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2014 Kennedy 50th Anniversary Silver Set

The US Mint 2014 Kennedy 50th Anniversary Silver Set. 1-Reverse Proof, 1-Silver Proof, one-Enhanced Uncirculated and 1 Brilliant Uncirculated. Comes in sleeved, sturdy, blue box. Inside the set are five-90% silver Kennedy half dollars of a variety of finishes. Mintage Limit: 300,000. 

Kennedy Half Dollar 50th Anniversary Silver Set – Are you ready for October 28?

The U.S. Mint will release the Kennedy Half Dollar 50th Anniversary Silver Set on October 28, 2014. A maximum of only 300,000 sets will be made available. Be sure to take note of the following important pointers in advance if you wish to order via the mint’s website:

“The silver sets will be the first high-demand product launched through the Mint’s new retail web site and order management system that is designed to enhance the Mint buying experience, and streamline the process of fulfilling orders. The Mint advised its customers prior to the launch of the JFK silver sets to be sure to log on to the new Mint web site and re-set their passwords to avoid unnecessary delays on the 28th or whenever people decide to order their silver sets. They will also, if they have not already done so, need to re-enter their payment information, which was deleted before the new site was launched in the interests of security”: http://www.coinweek.com/coins/commemoratives/coin-analyst-kennedy-half-dollar-50th-anniversary-silver-set-mintage-limited-300000/


“Is any one expiring any problems reciving products from the mint since the new format came out?Like Item on HOLD do to ADDRESS and Credit verification.Well if you recived a new credit card for any reason THIS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU. I orderd a coin on Oct. 4th and called “4” times and still have not have problem resolved till after the 1st of Nov. Also there are a bunch of NEW kids working there too(if ya know what I mean)….. WWas told I should have CALLED in my cc info before updating it on line……..GOOD LUCK ON THE KENNDY HALF DOLLAR SETS………..” http://www.moderncoinmart.com/forum/threads/haveing-prblems.3172/

JFK 50th Anniversary – Commemorative JFK Silver Set: https://newcoinreleases.com/jfk-50th-anniversary-commemorative-jfk-silver-set/

JFK 50th Anniversary – Commemorative JFK Silver Set

In less than 10 days the U.S. Mint will release the last coins in their 50th Anniversary of the Kennedy Half-Dollar series of coins. We touch upon this and share information pertaining to the late and beloved, President John F. Kennedy, in this article.

JFK 50th Anniversary Silver Set

The U.S. Mint plans to conclude their 50th Anniversary of the Kennedy Half-Dollar series of coins with a special commemorative silver set in memory of President Kennedy as part of the JFK 50th anniversary, or to be more exact, the JFK assassination 50th anniversary.  

Kennedy Coins

It will come in the form of a 4-coin silver commemorative half dollar set, officially titled the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection, which will include specially struck half dollars from all major US mints, namely: West Point Mint, the Philadelphia Mint, the San Francisco Mint and the Denver Mint.

For more information pertaining to the design of each coin, the expected mintage and more, be sure to read an article that was recently written and published by notable numismatist, Louis Golino: JFK 50th Anniversary Silver Coin Set Expected to Be a Hit with Collectors – ModernCoinMart (MCM).

When and Where to Buy?

I am sure numismatists and coin collectors in general, not even to mention the millions of other ordinary JFK supporters out there, are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to get their hands on the special commemorative JFK silver sets mentioned.

Kennedy Half Dollar Silver Set

If all goes according to plan the 50th anniversary commemorative JFK silver sets will be released by the U.S. Mint on October 28, 12:00 pm EST in OGP (Original Government Packaging) at an issue price of $99.95 per set. Buyers will also have the option to buy all four coins in the set, graded and slabbed by a reputable coin grading company such as NGC, from third parties such as ModernCoinMart (MCM). Be sure to sign up here if you wish to be notified once the JFK commemorative silver set becomes available for sale at MCM.

50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection

For those of you not familiar with ModernCoinMart, rest assure that you will be in good hands. They not only ship internationally, offer PayPal as a payment method, but also offer free domestic shipping on a permanent basis. To give you an idea of what they offer and who you will be dealing with when you choose to do business with ModernCoinMart: Comparison of “Big Five” Online Coin & Precious Metals Dealers

John F Kennedy Biography

He hardly won election in 1960, but within 2 years John F. Kennedy was one of one of the most prominent Presidents ever, as well as widely anticipated to gain an easy re-election in 1964, just to have his initial term end unfortunately in America’s only contemporary Presidential murder.

John F Kennedy

 President John F. Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, known by many as JFK, was born on the 29th day in the month of May, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts, the second child of Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. and also Rose Fitzgerald. After investing his early years in both personal as well as public institutions, and suffering a variety of health and wellness ills, Kennedy graduated cum laude from Harvard. His senior thesis became the best-selling Why England Slept (1940). This while his later publication, Profiles in Courage (1956), gained the Pulitzer Prize.

In 1941 he got into the U.S. Navy, as well as after Pearl Harbor, was provided command of a PT watercraft as well as appointed to the South Pacific, where he was injured when his ship was struck by a Japanese destroyer. Kennedy was fairly released in 1945, simply months just before the Japanese gave up. While serving, he was awarded with the Navy as well as Marine Corps Medal, the Purple Heart, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal and the World War II Victory Medal.

