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The Very First Piedfort Berlin Panda

Great news for the Show Panda collectors!  The most exclusive Show Panda release to date JUST came available and it’s coming out of the most popular show panda series! The first ever 50g PIEDFORT Panda was released through the Berlin World Money Fair.


50g Piedfort Silver Berlin Panda – Reverse

Last year we saw the introduction of 50g show pandas through the 2016 125th Anniversary ANA show (American Numismatic Association) & it was an immediate success, selling out for $2k per top example with a 625 mintage. THIS NEW RELEASE of the 50g Piedfort Silver Berlin Panda has an even lower mintage of only 300! 


50g Piedfort Silver Berlin Panda – Obverse

Considering the 2016 1 oz. counterpart ANA show pandas sold for around $250 per top example and the 2016 1 oz. counterpart Berlin show panda sold for around $1K per top example.  I think it’s safe to say the Berlin Pandas have proven to be in the highest demand for the Show Pandas.

The obverse features the German parliament house, the Berlin Television Tower with the logo of the World Money Fair.  Each coin has a unique number (1 through 300) engraved on it. The reverse depicts the Berlin Bear, the Chinese Panda and two Chinese coins.  The Berlin Panda design was crafted by the famous Shanghai Mint designer, Yu Min. .   

For more information on how to acquire one of these beautiful Pandas, contact PQPanda (info@PQPanda.com)



This first-ever gold plated Piedfort Silver Maple is a must-see!

Celebrate Canada with an RCM First

Add the giant, gold-plated Piedfort Silver Maple to your collection!

As the people of Canada proudly celebrate 150 years of confederacy, the Royal Canadian Mint has created another desirable release, the first-ever gold-plated Piedfort Silver Maple coin.

2017 Canada $25 1 oz. Piedfort Gilt Proof Silver Maple – Timeless IconsNGC PF70 UC Early Releases (Exclusive Canada Label)

Heavier than, and nearly twice as thick as a standard coin, Piedfort coins are impressive releases that will stand out in any collection. Each massive coin showcases a Maple Leaf, which strongly represents Canadian landscape and a Beaver, which is representative of Canada’s rich past of fur trade.

2017 Canada $25 1 oz. Piedfort Gilt Proof Silver Maple – Timeless Icons GEM Proof (Original Mint Packaging)

The coin’s unique split design fuses classic images on the left with more current imagery on the right, perfectly capturing both nostalgia and the spirit of modern innovation. Highlighted with high-quality gold plating, you can easily admire the clean lines and incredible detail found on each side. This meaningful release has been limited to a mintage of just 7,000 coins and has already sold out from the Mint!

Available ungraded as well as certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation in PF69 or PF70 issues with the Early Releases designation paired with MCM’s exclusive Canada label.

Celebrate the spirit of Canada and the ingenuity of the Royal Canadian Mint with the first Piedfort Silver Maple coin.

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Australian Coins: 2016 Australian Kangaroo 2 oz. Silver High Relief Antiqued Coin

It is a little more than a month since its release in February, but to my great surprise the 2016 Australian Kangaroo $2 2 oz. .999 High Relief Antiqued silver coin has not sold out yet. Is the market saturated with high relief, antique finish coins? I discuss this and more in this article.

Reverse – Australian Kangaroo $2 2016 2 oz. High Relief Silver Coin Antiqued

2016 Silver Australian High Relief Kangaroo 2 oz. Silver Antique Finish $2 HR – Reverse

2016 Silver Australian HR Kangaroo 2 oz. Silver Antique Finish $2 – Reverse

This 2016 Australian kangaroo coin features a hopping kangaroo in high relief (see image above). It is pictured within a typical outback landscape on what can be described as a very detailed reverse. The reverse design also includes a lizard that’s sitting on a rock in the foreground – considered a “nice touch” by more than one collector.

Inscriptions on the reverse, includes the “P” mintmark of the Perth Mint, as well as the initials of Wade Robinson (“WR”), the designer of the reverse of this coin.

Robinson, a long standing member of The Perth Mint’s design team, is the same guy who designed the reverse of the first Silver Kangaroo coin in high relief – the popular 2010 Silver $1 Kangaroo High Relief coin.

Given the above, Robinson’s involvement with the design of the 2016 $2 Australian Kangaroo 2 oz. Silver High Relief Antiqued Finish coin is quite fitting. It is the first high relief, rimless, antique finish 2 oz. silver kangaroo coin issued under the Australian Currency Act of 1965, which makes it legal tender of Australia.

As far as I could establish, it is also the first low mintage, antique finish, high relief, .999 fine 2 oz. Australian legal tender silver coin issued by The Perth Mint.

It must be noted that the reverse design of this coin is completely different from any design that can be found on the Gods of Olympus high relief, antique finish coins.

