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Royal Canadian Mint Releases 2 oz Silver Twin Maples Coin

When the Royal Canadian Mint first issued the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf several decades ago, it is doubtful that even employees at the mint would have anticipated the level of global popularity and acclaim that the coin has since achieved. In fact, even a little more than a decade ago, the Silver Maple Leaf’s annual mintage was less than a million coins. However, in recent years, that number has surged to an estimated 25 million.

2017 $10 2 oz. 9999Ag – Twin Maples – Reverse

Riding this wave of popularity, the Royal Canadian Mint has just issued the 2 oz Silver Twin Maples, a coin created in the spirit and lineage of the mint’s trademark 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf.

Currently, the coin is being distributed exclusively by Birch Gold Group, a precious metals company based in Burbank, CA.

Peter Reagan, financial market strategist at Birch Gold Group, knows that if the Silver Twin Maples coin is to follow in the footsteps of the Maple Leaf, it has to live up to a very high standard.

“We are honored and thrilled that the Royal Canadian Mint has selected Birch Gold Group to be the exclusive provider of this beautiful coin. Featuring Canada’s iconic maple leaf, it follows the tradition of the Silver Maple Leaf, which has become one of the most popular silver coins in the world for both investors and collectors. Now, we aspire for the Silver Twin Maples to ultimately rise to the same level of prominence and prestige, and we look forward to introducing it to our thousands of customers.”

With twice the silver content as the 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, the 2 oz Silver Twin Maples retains some of the qualities and characteristics as its predecessor, while departing in other fashions.

First and foremost, this new coin has the same high level of purity as the 1 oz Maple Leaf, with a silver content of 99.99%. However, because of its greater silver content, it has a face value of $10 CAD.

One of the most noticeable differences on the two ounce coin is that the illustration on the reverse is adorned by a new design. Illustrated by Celia Godkin, the Silver Twin Maples features a pair of sugar maples leafs, which stand as an embodiment of Canada’s riches. Additionally, the coin features a reverse proof finish, with a frosted field and mirrored device.

2017 $10 2 oz. 9999Ag – Twin Maples – Obverse

The obverse features more familiarity, with the portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II designed by Susanna Blunt returning for another generation of coins. The exact portrait has stood as a beacon of value for years, for investors and collectors alike.

Aside from the most obvious aesthetic changes, a closer inspection also shows traces of true modernization. New security measures, such as precise radial lines and a stylistic micro rendition of a maple leaf, will help to ensure the coin’s authenticity.

Will the Silver Twin Maples become as sought-after as the previous version? It’s hard to say today, however, Birch Gold’s Peter Reagan is excited for its prospects: “Early feedback from our customers, especially those who are familiar with the Silver Maple Leaf, has been tremendous. We’re also thrilled to be able to help our American customers place these coins into a Precious Metals IRA. We expect demand to grow quite rapidly.”

At the moment, the coin is only available from Birch Gold Group. For more info on the Silver Twin Maples coin, click here.

10 oz. Silver Maple Leaf: bigger coin = more silver!

Magnificent 10 oz. Maple Leaves

A giant release from the RCM is waiting for your collection.

An international symbol of Canada, the Maple Leaf has lent its iconic image to many numismatic releases.

Now, the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) introduces another wonderful release featuring two detailed sugar maple leaves on the reverse of their giant 10 oz. bullion coin.

2017 Canada 10 oz Silver Magnificent Maple Leaves $50 NGC MS69 FDI

Each 2017 Silver 10 oz. Magnificent Maple Leaves coin contains 10 oz. of .9999 fine silver making it a super-sized addition to your growing collection. The RCM has gone above and beyond to ensure that every coin bears cutting-edge security features including defined radial lines and a micro-engraved laser maple leaf in the field of every coin!

2017 Canada 10 oz Silver Maple Leaves $50 GEM BU

ModernCoinMart (MCM) is proud to offer these massive silver coins ungraded or certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation to be in MS69 and MS70 condition with revered First Day of Issue and Early Releases designations.

Serious collectors are encouraged to act quickly if they are seeking First Day of Issue designations as only a very limited number of FDI coins are available.

Shop 2017 10 oz. Silver Magnificent Maple Leaves Now!

Superman bullion coins issued by RCM in-stock now!

Superman Silver Bullion Coins

Superman Silver Bullion Coins In-Stock Now!

The RCM’s latest bullion coin features the Man of Steel

Faster than a speeding bullet, the Royal Canadian Mint’s (RCM) latest bullion coin is now available for purchase! Known for their high quality bullion silver coins that are geared as much towards collectors as stackers, the RCM astounds again with this brilliant new Superman-themed release!

Superman’s emblem, an “S” emblazoned shield, is struck onto the reverse, with radial security lines giving the coin a powerful effect. This 1 Troy oz. coin is struck from very high quality .9999 fine silver — the RCM standard.

ModernCoinMart (MCM) currently have ungraded coins in-stock and ready to ship, as well as NGC certified coins with the First Day of Issue designation available for pre-sale!

Single ungraded coins with be shipped in protective mylar flips and rolls of 25 will ship in the original Mint-sealed tubes. For the true fan, Superman-themed monster boxes of 500 coins are available for purchase!

