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Why the first ever double-thickness Gold Sovereign is a guaranteed sell-out

STOP PRESS, 27 JUNE 2017: The Royal Mint confirm the Piedfort Sovereign is 100% reserved within 24 hours of release.  Still available from Coin Portfolio Management. 2017 is the Bicentenary of the “modern” Sovereign.  To celebrate, The Royal Mint has just issued the FIRST EVER double-thickness Piedfort Sovereign. It is set to become one of … More Why the first ever double-thickness Gold Sovereign is a guaranteed sell-out

Guidelines for documenting ancient coins proposed

The United Kingdom has the Treasure Act and the Portable Antiquities Scheme. Collectors and coin dealers in the United States are seeking common ground for collectible coins with the U.S. government and archaeologists through several organizations including the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild.

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Counterfeit Detection, Dollars & Commemoratives

Learn important counterfeit coin detection insights for Dollars and Commemoratives in this short video from PCGS. Both genuine and counterfeit examples of Morgan Dollars, Trade Dollars and Silver Commemoratives are used to illustrate the course.

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India threatens legal action if coin is refused

The U.S. golden dollar coins may not be popular, but at least you won’t face legal action if you refuse to accept them. The same is not true if you refuse to accept the 10-rupee coin in commerce in India.

On Sept. 20 the Reserve Bank of India confirmed the much-embattled 10-rupee coin is still in circulation despite rumors otherwise, while stating anyone who refuses to accept the coin could face legal action. It appears this harsh warning may be necessary since the public is widely rejecting the coin, even if it is for all the wrong reasons.

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Gold Treasure Coins go on Market

More than $1 million worth of Spanish treasure coins will be sold by Blanchard and Company and Monaco Rare Coins.

The 295 gold and silver coins were cargo in the Spanish 1715 Plate Fleet that sank in a hurricane July 31, 1715, off the east coast of Florida.

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Old Spanish Heart-Shaped Coins Will Be Focus of Bolivia Conference

LA PAZ – A number of heart-shaped coins minted in Potosi during the Spanish colonial epoch will be studied at a numismatic conference to be held later this month in Bolivia, organizers announced Thursday.


Spanish Heart-Shaped Coins

Source of Image: Herald Tribune

The silver coins, which were minted only in Potosi starting in the mid- to late-1500s, are nowadays coveted by collectors and will be displayed at the First International Convention of Historians and Numismatists, to be held in that Andean city from Oct. 20-23.

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