coin! Struck by the Pobjoy Mint, these coins commemorate the 65th anniversary of this popular cartoon. The Peanuts were developed by Charles Schulz whose work is now described as “the most shining example of the American success story.” Each coin have been approved and officially licensed by Peanuts. Don’t miss out on this modern collectible coin!

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Blue Ridge Parkway ATBs

The Next America the Beautiful Coin

Blue Ridge Parkway ATBs are now pre-selling!

Blue Ridge Parkway, a scenic byway with natural attractions, is now being honored as part of the America the Beautiful series. This national park stretches for over 469 miles along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains through North Carolina and Virginia. Some of the oldest settlements of pre-colonial and early Europe in the U.S. are encompassed here. Blue Ridge Parkway was officially established as a national site in 1936.

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Wedge Tailed Eagles

Wedge Tailed Eagles in Original Capsules

Raw 2015 Wedge Tailed Eagles now available for as low as $23.95 per coin!

As part of the popular Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle series, we are now offering this year’s coin in the original Perth Mint capsule! These bullion coins start as low as $23.95 per coin. John Mercanti is famous for his heraldic eagle design that has graced American Silver Eagles since 1986. As the designer of this coin, he has exhibited a highly intelligent and fierce predator in a new way. Add this bullion coin to your collection today!

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