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2016 Armenian Noah’s Ark Coins Now Available Certified by PCGS & NGC!

2016 Noah's Ark Silver Coin

Popular 2016 Noah’s Ark Silver Coin In-Stock

For the first time available from MCM graded by PCGS!

Many cultures have tales of an ancient flood that covered the earth, but the one that sticks out from the rest is the story of Noah and his ark from the Book of Genesis. In the story, God commands Noah to build a massive ark and to fill it with his family and 2 of every kind of creature. God was going to send a terrible flood upon the Earth because of how horrible men had become, but he wanted to spare Noah because he had always been a good man. After years of labor, Noah completed this ark and with God’s help, filled it with animals.

The flood began, and it rained for forty days and forty nights. After the rain finally stopped, Noah sent out a dove in order to tell if the earth was dry enough to leave the ark. When the dove returned with an olive branch, he knew it meant it was dry. The story of Noah and the flood ends with God putting a rainbow in the sky as a promise to never flood the earth, again.

Armenia has commemorated this story with the production of this 1 oz. silver bullion coin. First struck in 2011, these coins have become very popular with collectors and stackers. MCM is now offering the raw coin, as well as certified by NGC & PCGS! These coins won’t last long in-stock, so order yours before they run out!

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