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Award-Winning Series: The 8th release is sold out at the Mint!

Final Issue In An Award-Winning Series: Mongolian Nature Roaring Deer Coins

Based on real fossils and struck in gold and silver – Trilobites have been unearthed!

470 million years in the making!

New gold & silver Trilobite coins at MCM

2016 Mongolia 1000 Togrog .5g Proof Gold Evolution – Trilobite NGC PF69 UC Early Releases

Gold Coin Quick Facts:

  • Proof Finish
  • .9999 fine gold
  • 15,000 limited mintage

Trilobites are extinct marine arthropods that lived in the ancient seas of earth. Some even say that these fascinating creatures lived before the age of the dinosaurs! Today, scientists around the world spend hundreds of hours digging up and analyzing the fossils of these animals in order to better understand the early days of planet earth.

2016 Mongolia 500 Togrog 1 oz. Antiqued Silver Evolution of Life – Trilobite NGC MS70 Early Releases

Silver Coin Quick Facts:

  • Antiqued Finish
  • .999 fine silver
  • 999 limited mintage

The design is based off of a real fossil that was found near St. Petersburg, Russia. This is the second release in the Evolution of Life series from the Mayer Mint. These coins are available in their original Mint capsule or certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.

These creatures have waited millions of years to be featured in your collection — don’t make them wait any longer! Add the next addition to your collection today with free domestic shipping.

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Owl you need is love…and this coin

Gilt Silver Owl and Crescent Moon

2016 1/2 oz. Gilt Silver Owl and Crescent Moon

Sold out at the Mint, but available at MCM!

The Mongolian Nature series first began in 2013 and featured a wolf howling at a crescent moon. Following releases featured a horse, falcon, and now for 2016 – an owl. Widely collected by numismatists around the world, this is the first-ever series to cut-out each design, rather than pressing a die into a planchet. This new technique requires absolute precision and details of the highest quality. This unique release also features a moon, unlike the horse and falcon designs, which pays homage to the original release.

2016 Mongolia 500 Togrog Gilt Silver Mongolian Nature - Owl NGC MS69 Early Releases

2016 Mongolia 500 Togrog 1/2 oz. Gilt Silver Mongolian Nature – Owl NGC MS69 Early Releases


  • 1/2 oz. .925 silver
  • Gilt finish
  • Award-winning coin series
  • Low mintage of 2,500
  • Precision cut-out design

The 2016 Mongolian Nature – Owl coin has been struck from 1/2 oz. .925 fine silver with a gilt finish, which means the coin has a thin cover of gold. Since the design has been cut out of the coin, rather than pressed into it, the obverse and reverse are mirror images, with the exception of the Mongolian Coat of Arms.

As a leader in bullion and numismatics, ModernCoinMart is proud to offer the 4th release of the Mongolian Nature series, the Owl, in original Mint packaging or certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) with Early Releases designations. The low mintage of only 2,500 coins sold out quickly from the Mint. Don’t delay, place your order before their small supply is gone too!

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