Take a look at this stunning coin in all its options, and determine just how much of a fan you are of the Man of Steel!

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Do you hear them calling?

2016 Silver Howling Wolves call to all coin collectors —

Welcome the pack home with this second Grey Wolf Series release.

Enjoy introductory pricing to kick off the Week of Winter Wonder!

second Grey Wolf Series

The Second Tribute To A Stunning Predator

Rare to see in the wild, elusive wolves call in lost pack mates

and warn trespassers with a feral chorus song — bone-chilling howls of

modulated pitches that echo and scatter across trees, ridges and cliffs

to surprising and bolstering effect.

The Royal Canadian Mint and APMEX are pleased to present the

second tribute to the stunning predator that roams the Great White North

with this majestic 3/4 oz .9999 fine Silver Bullion coin. Only at APMEX.

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Silver Howling Wolves Tube

2016 3/4 oz Silver Howling Wolves

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Silver Howling Wolves Monster Box

2016 3/4 oz Silver Howling Wolves

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2015 1/2 oz Calgary Stampede Silver Coin

Celebrate the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth with the 2015 1/2 oz Calgary Stampede Silver Coin produced by the Royal Canadian Mint!

Available exclusively from Silver Gold Bull, this ½ oz silver coin is a special edition Royal Canadian Mint issue as it is priced as bullion, rather than like a numismatic coin. The $2 face value gives holders the security of knowing the coin will be honoured as legal tender in Canada.

Calgary Stampede Silver Coin Front

Calgary Stampede Silver Coin – Obverse

The Calgary Stampede has been representative of the Wild West spirit that has been expressed by the evolution of the city of Calgary. The ten day event traces its roots back over 100 years, and the rodeo events are still the centrepiece of the Stampede. Cowboys from around the world compete for over $2 million in prize money, and the bull riding event is considered the most dangerous eight seconds in sports.

Calgary Stampede Silver Coin Back

Calgary Stampede Silver Coin – Reverse

The obverse of the coin was executed by Canadian artist Steve Hepburn. He typically creates his art through oil painting, and his designs have been featured in many publications. Steve has also designed many coins for the Royal Canadian Mint, and this looks to be his finest yet. Hepburn’s bull rider appears to be leaping out of the silver background with all four of the bull’s hooves in the air above stylized clouds of dust. The famed Calgary Stampede logo, complete with cattle brand appears below.

The 2015 ½ oz Calgary Stampede Silver Coin is available individually, in mint-sealed tubes of 20 or in mint-strapped monster boxes of 240 coins (120 ounces). With an unprecedented resale value when selling back to Silver Gold Bull, this coin is a great way to diversify into a fractional silver coin with the security of a product produced by a government mint.

Visit for more details.

JM Bullion announces launch of new 2015 1 1/4 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coin


JM Bullion is proud to announce the launch of the 2015 1 1/4 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coin. As the first 1 1/4 oz silver bullion coin ever produced by the prestigious Royal Canadian Mint, the Canadian Silver Bison Coin is available in the USA exclusively through JM Bullion. Offering a totally unique design, anti-counterfeit radial lines on the obverse and reverse, thick dimensions, an $8 CAD face value, and .9999 silver purity, this coin is garnering attention from investors and collectors alike.

2015 Canadian Silver Bison Coin 2

2015 1 1/4 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coin – Reverse

2015 Canadian Silver Bison Coin 3

2015 1 1/4 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coin – Obverse

Each Canadian Silver Bison coin is composed from only the highest quality .9999 fine silver. It measures 38 mm in diameter with a thicker width of 4.1125 mm. Further contributing to the distinct qualities of this coin is the impressive cutting edge technology that the Royal Canadian Mint has developed to prevent any counterfeit attempts. Among these new security features are the anti-counterfeit radial lines that run through the background of each coin on both its obverse and reverse sides. These intricate lines hinder potential forgers by making the replication of the coin’s design even more challenging.

2015 Canadian Silver Bison Coin 1

2015 Canadian Silver Bison Coin 4

Mint-sealed boxes

Coins are available to ship individually, in mint-sealed tubes of 20 coins (25 ounces), or in mint-sealed boxes of 400 coins (500 ounces). Mint-sealed boxes feature new RCM marketing labels on the top of the box.

With its striking silver composition and its innovative anti-counterfeit technology, the 2015 1 1/4 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coin provides customers with a stunning piece of bullion that is suitable as either a collector’s item or an investment, and JM Bullion is privileged to serve as the sole distributor of such a rare coin.

To learn more about the Canadian Silver Bison Coin, please visit

About JM Bullion 

JM Bullion was established as a small online precious metal retailer in 2011, but quickly grew and has emerged as a major retailer in the online precious metals industry. JM Bullion offers a wide selection of gold and silver products, from bars to rounds to coins. Dealing exclusively in high quality physical bullion, JM Bullion works directly with mints and distributors and ships directly to your doorstep.

New Coin Releases: 2014 Canada 1 Troy Oz .9999 Silver Birds of Prey – Bald Eagle $5

New Coin Releases: 2014 Canada 1 Troy Oz .9999 Silver Birds of Prey – Bald Eagle $5