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Coins behind someone’s sofa turned out to be worth £30,000

A stash of coins from the 1960s behind someone’s sofa turned out to be worth an incredible £30,000.

(If this doesn’t motivate you to lift the cushions up and see what lies beneath, we don’t know what will.)

The homeowner, who wants to stay anonymous, had the gold sovereigns and silver bars in a suitcase which they stored behind the settee.

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Gold Skyrockets in Response to Market Developments


Bank of Japan Announces Financial Policy Shift to Combat Inflation

Precious metal prices surge in response

BREAKING: Bank of Japan (BOJ) announces financial policy shift reducing rapid Japanese Government Bond acquisitions and plans to focus on utilizing short-term rates to manage markets.

Executive Vice President of Precious Metals at Dillon Gage, Walter Pehowich1, believes that the BOJ, ”In essence, will be deepening the bond yield curve by going from longer term bonds to buying short term JGBs. They will also cut the deposit rate deeper into negative territory from 10-20 basis points.”

Managing Partner of Echobay Partners and KITCO contributor, Vincent Lanci2, comments, “The Yen’s rally after digesting the news is a reflection of the skepticism on the new plan. We think that can be remedied by a rate cut if needed, or perhaps the US Fed hikes today, which would solve the problem for them. But in the meantime, an increase in the velocity of money is inflationary. And Gold Gets it Right.”

Supporting Lanci’s point, longtime investor and KITCO contributor, Doug Casey3, argues that, “Gold stocks will provide great opportunities for investors in the current environment.”

Today, what people are calling ”Fed Decision Day,” the Federal Reserve announced that they will not be changing current interest rates. However, according to Kitco News,4 “the central bank left the door open for a possible rate hike by year end.”

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*MCM is a supplier of precious metals. They cannot offer any advice when it comes to investing or your portfolio. The above information is from a variety of resources outside of MCM. Their only goal is to supply you with the means to invest in precious metals.

1: Walter Pehowich 2: Vincent Lanci 3: Doug Casey 4: Kitco News

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Producing POURED bullion takes quite a bit more time than machine stamped/pressed bullion; it is a very physically manual process. To begin with, the SilverTowne Craftsman must melt the initial .999 Fine Silver ‘shot’ then pour that Silver into the appropriate sized ‘graphite molds’ then lastly cool and HAND STAMP the SilverTowne Logo along with the Troy Ounce Weight and Fineness on each bar. This process makes each and EVERY poured bar UNIQUE for you.


10 oz Atlantis Hand Poured Silver Skull from JM Bullion

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