Obverse – 2016 P Australian $2 High Relief Kangaroo

2016 Australian Kangaroo Antiqued Coin in High Relief – Obverse

2016 Australian Kangaroo Antiqued Coin in High Relief – Obverse

The obverse features a portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, as designed by Ian Rank-Broadley (“IRB”). His initials appear on the obverse of this coin (see image above) along with the following inscriptions: “ELIZABETH II,” “AUSTRALIA,” “2oz 999 SILVER,” “2016” and “2 DOLLARS” (AUD).

Although similarities with the Gods of Olympus coins are striking, especially in terms of the obverse of this coin, there are still notable differences. E.g. inscriptions on the reverse of the 2014 Tuvalu 2 oz Silver Gods of Olympus Zeus High Relief coin include: “QUEEN ELIZABETH II,” TUVALU,” “2oz 999 SILVER,” “2014” and “2 DOLLARS” (Tuvaluan dollar). The initials “IRB” are also included (see image below).

Gods of Olympus – Zeus 2014 2oz Silver High Relief Coin - Obverse

Gods of Olympus – Zeus 2014 2oz Silver High Relief Coin – Obverse

Beginning 1976, Tuvalu started to issue their own coins for circulation – although not independent currency – rather a variation of the Australian Dollar (AUD).

Packaging and COA

2016 Australian Kangaroo Antiqued Coin in High Relief - Outer Packaging

2016 Australian Kangaroo Antiqued Coin in High Relief – Outer Packaging

Each of these 2016 Perth Mint coins comes seated in a clear latex display frame, which protects the coin and makes optimal display possible (see image below). The frame itself comes seated within well-designed outer packaging (see image above). An individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is also included. It also includes a card that explains in short what is meant with individually ‘antiqued.’

2016 Australian Kangaroo 2 oz. Silver High Relief Antiqued Coin - Display Frame

2016 Australian Kangaroo 2 oz. Silver High Relief Antiqued Coin – Display Frame

Kindly note that while fully protected, the coin might move in its frame during transit (this happened to the one that I’ve ordered and received from Talisman Coins). This is perfectly normal given the nature of the packaging and certainly not a train smash. The position of the coin can be corrected as follow:

Place the frame upright on a hard surface – such as a table – with the direction you wish the coin to move in at the bottom. Tap the frame at the top with two fingers until the coin is in the desired position. Rotate the frame if required.

If the above doesn’t work, follow these steps:

Place the frame flat on a hard surface (make sure The Perth Mint logo is in the left lower corner facing you), firmly hold the bottom part of the frame with one hand and pull the top part with your other hand – use only your thumbs and middle fingers in both instances.

Perth Mint Logo

Perth Mint Logo

The aim should be to break the magnetic field, without breaking the frame itself, allowing you to open the frame and position the coin as desired. Keep in mind that the two parts of the frame is permanently attached at the top – it works in the same manner as a hinge. Use white cotton gloves – designed to safely handle coins – to move the coin into the desired position.

It is very easy to move the coin into the desired position. Don’t allow my rather lengthy instructions to discourage you – I am known for getting into the deep end when it comes to these matters.

Is the Market Saturated with Low Mintage Antique Finish High Relief Rimless .999 2 oz. Silver Coins?

The Perth Mint took the market by storm in 2014 by the release of low mintage Gods of Olympus antique finish high relief rimless .999 2 oz. silver coins (see image below). This opened the market to something new and exciting, but can the same be said today?

Gods of Olympus – Zeus 2014 2oz Silver High Relief Coin - Reverse

Gods of Olympus – Zeus 2014 2oz Silver High Relief Coin – Reverse

Gods of Olympus – Zeus 2014 2oz Silver High Relief Coin - Obverse

Gods of Olympus – Zeus 2014 2oz Silver High Relief Coin – Obverse

The Perth Mint undoubtedly set the “standard” for what determines a popular coin at the time, especially considering that all three coins in the Gods of Olympus Series sold out in record time. It is difficult to determine how much of the initial demand was driven by genuine, organic demand and how much was driven by pure greed – the desire to make a quick buck by flipping the coins.

Nonetheless, it is not difficult to see that numerous mints across the world have since then brought their own antique finish, high relief silver coins of various sizes to market, including 2 oz. size coins.

The market seems to be flooded by these coins at the moment – is this the reason why the low mintage 2016 Australian Kangaroo 2 oz. Silver High Relief Antiqued Coin has not sold out yet?

This 2016 Australian kangaroo coin, released by The Perth Mint early February this year, strongly reflects the same style and/or format as that of the Gods of Olympus coins – high relief, antique finish .999 fine 2 oz. silver coins with a maximum diameter of 40.50 mm and thickness of 6 mm.

Despites similarities to the Gods of Olympus coins and even coins in the Swiss Mint’s wildlife series, this 2016 kangaroo coin is also unique in its own right, especially in terms of its reverse design and the fact that it is Australian legal tender.

I am of the opinion that once the market learns about the uniqueness of this coin, despite similarities to other coins, perceived or real, it might go down in history as one of those much sought after Australian coins.

