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Limited Run on 5 oz. POURED SilverTowne Bars! Immediate Shipping!

SilverTowne Poured Silver Bars

Once They’re Gone, They’re Gone!

Offer Valid While LIMITED Supplies Last!

SILVERTOWNE KNOW YOU LOVE POURED SILVER! For a limited run of 250 units, they have 5 Ounce Poured SilverTowne Mint bars available for as low as $2.49 over spot with immediate shipping available upon cleared payment!! KEEP IN MIND that there are ONLY 250 (5 Ounce Bars) available to begin with so once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Producing POURED bullion takes quite a bit more time than machine stamped/pressed bullion; it is a very manual process. To begin with, SilverTowne Craftsman must melt the initial .999 Fine Silver ‘shot’ then pour that Silver into the appropriate sized ‘graphite molds’ then lastly cool and HAND STAMP the SilverTowne Logo along with the Troy Ounce Weight and Fineness on each bar. This process makes each and EVERY poured bar UNIQUE.

+Remember – always FREE SHIPPING* when you buy $99+ worth of product from!