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First Coin Gargoyles and Grotesques Series: 2017 Decay Washington Cathedral High Relief Silver Coin

The first coin in the brand-new Gargoyles and Grotesques series, the 2017 1 oz. DECAY Gargoyles and Grotesques 1000 Francs silver coin, features the “Decay” gargoyle – one of the scariest gargoyles installed at the Washington National Cathedral. Learn more about this exciting new coin series, gargoyles, grotesques and how to add these low mintage coins to your collection today.

Chad Decay Gargoyles & Grotesques 1000 Fr Silver Coin 2017 Proof 1 oz. – Reverse

2017 Decay Washington Cathedral High Relief Proof Silver Coin – Obverse

What are Gargoyles and Grotesques? I have never heard of it.

Have you ever seen those “ugly” mystical creatures attached to the exterior of certain buildings (see below)? Those are called gargoyles – a term that is standalone enough to scare the living daylights out of most people!

Gargoyle – Look at those eyes and teeth!

Source of Image: Richard Rabel Interiors + Art

Believe it or not, but these animal-shaped, decorative waterspouts, dating as far back as 13,000 years, serve more than one purpose. The primary purpose is to direct rainwater away from buildings in order to minimize damage to stone walls.  Beyond this purpose, these waterspouts are decorative in nature. It also served during Medieval times as a means to encourage the illiterate masses to seek the sanctuary of the church. Gargoyles were representative of the horrors of hell!

Gargoyle – Lunch was bad!

Source of Image: Richard Rabel Interiors + Art

Another practice was to create gargoyles that look similar than the creatures worshiped by pagans. All done in a bit to attract pagans to the church. It worked like a charm!

Grotesque – Check that tongue!

Source of Image: Pinterest

When not used as waterspouts or drain-spouts, these grotesque forms should be referred to as chimeras or grotesques. Gothic buildings are all covered by a multitude of grotesques, weird and distorted forms that come over as “strange, fantastic, ugly, incongruous, unpleasant, or disgusting” (Wikipedia).

Proof and Antique Finish – Obverse and Reverse

The 2017 Decay Washington Cathedral high relief silver coin is available in two finishes, namely struck in proof and antique finish. Both of these low mintage coins share the same obverse and reverse. In addition, both are available for pre-order at First Coin Company (FCC).

Obverse – Chad Decay Gargoyles & Grotesques 1000 Fr Silver Coin 2017 Antique Finish 1 oz.

The obverse features the coat of arms of the Republic of Chad along with the following inscriptions: “REPUBLIQUE DU TCHAD” (Translated: Republic of Chad), “.999 FINE SILVER,” “1000 FRANCS CFA” (face value), “1 TROY OZ” and the year of issue “2017.” The Republic of Chad is a country located in Central Africa. The symbol of the Gargoyles and Grotesques series also appear on the obverse (see the symbol encircled in red below).

2017 1 oz. DECAY Gargoyles and Grotesques 1000 Francs Antique Finish Silver Coin – Obverse

Reverse – Decay Gargoyles and Grotesques Proof 1 Oz. Silver Coin 1000 Francs Chad 2017

The reverse features a detailed rendition of the “Decay” gargoyle as viewed from the front. A snake is featured slithering through one of its eyeballs. A part of the Washington National Cathedral can be seen in the background.

Decay Gargoyles and Grotesques Antique Finish 1 oz. Silver Coin 1000 Francs Chad 2017 – Reverse

Inscriptions on the reverse include: “Gargoyles & Grotesques,” namely the name of the new series that will focus on gargoyles, grotesques and the buildings they are attached to from around the world.

Washington National Cathedral – Decay and Darth Vader

The Washington National Cathedral, a National House of Prayer and the 6th largest cathedral in the world, is located in Washington, D.C.

Washington National Cathedral

Source of Image: Washington.org

This 301 ft (91.7 m) high building took 83 years from 1907 to 1990 to upgrade to its current form in various phases. It boasts a Neo-Gothic design, closely modeled on the English Gothic style of the late 14th Century. The design includes many gargoyles and grotesques on the exterior of the building – no less than a 112 in total!

“Decay” Gargoyle – Washington National Cathedral

Source of Image: Pinterest

The design of the building includes the “Decay” gargoyle installed in the 1960s – probably the scariest of the ones installed there. The very same one that is featured on the reverse of the 2017 1 oz. Silver Gargoyles & Grotesques Antique Finish coin, 1000 Francs – the first coin in this exciting new series!

A Darth Vader grotesque forms part of the Northwest tower of the cathedral – the “Dark Side.” It is the end product of a design competition held by the Washington National Cathedral in the 1980s. The 31-year-old Darth Vader grotesque (pictured below), installed in 1986, doesn’t seem able to spout rainwater, but it certainly has the Darth Vader look!

Darth Vader Grotesque – Washington National Cathedral

Source of Image: Wikipedia

Will the Darth Vader grotesque appear on a future release in the Gargoyles and Grotesques Series?

It is anyone’s guess, but we might be in for a pleasant surprise. In fact, see the photo below, is it not Darth Vader that is featured to the right of Decay? I will be damned if it is!

Can you spot Darth Vader in the image above?

Why should I add the 2017 Decay Washington Cathedral – Gargoyles & Grotesques – High Relief Silver Coin to my collection?

Here are reasons why you should place an order today:

First Coin in New Series: This is the first issue in a brand-new coin series called the Gargoyles and Grotesques series. No guarantees can be given, but such coins tend to do extremely well in the marketplace, especially low mintage coins like these.

Free International Shipping: Enjoy free shipping. Pre-order yours at First Coin Company. Where applicable, FCC will also refund any tax or VAT incurred (as per their Terms & Conditions).

Proof and Antique Finish: The coin is available in both a proof and antique finish – applied by hand.

Low Mintage Coins: The one with the antique finish will see a total mintage of only 799 coins. On the other hand, the proof coin will see an unbeatable tiny mintage of only 200 coins!

Goth Themed: The “Decay” gargoyle and the Washington National Cathedral theme are as Goth-like as it gets.

High Relief Coins: Both versions of these high relief coins come struck in ultra high relief. This make the details “pop out” nicely, especially with the coins in hand.

Legal Tender: Each coin is legal tender for a 1000 Francs (CFA) in the Republic of Chad.

Silver Content: Each coin comes packed with 1 oz. of .999 fine silver. The purity and weight of the silver are guaranteed by government.

Individually Numbered Coin with CoA: Each coin comes individually numbered on the edge with a corresponding certificate of authenticity (CoA). This adds to the uniqueness of each coin.

Box with Logo: Each coin comes seated in a black box with a symbol of the series on the exterior.

2017 1 oz. DECAY Gargoyles and Grotesques 1000 Francs Silver Coin – Box with Logo + CoA

Great Gift: This makes a great gift or addition to any collection.

The Darth Vader Connection: Is it Darth Vader to the right of Decay? You decide.

Add spice to your collection. Impress your friends. Be among the first to own this coin. Pre-order yours at First Coin Company today.