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The King of Australian Coinage: 1930 Penny

1930 Penny

The King of Australian Coins, the 1930 Penny is virtually never seen in better than VF. The best example of a circulating 1930 Penny ever offered by Downies, and unquestionably rare in this grade, the coin before you is in good Extremely Fine condition.

1930 Penny PCGS AU50 3

1930 Penny PCGS AU50 1

1930 Penny PCGS AU50 2

1930 Penny PCGS AU50

The images tell the story. The quality of this immensely rare coin is palpably obvious from a single glance. Glossy, reddish surfaces, a full centre diamond, eight clear pearls, a strong orb – this coin is among the top 1% to 2% of 1930 Pennies. Assessed by PCGS at AU50, Downies has graded this 1930 Penny at gEF. It is an extraordinary example. It represents an extraordinary opportunity.

The adage ‘the higher the grade, the faster the growth’ is never more relevant than when considering a coin invariably found in lower grade. The 1930 Penny is the most potent example of this maxim. Whether investor or collector, this is an opportunity without precedent. It must be grasped with both hands.

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