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New Warriors of History coin features the Ayyubids.

The Warriors of History coin collection is filled with stories of legendary warrior people, who fought and conquered their enemies through the skillful use of weapons and their superior battle tactics. This seventh release shows a colorized illustration of an Ayyubid soldier dressed for battle. He stands against an antique-finished, engraved background featuring an Ayyubid cavalry charge.

Warriors of History – Ayyubids 1 oz. Silver Coin – Reverse

Warriors of History – Ayyubids 1 oz. Silver Coin – Obverse

The coin comes presented in a sleek and stylish themed rectangular coin case, with textured cover. The uniquely numbered Certificate of Authenticity sits inside the coin case. With a limited mintage of only 5,000, this coin would make an excellent gift for coin collectors and those interested in history.

Ayyubid Packaging

About the Ayyubid Warriors:

An-Nasir Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub, known as Saladin (1137 – 1193), was the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty. Under Saladin, the Ayyubid army enacted victories against the Crusaders. The army comprised an interesting mix of warriors and equipment – a result of Saladin recruiting from a wider spectrum than was normal. The particular success of the Ayyubid cavalry came from intense practice and good quality material. In battle these mounted soldiers employed a combination of tactics, using archery from a distance, and the lance or sword at closer range. Light cavalry were noted for their speed and maneuverability – which proved effective in ambushing enemy convoys.

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