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Elephant Coin – MCM vs APMEX

Are you in the market for an elephant coin or two, specifically 2015 Somalia elephant silver coins? Are you looking for the best deals on 2015 Somalia elephant coins?

2015 Somali Republic Silver Elephants

Somalia elephant silver coins certainly need no introduction here, although many coin dealers certainly need a lesson or two in this regard. The reason I say this, is because the popularity of Somalia elephant coins seem to be lost on most coin dealers. This seems to impact negatively, from what I’ve heard, on the supply of these elephant coins, especially at coin shows. Most coin dealers don’t seem to be knowledgeable when it comes to these coins. In fact, in more than one instance coin collectors seem to know more about the Somalia elephant coins than most coin dealers out there. I mean, how many coin dealers out there know for one that the extremely popular Somalian African Wildlife Elephant series kicked off in 2004 or 10 years ago?

However, as noted above, the purpose of this article is not to educate coin dealers in this regard, but rather to help coin collectors find the best deals on 2015 Somalia elephant coins, specifically the 2015 Somalia 1 oz. Silver Elephant coin. This coin is the latest issue in the Somalian African Wildlife Elephant series.

Lucky for us, some dealers are knowledgeable when it comes to these coins and they normally make sure they have an ample supply in stock to satisfy demand. Two of those dealers are APMEX and MCM… the two dealers that I intend to stack up against each other in order to see which of the two offers the best deals when it comes to buying 2015 Somalia 1 oz. Silver Elephant coins.

2015 Somalia 1 oz. Silver Elephant Coin – APMEX vs MCM

ModernCoinMart (MCM) has just added a brand new selection of 2015 Somali Republic Silver Elephants to their inventory. This makes it the ideal time to see how MCM stack up against APMEX in terms of best prices and lowest shipping cost charged when it comes to buying 2015 Somalia 1 oz. Silver Elephant Coins.


I’ve chosen to limit my comparison to these two, because they count among the cream of the crop when it comes to online coin & precious metals dealers. In order to keep it fair, I’ve decided to do a like-for-like comparison by taking price and other data from the respective websites at the same time. This was done on 10/29/2014 at approximately 09:22 AM ET.

Now while the respective prices are certainly not set in concrete and current prices will most likely differ from prices taken at the date and time specified above, it can certainly to some extent provide one with valuable insight into which of the two dealers offers the best deals on the relevant Somalia elephant coin.

So with the above in mind, I included the data obtained, in no specific order, in the table below (best prices and/or deals in bold):

elephant coin comparison

Click on table to see larger version.

Savings based on credit card prices…

elephant coin 2

Single Coin: MCM offers the best deal, especially considering that APMEX has a minimum order requirement of $50 in place in terms of US orders, $250 in terms of Canadian orders and $1500 in terms of orders from elsewhere in the world (Europe + Australia).

elephant coin 3 Lot of 5: MCM offers the best deal. You save $9.27

Elephant Coin 1

Lot of 10: MCM offers the best deal. You save $13.52 

elephant 4

Roll of 20: MCM offers the best deal. You save $23.85

Thus, in comparison to what APMEX has to offer, it should be clear that MCM offers the best deals on 2015 Somalia 1 oz. Silver Elephant Coins.

Now of course nothing is set in concrete here and the following must be taken into account:

  • Live Pricing: It is no secret that the prices of the 2015 Somalia 1 oz. Silver Elephant Coins have live pricing enabled. This means prices continuously update with up-to-the-minute market conditions. Thus, don’t use the price data in the above comparison(s) as a measure of exactly what you will pay at the respective precious metals dealers now.
  • Published Price Matching Policy: MCM will match or beat a competitor’s price as per their published pricing matching policy. This while, as far as I know, APMEX has no published pricing matching policy in place. Thus, while it was not taken into account when the above comparison(s) were made, it can certainly make a huge difference. Needless to say, it would be wise to contact MCM before buying from APMEX, because there is a real possibility that MCM may match or beat APMEX’s price on an item (and vice versa). However, it won’t be necessary in this instance, since MCM offers the best deals across the board when it comes to buying 2015 Somalia 1 oz. Silver Elephant Coins.
  • Website Deals/Prices: I’ve only taken deals and/or prices quoted at www.apmex.com and www.mcm.com into account. eBay deals and/or prices were excluded.
  • Grade: APMEX offers the 2015 Somalia 1 oz. Silver Elephant Coins in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) grade, which means the coins should grade anywhere between MS-60 through MS-62. This while MCM offers the coins in GEM BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) grade, which means the coins should grade at MS-65 plus. Thus, MCM offers coins of a better grade than APMEX in this regard.
  • International Shipping: I’ve not taken international shipping or the cost of international shipping into account, but I do know that MCM ships to a greater selection of countries and accepts orders of almost any size. APMEX on the other hand has quite high minimum international order requirements in place, which makes it difficult and in more than one case impossible for the little guy to order from them.
  • Volume Discounts: Both MCM and APMEX give volume discounts. This can also impact on the results of the above comparison(s) made. This has also contributed to the fact, that although MCM also offer the best prices when it comes to sending payment via wire/check, I’ve taken a conscience decision to leave wire/check prices out of the comparison.
  • Other factors: When it comes to deciding which precious metals dealer offers the best deal or the best value for money, you’ve got to look beyond the prices and shipping cost charge. These are of course important factors to consider, but you also want to consider factors such as experience and size, customer service, consumer protection, payment methods, returns & cancellations, etc. The bullion dealer comparisons and/or bullion dealer reviews at Bullion Dealer Reviews and Compare Bullion Websites take these factors into account. You may want to give it a read-through before making the next purchase, because the best price may not always equate to the best deal.

Now while the above is by no means extensive, it should give the prudent silver stacker, coin collector and/or investor valuable insight that can be used as a point of reference when he/she decides to buy 2015 Somalia 1 oz. Silver Elephant Coins. MCM is the clear choice here.