John F Kennedy 1

Photo Source: www.jfklibrary.org

After going back to the States, Kennedy was elected as a Democrat to the United States House of Representatives (1947-53) and the United States Senate (1953-61). His 1956 bid for the Democratic vice-presidential nomination was not successful; however in 1960 he ended up being the youngest man, as well as first Roman Catholic, to be elected U.S. Head of State. While in office, Kennedy launched programs that assisted sustained development, initiated brand-new civil liberties regulation, actively assisted desegregation and assisted the arts. In 1962, he narrowly averted a nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis and secured a nuclear test ban treaty in 1963 with the USSR. Kennedy also developed the Peace Corps to assist developing nations and jump-started the United States space program.

Kennedy’s administration is usually referred to as Camelot, because of the vigor he and also his spouse, Jacqueline Bouvier, offered the White House. Throughout his time in workplace, the White House seemed more energetic as well as youthful, thanks in large part to the youthful ages of the President and First Lady and the visibility of their little ones, Caroline and John. Kennedy even established a preschool, tree house and also swimming pool on the White House premises. The Head of State came to be very closely connected with pop culture, yet behind the beauty, the Kennedy’s experienced lots of catastrophes, including a miscarriage, a stillbirth and the loss of a newborn child.

President John F Kennedy

Photo Source: Socio-Economics History Blog

Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 while on a political journey in Dallas, Texas. Lee Harvey Oswald was jailed after the murder and also charged with Kennedy’s murder. 5 days after Oswald was eliminated, President Lyndon B. Johnson created the Warren Commission to investigate the murder.

Born: May 29, 1917.

Passed Away: November 22, 1963.

Famous For: 35th President of the United States; initially Boy Scout to end up being President.

Key Accomplishments: Graduated cum laude from Harvard; gained a Pulitzer Prize for his book, Profiles in Courage; started the Peace Corps.

Famous Quote: “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country” (from Kennedy’s inaugural address, January 20, 1961).

Another Quote: “Forgive your adversaries however never forget their names.”

The John F Kennedy Assassination

The country grieved when word spread like wildfire that JFK was shot and later confirmed dead. The assassination was recorded on film by amateur cameraman Abraham Zapruder on silent 8mm film. The moments that unraveled in the minutes and days after the occasion clutched the country as well as the world.

The murder of John F. Kennedy took place on Friday November 22, 1963 in Dallas, TX. It occurred at 12:30 P.M. CST. He was fatally wounded while driving with his partner Jacqueline in a governmental motorcade. The investigation of the murder was conducted by the Warren Commission with the verdict that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin – a verdict still held in uncertainty by several in the world. The murder of JFK remains one of the greatest controversies of our time.

Let’s analyze some of the realities…

Kennedy came to Dallas for three primary factors: to generate additional campaign funds for his 1964 governmental election; to start his reelection campaign; as well as to mend political fencings among several vital Texas Democratic Party members which would certainly be needed to deliver Texas to Kennedy in the election.

Versus this favorable background were problems concerning security in Dallas as just recently Adlai Stevenson, United States Ambassador to the United Nations, was been mocked, hustled, struck and got involved in an altercation with Right Wingers during a visit to Dallas. There was a terrible fear among the participants of the Kennedy contingent that a murder and/or assassination attempt could be made. This was both due to the reality of the unsteady setting in Dallas at the time and also the fact that the motorcade’s route was detailed in both Dallas papers on November 19, 1963. A map of the route was also published on November 21, 1963.

JFK final moments

President John F. Kennedy – Final Moments

The motorcade traveled its course to an excited Dallas people up until 12:30 when the Presidential limousine turned as well as passed the Depository and continued down Elm Street where shots were fired. Numerous witnesses recollected listening to the shots however presumed that they were firecrackers at the time of the occasion.

2 shots hit Kennedy. The very first shot entered into Kennedy’s upper back, “penetrated his neck, slightly damaged a spinal vertebra and the top of his right lung, and exited his throat nearly centerline just beneath his larynx, nicking the left side of his suit tie knot and also left his neck.” It additionally hit Governor Connally that was riding with Kennedy and his spouse. The 2nd shot occurred as the limousine came on front of the John Neely Bryan North Pergola concrete structure. This shot struck his head and did significant damage to both his skull and brain. This was the shot that eventually caused his death.

Kennedy was quickly rushed to the Parkland Hospital, but was declared dead at 1 p.m. CST. His passing was officially announced by White House Acting Press Secretary Malcolm Kilduff at 1:33 p.m. CST.

A few minutes after 2:00 p.m. CST, Kennedy’s body was placed in a casket and was removed from Parkland Hospital and driven to Air Force One.

Vice-President Johnson came to be President of the United States after Kennedy’s death. At 2:38 p.m. he took the oath of office on board Air Force One just prior to it leaving Love Field to Andrews Air Force Base.

The President’s body was then brought back to the White House for private viewing. On Sunday, his flag-draped closed coffin was transferred to the Capitol for public viewing. Hundreds of thousands lined up to say their last goodbyes to their beloved President.

John F. Kennedy Coin

John F. Kennedy Coin Reverse

The Presidents Limited Edition Collector’s Coin Set” – Obverse (above) and reverse (below) of Kennedy coin part of what seems to be a pattern set.   

Agents from over 90 countries attended the funeral service on November 25. After the service, the casket was moved to Arlington National Cemetery for interment. 

In loving memory…

Honor his memory by buying a 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection set on October 28, within less than 10 days from now.