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Lot of 10 2015 1 Troy oz. Silver Eagles

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Random Date Great Britain Edward or George Gold Sovereign

Random Date Great Britain Edward or George Gold Sovereign .2354 oz. Actual Gold Weight for only $285.85!

Own a piece of history for just a few dollars over its intrinsic gold value. At almost a full quarter ounce of gold, and its 100+ year age, the British Sovereign is a fantastic way to add some gold to your bullion holdings or get someone interested in the coin hobby. So bring a little history to your collection today. And, as always, domestic shipping is free.

Please note that MCM cannot guarantee any year or specific monarch for purchases made of this item. Your order will be filled with a random year and random monarch (Edward or George). Claim your Random Date Gold Sovereign at this special price with free shipping until Monday, 8/17, at 11am ET.

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NGC Certified – 2015 Silver Eagles

2015 Silver Eagles are currently for most part only available on pre-sale, but ModernCoinMart (MCM) already has a few NGC certified 2015 Silver Eagles in stock and available for sale, including the 2015-W Proof Silver Eagle NGC PF70 UC ER (see below), which has an extremely low NGC population of less than 2,000 certified coins.

2015-W Proof Silver Eagle NGC PF70 UC ER

2015-W Proof Silver Eagle NGC PF70 UC ER

Can MCM be trusted?

For those of you not familiar with MCM or ModernCoinMart, they’ve been a trusted source of modern coins and bullion for over 10 years now. MCM offers:

  • Extensive Industry Related Experience: MCM staff has combined experience of 225+ years in the numismatic and precious metals industry.
  • Highly Competitive Prices: If you take the cost of shipping into account that other companies charge, then you will see that MCM offers highly competitive prices in most instances.
  • Free Domestic Shipping: MCM offers free domestic shipping on a permanent basis.
  • Various Payment Methods: MCM offers various payment methods, including PayPal.
  • International Shipping: MCM ships to 70+ countries across the globe.
  • Volume Discounts: MCM provides volume discounts on all large purchases.
  • And much more.

In short: You will be hard-pressed to find a company more reputable than MCM for your coin and bullion needs.

mcm logo

Why should I buy NGC graded coins?

Buying NGC graded coins or coins professionally certified and encapsulated by third-party grading service, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), have numerous benefits:

  • Leading Third-Party Grading Service: Consistent and impartial grading authority. NGC does not commercially buy, sell or trade coins.
  • Experience: 25+ years in business. Graded more than 25 million coins in 25 years. Started out in 1987.
  • Expertise: Leader in the grading of modern coins, including Silver Eagles.
  • Worldwide Presence: There are NGC outlets at various international locations. NGC is probably the most respected and recognized third-party grading service in the world today.
  • Protection: NGC authenticates coins, which protects buyers and sellers alike against the buying and selling of counterfeit coins. NGC holders boast unmatched security features, including: Watermarks, micro printing and fused holograms against counterfeiting. This while the scratch resistant edge-view holders also offer unmatched display and direct protection to the encapsulated coins. Digital imaging and the NGC Coin Certification Verification Tool make it possible to verify the authenticity of NGC graded coins whenever and wherever. 
  • Insight: NGC shares their insight via various web resources, including the NGC US Coin Price Guide and World Coin Price Guide. This is not even to mention the Collection Manager from NGC Collectors Society, which is a free online coin collection manager.
  • Partnerships: NGC is in partnership with associations such as the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and organizations such as the highly esteemed Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG). This is not to forget the work NGC has done and is doing for the well-known national treasure, the Smithsonian Institution, which is the world’s largest museum and research complex. 

ngc logo

In short: You cannot go wrong by buying NGC graded coins, including NGC certified 2015 Silver Eagles. In fact, if you buy NGC graded coins only from a trusted source of modern coins and bullion such as ModernCoinMart (MCM), you can rest assure that you will not be buying counterfeit coins.

Why should I buy professionally certified and encapsulated coins at all?

As noted above, if you want to protect your coins, want to make sure that you buy genuine coins and want to have a very good idea of a coin’s grade, then you want to buy coins professionally certified and encapsulated by a reputable third-party grading service such as NGC. 

What other 2015 Silver Eagles does MCM currently have in stock and available for sale?

Be sure to pay a visit to their website for an updated list of 2015 Silver Eagles that are currently in stock and available for sale, but at the time of writing the following NGC certified 2015 Proof Silver Eagle coins were in stock and available for sale:

I can buy these coins cheaper elsewhere.

In case you find similar NGC certified 2015 Silver Eagles elsewhere in stock and available for sale, you will need to make sure that you compare apples to apples.

E.g. with MCM the price you see is the price that you will pay. There are no hidden fees and MCM prices already include free domestic shipping, even when you choose to buy only 1 coin (although it is in most instances always best to buy at least a couple of coins if you can afford to do so).

This is unlike some other companies that will bait you with low prices, conveniently forgetting to stress the fact that you need to add shipping fees, or that there is a certain quantity or basket of coins you need to buy, before you will be able to qualify for free shipping. This is not even to mention various other hidden fees and costs some of them charge. 

In addition, when it comes to finding the best deal or the best value for money, you’ve got to look beyond the prices and shipping cost charge, even when apples are compare to apples in that regard.

Let me explain: Price and the cost of shipping are important factors to consider, but you also want to consider factors such as experience and size, customer service, customer protection, payment methods, returns & cancellations, etc.

Thus, the best price and the lowest shipping cost may not always equate to the best deal.

Why should you be interested in buying 2015 Silver Eagles, or specifically, NGC Certified 2015 Proof Silver Eagles?

  • Cream of the Crop: 2015 Proof Silver Eagles represent the cream of the crop when it comes to collecting 2015 Silver Eagles professionally. 
  • Proof Issue: Proof issue 2015 Silver Eagles look much more attractive than non-proof issues. It is due to the fact that proof issues have a sharpness of detail and brilliant, mirror-like surfaces that you will be hard-pressed to find on non-proof issue Silver Eagles.
  • 1 Troy oz of Silver: Three nines fine silver (99.9% pure silver).
  • Legal Tender: Silver Eagles are legal tender of the United States.


  • None.


Denomination: 1 US Dollar
Finish: Proof
Composition: Silver
Fineness: 99.9% fine
Diameter: 40.6 mm
Edge: Reeded
Shape: Round
Obverse Design: Walking Liberty design reproduced from Adolph Weinman’s Walking Liberty Half Dollar.
Reverse Design: Herladin Eagle design by John M. Mercanti and legends.
Mintage: Unknown

Be sure to get more information here.