Why should you be interested to buy the 2016 Australian Kangaroo 2 oz. Silver Antiqued High Relief Coin?

There is literally a ton of kangaroo coins out there as well as coins of the same format and/or style – why should you be interested in this particular one, especially at the price listed at The Perth Mint’s website? Here are my thoughts in no particular order:

First Coin in New Series: This is the first coin in a brand new 3 coin series by The Perth Mint. This is great, but personally I would have loved to see a long-term series with a new coin being released every year. Is the Mint going to release all 3 coins in the series in 2016? If yes, then I simply don’t foresee a stampede when the other two get released later this year.

Antique Finish: Each coin has been individually ‘antiqued’ to give it a unique finish conveying the surface abrasions of an ancient artefact. As a result of this treatment, the appearance of each coin may vary. 

This alone makes each coin unique in its own right. The antique finish captures the depth and detail of the design extremely well (see image below).


Antique Finish

Low Mintage: A maximum of only 3,000 of these collector issue 2016 Australian coins will be minted and distributed worldwide. This is a good number in my opinion; high enough to satisfy demand in a controlled manner, but also low enough not to open the door too wide.

Display Frame: Each coin comes seated in a clear, sturdy latex display frame. According to numismatic expert, Louis Golino:

Those frames cost $15-20 if bought separately, which shows you what a good deal this is in my opinion.

(Australian Kangaroo 2016 2oz Silver High Relief Antiqued Coin coming from Perth Feb. 2nd, Louis Golino, MCF).

Individually Numbered COAs: Each of these 2016 Australian coins comes with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity (CoA). This certainly adds value, especially considering that each coin comes with its own unique number (see image below).




Individually Numbered

High Relief: Each coin started out as an extra thick blank that that was struck with a high relief die – imparting an unusually deep impression or high relief. It is somewhere else described as an ultra-high relief (UHR) and even piedfort coin.

The above might be technically correct, but personally I am not 100% convinced of it. Nonetheless, it is certainly still an extremely impressive high relief silver coin – an Aussie coin that is destined for greatness in my opinion! 


Not the clearest of photos, but is the coin Ultra-High Relief (UHR)?


Piedfort? Technically perhaps. In hand not so much. Just my opinion.

2016 .999 3 oz. Silver Odin Coin – Max Relief Strike (the big brother of UHR)

Australian Legal Tender: Each of these 2016 Perth Mint coins comes with a face value of “2 DOLLARS” (AUD). It was issued under the Australian Currency Act of 1965, which makes it legal tender of Australia.

Now a $2 AUD face value is certainly not something to write home about. However, the fact that it is legal tender of Australia, means that the silver purity and weight of this .999 fine 2 oz. silver coin, are guaranteed by the Australian Government.

Silver Content: Each of these solver silver coins comes packed with 2 oz. of .999 fine silver. This creates a protective value floor beyond the collector’s value of the coin.

Reverse Design: The reverse design created by Wade Robinson is in my opinion the most unique part of this 2016 Australian kangaroo coin (see image below).

Beyond the similarities this coin shares with other coins, the detailed reverse design certainly adds to the uniqueness of this Aussie coin.

2016 silver kangaroo coin high relief - reverse

Reverse designed by Wade Robinson

Fair Prices: The coin is listed at The Perth Mint’s website at $180.91 AUD (more or less $134 USD) – a price that excludes the 10% GST tax Australians have to pay. This while it is listed at Talisman Coins at $124.95 USD (more or less $170 AUD). These prices exclude the cost of shipping.

Personally I deem these prices to be fair when compared to what’s currently available in the market place, especially considering all the extras (and I was not paid to write this article).

The maximum authorized mintage is 3,000 – twice as much as the 1,500 of each of the Gods of Olympus coins issued in 2014 – but it is already almost 2 years later. One cannot expect of them to list this 2016 Australian kangaroo coin at a $162.73 AUD (the same price the Gods of Olympus coins sold at in 2014) or even less.

Needless to say, if you’re in the market to buy silver as close to spot as possible, then this coin will certainly be expensive to you. Understand that this is a collector issue coin and that such coins normally cost more to produce than bullion issue coins, especially considering that applying the antique finish is a manual process, done by hand. You could wait for prices to drop, but personally I wouldn’t bargain on it.

High Quality: Perth Mint coins are known to be coins of outstanding quality. It is no different this time around. I am of the opinion that most coin collectors will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of these coins, especially when observed in hand – the best way to observe a coin in my opinion. 

Source of Video: losinglouie


Country of Issue: Australia

Mint: The Perth Mint

Year of Issue: 2016

Face Value: Two Dollars

Weight: 62.270 g

Diameter: 40.50 mm

Maximum Thickness: 6.00 mm

Maximum Mintage: 3,000

Finish: Antique with high relief

Composition: .999 Fine Silver

Edge: Smooth or Plain

Artist: Wade Robinson (reverse), Ian Rank-Broadley (obverse)

COA: Individually Numbered