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Why the word Money is not printed on a Federal Reserve Note

Why the word Money is not printed on a Federal Reserve Note.

Old Spanish Heart-Shaped Coins Will Be Focus of Bolivia Conference

LA PAZ – A number of heart-shaped coins minted in Potosi during the Spanish colonial epoch will be studied at a numismatic conference to be held later this month in Bolivia, organizers announced Thursday.


Spanish Heart-Shaped Coins

Source of Image: Herald Tribune

The silver coins, which were minted only in Potosi starting in the mid- to late-1500s, are nowadays coveted by collectors and will be displayed at the First International Convention of Historians and Numismatists, to be held in that Andean city from Oct. 20-23.

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What’s a Numismatic? Northampton Coin Specialist Charlie Hertan Expounds on Business and Science of Old Money

NORTHAMPTON —Success at the odd trade of selling old money demands that retailers transcend the cynics’ view of the market — sell the cheapest possible product at the highest possible price.

Charles Hertan, the city’s most notable, perhaps only, numismatics expert, has based his business on the opposite notion — he wants to “provide top quality” and “price coins to sell.”

In a business gone global, keys to success include rapidly moving inventory, competitive pricing, healthy expertise and accurate description.

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